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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I am all for it. Please, don't go commercial now by including *NSYNC. George always wanted virtual unknowns to play his characters. Please cut them and forget you ever considered it. (by Brian G.)

Wow. I might actually go see it then. I made a decision not to when I heard they were going to be in it. But now they're not. Yay!! (by Shawn Ballinger)

Thank you Mr. Lucas. (by Master Kiyoshi)

Didn't care either way. Kind of sucks for them if they were big SW fans like they claimed. (by Kevin)

It doesn't really matter to me, I just want the movie to be good. Feel sorry for the guys who got cut though, cuz y'all know it would be hella fun to be in a Star Wars movie. =). (by Colin)

Grateful that George is listening. Thank You Lucasfilm! I will now go back to where I was before all this insanity occurred - anticipating the continuation of the saga that I love, without distraction. (by Carlos)

Thrilled! There was no benefit in including them, so why create such controversy? (by lemonLime)

Who cares! It's not like the movie is about *NSYNC. You people probably would watch the (by Tyrone Slothorp)

Why are you people so up in arms about this? What do you do when something really important happens. So *NSYNC may or may not be making a cameo. It's a CAMEO, not a starring role. The camera will probably just pan across a scene and they'll be standing there, reacting to something, then continue on to the heart of the scene. Stop obsessing! Move on with your lives! (by Naboo Courtier)

It's quite a relief for me, actually. I never have liked *NSYNC, and I probably never will, but that's not the main reason I was so against them being in the movie. 'Star Wars' is something I've loved since a child; something that takes place in another galaxy and was quite different from our own. (by Rebecca)


Proof that Lucas has heard the fanboy outcry and realizes that we are the reason he is a very, very rich man. Hooray, Lucas--there's hope yet. (by Ken Bradford)

Excellent! This should free up the scene for Jar Jar! (by Bobbi)

Thank you !!! You have done the right thing !!!!!! (by Juan )

It's not that we're not *NSYNC fans, it's simply the fact that a boy band is not Star Wars, and the one thing you've always prided yourself on is using lesser known talent, rather than big name stars and some Hollywood formula. (by Mark Smeets)

Everyone acts like George Lucas wanted *NSYNC in and that he caved in to fan pressure and cut them out. From what I've read Rick McCallum let them in and then they cut themselves out. I can't tell that George had anything to do with it. (by GreedoCMZ)

Thank you thank you thank you, I love you GL, you have no idea what a new year's present this is to me Keep up the AWESOME work (by stacy-wan kenobi)

There is hope yet. (by Ben Lewitt)

You made the right decision! Thank you!! (by Bob)

I think it's great news!!! Disappointing a few rabid *NSYNC fan, who I guarantee you will not be wearing their *NSYNC T-shirts 10 years from now, is a small price to pay for the good of the world. I also guarantee you that there will be people wearing AOTC T-shirts 10 years from now. (by WindSurfer)

I couldn't care less. If I had to pick, I'd be a little annoyed that Lucas bowed to the response to the original announcement. I personally see no difference between *NSYNC people being in AOTC and anyone else playing their parts. (by Evan)


I'm not an anti-*NSYNC Star Wars fanatic, but cutting them from this movie was one of Lucas' best edits. Recognizable faces--in songs or in movies--is something he was trying to avoid anyway, right? Don't feel bad, *NSYNC; I wouldn't want Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz or Russell Crowe in it, either. (by Erin)

I just want to say how glad I am that *NSYNC was cut from Episode Two. Not only would that lessen the credibility, but I've always liked that Star Wars uses names that are less known, letting the movie be the thing that attracts audiences, not the big names. Thank you! (by annaksolo)

It looks like a bunch of whiny fan-boys got their wish. (by JJW)

*NSYNC, cut from movie, HAHAHA. Joy to the America. (by Tom)

Great Idea! Never bring pop culture into a movie legend! (by mike)

