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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I think it was good that they were cut. There are better and more skilled performers out there. (by Neo_Sith)

Thank you! Putting *NSYNC in Episode II is just as bad as Michael Jackson wanting to be Jar-Jar. When you're telling a story that takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, keep us there! (by Darth Havoc)

Well, before all I would like to thank heaven for this gift. Yes, this is a gift , we should thank it. Star Wars is ours, it belongs to us, the fans. We don't want any pop singers to appear in it. We don't want anything like that. We want the magic. And, thank God, that's what we got. (by Felipe Levra)

Thank You Thank You Thank You. A great milestone has been enacted and I can now truly feel heartfelt warmth coming from this movie once again, just don't add it in on the DVD version. (by Christopher Richardson)

Thanks be to Yoda. (by matt)

Lucasfilm made a wise choice by cutting any footage with *NSYNC. Not so much for how the fans will rejoice in this, but rather, how the quality of the film can now be viewed. Any filmmaker that includes cameos of this nature - that being one's which have no bearing for the story, plot or any other film device, should be seen as those fallen to commercial appeasement. I was about to lose my faith in a filmmaker whom I view as one of the most important storytellers of the 21st century. (by Paul Monks)

Finally! Some evidence that Georgie boy listens to the fans! (by Kredepops)

This is somewhat encouraging, but I cannot help thinking that the mere consideration of *NSYNC becoming part of the Star Wars universe should give us, the fans, just cause to question the decision-making, especially at the highest levels. Ever since the Special Editions, George Lucas has directed his filming toward the irrelevant, the flashy, the gratuitous. The re-done musical number in Return of the Jedi should have prepared us for just how bad Episode I was going to be. (by Darth Darth Binks)

This is great news! I want to disconnect myself from the "real world" when enjoying the great stories that George tells!!! (by Cha681)

Wasn't anyone else out there excited by the idea of a 5-pack of Jedi *NSYNC action figures?! Come on guys! (by Smuj)


I am glad that *NSYNC has been removed from Episode II because I think the idea of cameos from any fad would take away from the movie itself. That would be like Austin powers making a cameo in a real James Bond movie. it just would not work. I am sure they are a good band in their own right. if they want a cameo in a movie, don't put them in a movie with such a large and hardcore fanbase. George Lucas must have seen this coming a mile a way. (by Dallas Baker)

Praise the Maker!!! I was sick to my stomach when I heard of their scene. (by eicherdesign)

It feels like I'm Darth Vader and I finally get to look upon Luke with my own eyes. Thank the maker *NSYNC are gone. (by Redfive)

Opens the door for O-Town! :). (by Rammer)

I've said this before and I'll say this again. Star Wars fans are starting to deploy what I like to call the "Misery" syndrome. Anyone remember that Stephen King movie with James Caan and Kathy Bates? The fans are Kathy Bates and Lucas is poor Caan being forced to create their work according those obsessive fans. Bates has a sledgehammer and we have petitions and message boards. Now don't we feel powerful? This is getting pathetic. (by yodaman)

If true, then Lucas has done one smart thing so far. This is Star Wars, a little more responsibility is in order, George! (by Stephen )

I think it is a good decision, particularly when you consider the displeasure of the majority of fans over the inclusion of the band in EPII. (by Emilio Espinoa)

George is coming around. Now he just needs to change the title (by Marcus)

I'm glad they were cut. Lets hope they don't make it back into a special edition or a deleted scene on the dvd! (by rick hankins)

Thank Christ! (by "Mad Man" Mike)


Yub Yub!! Esay Yub Yub!!! (by nadnasiet)

Thank God! Now I don't have to listen to all the guys in the office complain endlessly about this! (by dncnkb)

I think it is great . Now it won't date the movies too bad. (by Sam)

I'm so happy I've been singing the "Yub Yub" song all day. (by Skott Bennett)

I kinda wanted to see how *NSYNC would look in the movie! But I didn't really care if they were in the film or not! (by ART)

I honestly could not be any happier that *NSYNC was cut from the movie. As an enormous Star Wars fan, I took the news as a major blow, and I am greatly relieved that they are no longer in the movie. (by Dan Alvarez, 19)

