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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Thanks George for listening to the fans!!!! (by Brandon Thompson)

The force is strong once again !!!! (by jedi farmer)

George, it wasn't your fault. Rick, what in the galaxy were you thinking? (by Leia)

Long live Star Wars! (by Darth James)

Well, I kind of feel a little sorry for them, wait a minute ... not! (by Bob'sKID)

Please explain what the difference is if *NSYNC is in the film or not. It's Lucas' art, none of you "fans" own it, George does. He makes it, he puts it out, if you like it you like it, if you don't, you don't. 2 seconds will not ruin what is making out to be a very exciting film. If Lucas decided to put OJ Simpson (for 2 seconds) in the Empire Strikes Back SE, would it make it any less of a great movie? Let the man make his art, and don't prejudge based on shallow opinions. (by artist )

Look I'm not a *NSYNC fan, but really who cares. They probably won't be noticeable because Lucas wouldn't want them to be. (by DARTH_MAC)

I love the idea of them be cut. (by Jedi8)

The initial decision, regardless of it's reversal or not, has damaged the credibility of Star Wars, by damaging the credibility of those who create Star Wars. The cycle is supposed to be a "monomyth for our time", not a celebrity free-for-all. (by Ecthelion)

It's funny how George wants to make these movies for himself. He obviously listens to the fans as he cut *NSYNC from EP II. It didn't matter to me as they were only in there for a half second if that much. (by Keith Andersch)


I couldn't really care less. I am looking forward to this movie because it is a Star Wars Movie. I don't care who they shoot as extras. I know many of the people who have made fanfilms may feel like Lucas may owe them a shot as an extra, but lets face facts. Lucas is going to do what he feels best for the movie. Some Star Wars fans are so far removed from pop culture that they may not even recognize who *NSYNC are. They just know that they are some pop band. (by Matt Rizzo)

I'm enthralled. I can't even describe it. So happy. But as I read through the submissions, I agree with a few people - who wouldn't jump at the chance to be in Star Wars? BUT! *NSYNC is going just a liiiittle too far for my taste. (by Arion)

Wonderful! They should stick to music. I already have to wait long enough in line to get tickets, I don't want to wait behind another 1,000 boy band addicts. If they are eventually put back into the final release it will be a sad day for Lucasfilm. Most people will lose a lot of respect for them. (by Mouse)

I think Lucas needs to pull some more publicity stunts, ohhhhh waiitt. (by TinoFett)

I think it's pretty crummy that *NSYNC was cut from the movie. We all know that given the chance we would jump at the opportunity to appear in the movie for 2 seconds. It's simple jealousy on the part of some fans and it makes us all look pathetic. (by Bunny)

Let's see - *NSYNC is in AOTC: who cares. *NSYNC is cut from AOTC: who cares. Apathy symmetry, catch it! (by JediJeff)

This is good. *NSYNC would have only distracted the reason for being in the theater. (by Shifty Jedi)

We'll see if this is actually true, but if it is, the sickened feeling I had about EP II and how the role of the Jedi would have truly been tarnished. I do hope the band has been cut. Balance of the Force indeed. (by Kae Sue)

I felt a great disturbance in the Force when I first heard of them being in the movie, but I'm glad to see that George saw what an awful end that would bring. (by Jedi_Master1138)

I think it's pathetic that LucasFilm submitted to whining and groaning of fanboys, considering most of the complainers were not looking at this from any logical point of view. I'd rather my films have 2 second scenes of *NSYNC than a film that is ultimately 'edited' by several hundred internet geeks. (by Erik)


It reminds me of the day Lucas announced that he'd be making Episode 1. (by DarthDatorri)

Never was, or will be crazy about *NSYNC being in AOTC. But even worse would be if George caved to the whining of fanboys. It's his movie, and you're not kidding anyone by saying you won't go see it, or buy the DVD, or see EP III. Lighten up. (by Luke's Hand)

Excellent, everything is occurring according to my design. (by Bobby Yates)

