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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I feel happy. I was outraged over the fact that the band was going to be in Episode II, but I'm glad they're cut. (by Obi-Zahn Kenobi)

The spirit of Star Wars is saved. (by Jesper Jensen)

Thank God George is listening to his fans. This is great news. (by Jim)

George, I am soo embarrassed by what some of the fans reacted to. This cameo, this 2 second bit extra spot, meant nothing, and still means nothing to the film. I look forward to seeing the movie, *NSYNC or not. Please accept my apologies for my fellow, if not misguided, fans. (by Kinetic)

It's good they are listening to the fans... hip-hip hooray! (by geek)

The fact that *NSYNC was in the movie never really affected me. None of the other cameos have ever detracted from the movies either. The thing that really made me mad was the fact that the supposed 'fans' went nuts. Mr. Lucas, it's your movie and it's your imagination. I for one feel we are very lucky to have you share your dream and your story with us, and I've enjoyed the ride. We as fans need to grow up and realize that it's not the end of the world. No matter what happens to Star Wars. (by Chris)

Aw, just when I was getting used to it. ;) (by Jo Jo's Jacket)

Thank God!!! Why don't they just make a good movie and stop trying to market toys. (by johnnymack)

Thank the gods that Lucas cut them. Though I question why they were even thought of in the first place. (by Robert)

Good, now I'll go see the movie! (by Matt)


I'm glad they were cut, but if the scene that they were in was a good scene, then leave it in. (by Allen)

Better. (by chenzzo)

I think you geeks seriously need to get a life. Given that their roles were background cameos, you probably would never even have known *NSYNC was in the film if it hadn't been made public. Nothing like a bunch of whiny fan-boys backseat directing for Lucas. Sheesh... (by Agent 8e9)

I think it's ridiculous that they wasted *NSYNC's time filming scenes that they'll never show. To me it's a slap in the face that George and Rick would listen to "fans" suggestions this once, when they are notorious for not caring about us to begin with. They should never have made the announcement that they would be in the movie. It's a split second, and I think George should put the scene back in. (by Dean)

If it is true that they've been cut, then I'm disappointed. No wait, hear me out. I'm not disappointed because I wanted to see them, but because GL has always stuck to his guns. He's always made his movies. If he's now submitting to the will of the public, then he's no longer making his movies. Sad day. (by Jason Wesbrooks)

It's a relief. They are like junior sith on Earth. (by Travis)

The right thing has been done. (by Darth Meow)

Much like Vader throwing the Emperor into the Death Star reactor, George has turned back to the light! (by Randy)

:) (by Rogue Jedi)

I am happy that they won't be in the film, I don't really care if they were in the film or not as extras, it's just the principle that the "higher ups" made it known that they would be in it prior to the movie coming out. The announcement that they'd be in it was just so blatantly a media/publicity act. (by Myrmidons)


Thank you very much for pulling *NSYNC from Attack of the Clones. I can once again be proud to call Star Wars my favourite collection of movies (despite Jar Jar). (by Arcona1)

George is a good guy! (by Ewan)

I'm disappointed in George! Stand by your convictions man. (by Thumper)

I was worried that when I would watch the movie, the experience would be tarnished because I knew that *NSYNC would be in the frame somewhere. Now I don't have that worry. It will be easier to suspend by disbelief. (by Tim)

Hallelujah Let us chant "Thank you George Thank you George!!!!!!" (by Darth Fanboy)

EP 2 will be the second last Star Wars movie ever made and I thank God, the Force, Mr. Lucas or whoever is responsible for not making this movie one that would go down in history as a joke. (by jingaroo)

Who's *NSYNC? (by Chad)

It's good to know that Lucas & company have listened to the fans and responded to the unfavourable feedback on this cameo. By snipping those milliseconds worth (or whatever) of digital film, they've improved AOTC and increased fan confidence in the movie and the people behind it. Thanks, George! (by Rick)

Who would have thought that George Lucas would actually have listened to his fans for once. I'm as happy as a 14 year old girl at an *NSYNC Concert. (by Kenny the Happy Fan)

There is a god, and his name is still George Lucas. (by Phil Pearson)


Thank you George! You have definitely showed again why you are the man! (by Jon Duffey)

I don't really have anything against *NSYNC, but I think it's great the George Lucas is still in touch with his fans, to some degree. After the news that *NSYNC would be in AOTC, a lot of Star Wars fans felt it would cheapen everything, and let their voices be heard. Apparently, someone was listening. (by Niko Gebreab)

It's definitely a step in the right direction. (by Jason K.)

I really didn't mind them being in the film as their part was as described (just a background cameo), but I'm glad that they've been cut. (by darth akel)

They'll replace *NSYNC with KISS. I just know it ! (by freak-girl)

I'm disappointed that George allowed himself to bullied so by a needlessly vociferous internet community. It's his movie, his characters, for good or ill, he should do what he wants. (by Tim)

Glad they're gone, but I hope it's on the DVD. (by Piscez)

Oh god yes!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!! (I consider Lucas god cause he cut them out). (by R@ndom)

Relieved. Although I almost feel sorry for the *NSYNC guys. Almost. (by Clint Walker)

Mr. Lucas, why are you so hell bent in making Star Wars a failure? I can believe you actually wanted *NSYNC in this picture. (by TechGriffon)


I was elated when I heard that *NSYNC was cut from Ep2 and I'm still in a slight state of euphoria. =) (by Jaded Fire)

Thanks a bunch guys. I was talking to my friends and we were all in agreement that to save the purity of the story, he must not influence it with the likes of *NSYNC. Again, thank you so much (by Robert U Yaboy)

I am relieved and glad to hear they have been removed. (by Sam Taggert)

Bye Bye Bye *NSYNC. Thank you Jesus. (by vincent)

Awesome. The cut really restores some integrity to the film, and does away with what seemed like a cheap way to get teenage girls into the theatre. It really improves my opinion of and hopes for the film. (by Leo)

I'm not a religious man, but it does seem there is a God after all. (by Dr. Gonzo)

"It's demanded by the god's it is". (by OLD BIFF)

Justice has prevailed. (by Doc MidNite)

Personally, I didn't care if they were in the movie or not. As long as they didn't have lead roles, it didn't really matter if some guy from *NSYNC was in the background with a lightsaber. Everyone just made a way too big deal over the whole thing. (by Craig)

Relieved and hopeful. (by dave B)

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