Thank God! In this case, I'm glad George Lucas listened to the fans. (by David Kristensen)

I don't think that it even matters. So what if *NSYNC is in the movie? They're just extras, probably hardly noticeable. Fans should not be concerned how it's done, they should just watch the movie and then give their opinions. For goodness sake, it's not like Justin was cast as Anakin, and even if he was, I'm not sure that would have been such a bad thing! Past roles cannot solely predict how someone will be in a SW film. What has Hayden done in the past that has blown you all away? Nothing. (by Anthony A)

I'm overjoyed. Literally dancing around the house. Thank you George!!!!! I can now happily see AOTC!!!! (by Toryn)

Hmm, I just got used to the idea that *NSYNC would be in it. It wouldn't be so bad after all. Poor guys, they would have been able to watch Episode II with their grandchildren and say: "See that guy in the background with the lightsaber? That's grandpa!" It's a shame people made such a big deal about it. (by Ante)


The fact that they were ever included in production shows a lack of understanding. (by sidmussburger)

I am happy! And it was never because I didn't like *NSYNC, it was that they would have just been a distraction to the movie, you would not see them as Jedi you would see them as *NSYNC. I like Star Wars because it is an escape from things like *NSYNC and now I am so very happy. A wise move, because even if you don't like Jar Jar, it doesn't matter, he doesn't exist anywhere else other than Star Wars. (by a now breathing star wars fan)

Finally, a bit of effort to keep it about Star Wars. (by JoeJoe)

Happy George took out actors only put in originally for market appeal. (by Brian Falconnier)

Ok, maybe we were a bit hard on *NSYNC. But whether you like 'em or hate 'em, they just don't belong in Star Wars, and that's that. (by Aaron Brogdon)

Like I have a real reason that there is a God and that there is hope for this pathetic world after all! (by A Sith)

If someone gave me a million dollars, I'd still be happier with *NSYNC being cut. (by Scott Dutrisac)

Great! I'm glad the people up there are willing to listen to feedback. (by Steve)

Thank goodness, but even if they stayed in remember a little film called Phantom Edit? I don't think it made would make a difference. (by jahnsolo)

I don't really care. I think all the people who cried blasphemy and made a stink need to get a life. Who cares if they have a non-talking background Cameo. I think background Cameos are fun. I don't like ET but I don't complain they were in Episode 1. (by Andrew Vieau)


I am still wondering why they were going to be in it in the first place. (by Grand Admiral Thrawn)

God, Allah, Buddha, thank them all. Rock 'n roll forever!!!!!! (by SKYHOPP867)

The fact they were even in it to begin with sickens me. More than likely it was the product of marketing researchers trying to keep the boy-band fad from it's impending demise, using AOTC as a cheap promotion bit. You won't find many *NSYNC fans among the Star Wars crowd, I'll tell you that. In my experience, I found you're more likely to find more Star Wars fans at Ozzfest than a boy-band show. (by Michael Qel-Droma)

I think it sucks. Because it goes to show that Lucas pays entirely too much attention to the rabid fan-things, instead of making his own movie. Lord knows, if anyone here was offered a spot in the movie, you'd take it. So why all the hate for *NSYNC? Are you jealous? I don't particularly care for *NSYNC, but it's not THAT big a deal. (by Hooper_X)

Because *NSYNC aren't as big here in the UK as they are in the US, having *NSYNC in the film didn't make any difference to me. I wasn't going to bother looking for them. Your decision to cut them out of the film must have a good reason - one that hopefully adds to the richness of the story, and that must be what counts, right? (by Mark Hedge)

There has never been a more retched band of scum and villainy. (by Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Whether it be no-named nobodies in the background or a comic relief, you people can be too vicious beyond necessity. I don't like *NSYNC as much as the next fan, but their brief and unnoticeable appearance won't change nothing with the movie at all. It really made no difference either way. If they hadn't said anything, do you really think anyone would notice their inclusion? (by Shogunn2517)

A prayer has been answered!!!! (by DJWhite25)

It's great to know that those guys out of AOTC!!! (by BOSs)

I am pleased to not have to see *NSYNC in the film, but hope we didn't lose any good content as a result. On the whole I think it will prove the correct choice. (by Pat Harlow)

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