It is such a shame that *NSYNC is going to be cut from EP2. Although most people might disagree with me, I think that they would bring new audiences to see EP2. I could understand the concern if they were a very integral part of the movie (i.e. a main character or something), however, they are only extras in one or two scenes, and therefore wouldn't be a huge part of the film. What I am thinking is that teen and pre-teen girls will come to the movie, to see *NSYNC, but leave wanting to see EP3. (by Dannielle R Carroll)

I don't care for *NSYNC one bit, however, I think it is very cheap of George and Rick to cut them, just because a bunch of people whined about a cameo. Grow Up!!! (by molly)

If the cut were certain, I would be pleased to no end. I am a huge Star Wars fan, why could I not make a cameo? I would make myself available for a cameo in Attack of the Clones. But I am not famous, so I do not get special treatment like *NSYNC does. But, perhaps their fame will do them no good, if their scene is cut. There is justice to that, but it would be a hollow victory if fans cause it. (by Jay Adams)

Hey, I might actually go see it. But only if it looks like it'll be better than the first one. (by Rick Sloan)

Why would someone put singers as extras in something the exact opposite of them? I think cutting them may be the right choice. (by kyle)

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I realize *NSYNC is the incarnation of all that is pop, but they are Star Wars fans. Since when was that a crime? And so what, they have the power to ask Mr. Lucas if they can be in the movie. You know that if any of you, and myself included, had the same power, we would ask in a heartbeat. since when did star wars fans become so high and mighty? When did we start feeling like we were better than others who have the same interest? (by jared bowers)

Thank God ! Lets just hope for the Episode 2 DVD they're not in the cut scenes. (by Beau)


I think it's ridiculous that so many people have complained about *NSYNC being in the film and now they've been cut. Give me a break. The guys were going to be extras in one scene. I think the whole situation has totally been blown out of proportion. (by Whitney)

They were weak. The force was not strong in them. (by Sarah F)

There is a God and he does not listen to pop music. (by Hillarybird)

Excellent decision, hopefully they'll keep it. Putting in pop culture references into Episode II will only date the film upon future viewings, since *NSYNC will not be on top forever. It'll be like watching one of those 80s teen films that feel dated and cheesy because of the pop references of the time. Well, it wouldn't be quite like that, but you get my drift. Star Wars should be timeless. Thanks. (by John Fowler)

Woohoo! You can't have well known pop stars in a movie that takes place "in a galaxy far, far, away"! It seemed like they were just trying to get in the younger female audience, who might have had no appreciation for the films except to see their favourite band. Hopefully, they'll stick to their decision. (by lae)

I'm disappointed and happy all at once. It was fantastic advertising for AOTC in the end. It got people talking about the film. And for a film that is going to be released in five months, that is a great thing. Regardless of whether they will be or won't be, it was a brilliant move on George Lucus' part. (by Sara_Kenobi)

The franchise has been saved. Their appearance would be highly irrelevant. (by Bruce)

It will be a day long remembered. (by Darth Sidious)

Get them out of the Star Wars Universe. Burn the scene. (by Franku)

I think it's a shame. While I don't like *NSYNC, their music, or anything about them, there's no reason thousands of fanboys should be up in arms about an inconsequential cameo. These guys are Star Wars fans, and despite their popularity, whiners would deny them the dream cameo of a lifetime. Shame on those fans, and I hope that the same happens to them someday. (by Moridin)


If they are not removed, I will never see it. (by bob)

R5-D7: Beep boop beep beep. TRANSLATION = Thank the maker!! (by Joey)

I think that it is a good thing. The guys need to stick to one thing and stick with it. (by kelley)

It is a good thing that they were taken out of EP2. (by |<3/\/;][)

I'm so happy to hear this news. I mean there is no room in star wars for *NSYNC. (by Brian Graham)

I don't really care! If they like Star Wars, then it's ok with me. Besides, they don't even have huge scenes. If I was someone famous, I wouldn't like to be kicked out as an extra cause some people didn't like me. (by Amogh)

Good call, George. (by Rana)

Thank Goodness! They would have ruined the movie. Ten years from now no one will know who they are. Just cause they are famous now that doesn't mean they deserve to be in this movie! (by Bianca)

Glad to see they're gone! (by JeremyF)

Yes. All is well with the world. Now I can look forward to Star Wars rather than dread it. (by tess-wan)

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