Shockingly, I'm actually disappointed *NSYNC is out. Why is Lucas changing something that will go by in a flash? If the news hadn't come out, I doubt that anyone would have even noticed. (by sabers11)

Yay! (by Tomcat)

I am elated *NSYNC is out. They have no place in the movie in any form. though it was going to be brief, just knowing that they were going to be in the film just ruined the feel for me. (by Randall)

Personally, I think it was a good move. Just because they are famous and huge Star Wars fans doesn't mean they should be, albeit a small barely discrete scene, in the movie. If that was the case, the Emperor himself, big George, should have just placed an ad in all the newspapers saying he needed extras for the Jedi scene. Thousands of huge Star Wars fans would have signed up for it, and they probably would have done it for free as well, making both GL and the fans happy, and saving money. (by RF)

I wasn't really bothered by it when it was announced, but I figured sooner or later I'd find them in the movie and it would forever taint my view of the film. So I'm glad they're gone now, because as stated many a time, it does ruin the suspension of disbelief of a fantasy world. (by Peter Karnik)


I wish Lucasfilm had been this eager to please when so many fans (rightly) complained about the "Greedo shoots first" scene. This is a "no-win" for Lucas: he appears to be a sell-out for including them in the first place, but caving to not-unexpected fan pressure makes it appear that he hadn't thought the whole thing through. Just the same, if it means we won't get an E2 *NSYNC video, I'm all for it. (by David Thiel)

I think it was the right decision to cut them from the movie. It would disrupt and trivialize the film. (by Jim McKenzie)

One word, relieved. As others have already said, an *NSYNC sighting would have yanked us out of the Star Wars universe when we finally see the movie. Now that universe is intact with no ties with ours. (by WedgeWing)

Bleh. Who cares (by Bob)

I feel really bad for them. I didn't want them in it in the first place. But if I had my scenes filmed and the internet geek world (of which I am unashamedly a part) spoke out against my involvement, I would be devastated. I just feel sorry for them. (by SL)

I think you people missed the point. Their inclusion set a great precedent that might have allowed for Britney Spears to appear as a dancing girl in Jabba's palace in Episode III. (by Shawn Farrell)

*NSYNC has no place in Star Wars as far as I'm concerned. Fans of the series revere it and respect it. It's not something that should be taken lightly. You wouldn't want to see the Backstreet Boys dancing by in Braveheart would you? Thank you George for doing this for your true fans. We appreciate it, even if we don't always act like it . (by Street2323)

I think it's pretty pathetic. For probably less than 10 seconds of screen time, all the immature morons made a big deal about it, and ruined someone's dream of being in a once in a lifetime situation. I think that's pretty selfish and shallow. (by Adam Wright)

How do I feel? Like I just completed the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. (by Drachemorder)

I think that it's stupid that they got cut out. Don't get me wrong, I don't like their music or anything. But the fact that a bunch of fan-boys, whined and complained about them being in a small cameo as background Jedi is stupid. I'd understand all the hub-ub if George got them to sing in the movie or something like that, but they were just going to be background characters and probably only in the movie for a few seconds. Get a life!!!! (by JJW)


I feel good! I knew that I would, yeah! I feel good! I knew that I would, yeah!! (by Qui-Daddy)

Does this mean no *NSYNC tracks on the Attack of the Clones Soundtrack? (by The Herald)

Thank the maker. The best news I've heard in a long time. (by darthtenbiscuits)

Just wonderful. (by Ian Lohr)

Extremely happy, let's party! (by Andres)

Giddy as a school girl. (by DarthBush)

Now my wife won't go see Attack of the Clones with me, but I'll rest easier. (by Jared Nichols)

I don't have any beef with *NSYNC but I'm glad they were cut from the film. They're highly visible in the media, and even a 2 second cameo would ruin my suspension of disbelief for the entire movie. (by Andres Baca)

It should never have happen in the first place. (by GUNJI!!!)

Hurrah! (by Mikey K)

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