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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Good! (by mike c)

Thank you! What we don't need is more pointless commercialism in Star Wars. (by Matt)

Just when I thought that Lucas couldn't go and do anything more stupid, he goes and completely redeems himself by doing this. In short, thank you George!!! (by JodoFive)

Looks like I'll be seeing it opening night after all. (by vince)

I think *NSYNC should stick to little girls walls, and stay away from the galaxy far, far away. Thanks to the Flanneled One. (by Andy Stevenson)

Silly me for worrying about the state of the economy. What I should have been doing is signing petitions to get cameos removed from Star Wars. It is not as though you would have been able to see them anyway. I hope they include the *NSYNC boys in one of the scenes without telling the fan community. Then once it has been out for three months and is embraced as excellent, then George can announce that the film was actually trash because the *NSYNC boys were included in some scenes. (by Ritz Bitz)

I felt as long as they were background characters that it would not matter. For people to make such a fuss over a few extras is unbelievable. It would have brought in a lot more teenagers to see the movie. They did not have speaking parts so what is the big deal. I still feel that they should be in the film. They were extras for petes sake. (by Mark Brunner)

Light at the end of the tunnel, there is. (by Emil)

I feel great about it. (by Scott)

Oohh goodie goodie! (by Hannibal Lecter)


OK by me. (by Isbeth)

This is amazing news, *NSYNC would have ruined the movie for me by taking me out of the star wars world, and back to this world, I'm glad that Lucas realized his mistake, and understands how much these films mean to the fans. (by Jarbacca)

It is good to hear that so many people have a say in something that is not even their own. None of us have the right to tell anyone how to do or what to do about anything! Most so called real Star Wars fans will hate the movie anyway no matter who is in it! Most "real fans, you know the diehards" will always find something to pick about, enjoy the movie and shut up! (by Bart)

There remains, however, the fact that Lucas initially put them in the movie. Had it not been for us fans, the *NSYNC'ers would still be in that movie (I know - the statement is a bit circular). So, to be honest I am still quite disappointed in Lucas as a person/director. However, a great victory for the light side it is! (by MK)

I'm glad. Glad, glad, glad, glad, glad. Just because they have money and connections doesn't mean that they should get into the film when Lucas has already passed over so many REAL actors for parts as small as cameos. And frankly, I would not have wanted to fight against a screaming horde of teenyboppers just to get a seat in the theater on opening day. Kudo to George for realizing what kind of mistake this would have been - and shame on him for even considering it in the first place. (by Dire 51)

The force is strong with this one! (by deathchicken6)

I wasn't crazy about the idea to begin with. It's a testament to the voices of the fans, the common sense of the film's producers, and the fact that connections don't always cut it (no pun intended). (by Jaina)

I'm relieved. Star Wars was never about giving pop boy bands cameos - they have their own airtime on MTV, they don't need to intrude on Star Wars. (by SithSean)

I don't listen to *NSYNC, and I personally thought that it was ridiculous. However, I also strongly believe that this is George Lucas' story. I believe in taking and enjoying each of the movies exactly as he intends them to be presented (including Ewoks and Jar Jar). It is sad that *NSYNC could push their way in, and equally sad that the fans could push them back out again. I think that George Lucas should make a decision and stick with it. After all it is his decision to make. (by imobiwan)

I am a huge fan of Star Wars. If I was fortunate enough to be making huge cash as part *NSYNC and had the power to call Rick and get in the background of the biggest franchise in history, I would be annoyed if I was cut because of people complaining. No one is freaking out about George's kids being in the movie. (by Craig from Canada)


I am grateful to hear the news of *NSYNC being cut from the film. Personally I like to watch the Star Wars saga to escape all of the things that are bad in this world for a little bit and enjoy a good old fashion adventure. Thank you George for doing the right thing for whatever reasons you had. (by Jeff )

It's the best thing that could have happened. Having a high profile person on board has always been against Lucas's policy. I'm glad that he stuck to his guns. (by Jedi Recon)

Let's not tell the girls who are going to see the movie now because of *NSYNC ;-) (by Lyria)

I don't see what's the big deal. It is George's movie, and he should be able to put who ever he wants in it. Be it *NSYNC, or the Backstreet Boys, or Garth Brooks. Besides, from what I read they were going to be extras and just in the background. So why complain? I hope it cut them for other reasons, not because of a bunch of whiny, fans. (by Dude where's my George?)

Thanks for cutting them out. Shame on you for adding them in the first place. (by Tom Whaley)

I'm happy *NSYNC was removed from the film. It's nice to know Lucasfilm is listening to people. Sure, the hardcore fans made a big deal about it, but when mild-mannered fans start to roll their eyes and snicker, it's gone a little too far. (by DarthBeef)

I'm really saddened by the loss of *NSYNC in the film. They are a great band and have a positive effect on this country's morale. (by C. THOMAS WORTHLESS )

Thank God!! I guess a little Jar Jar isn't as bad as a boy band. Hooray!! Rick and George you've finally woken up! (by Morty Powers)

Thanks god they are cut. (by Matt Roberts)


While I thought the idea of even having the member of *NSYNC be in the movie was idiotic, I do feel that in giving in to the ranting of "fanboys" you are setting a terrible precedent. Now they will feel like if they complain long and hard enough, then they will ultimately always get their way. This should not be the case, as it should be up to George Lucas solely and no one else, what happens in any Star Wars movie! (by J. Hudson)

Just wanted to add my 2 cents to this debacle. I whole heartedly think that it was indeed wise to cut *NSYNC out of EP II. (by Chris)

Lucas is listening! (by EvilEwok)

I think that this hurts the integrity of the films far more than any cameo could have. That Lucasfilm is making creative decisions based on internet polls implies a heavier interest in marketing and audience appeal than in creative control. I am also disgusted with the fans who participated in the outcry. To think that SW fans would react so negatively over a fan(s) scoring a cameo is appalling. As fellow fans, we should have all cheered their good fortune and shared their dream come true. (by richard (name))

I just think that all the Star Wars geeks just screwed up some big fans' dreams. *NSYNC are Star Wars fans, and just take some time to think how they felt when Lucasfilm allowed them to be in the movie. Now because of you guys they're out of it. I don't care for *NSYNC's music, but I do care for the fans. (by JohnDoe7)

oh my god. I'm soooooooooo happy I almost died when I read that they were in it. I love Star Wars and if they ruined it I would've flipped. I lost some respect for GL, but not anymore. He's the man! (by aLeX)

I know for a fact that many, including myself, will be fairly annoyed if they make it in. I will celebrate when I get definite confirmation that they are not in. (by DarthMAD)

Who cares, as long as they don't have any major roles. Imagine if you had the chance to be an extra, and then someone took that away. Bah, let em be in it. No singing / dancing allowed. (by Jonneh)

George, I appreciate you listening to the fans, but you should have stuck to you guns. (by Angel Mendez, Jr.)

Very Nice :) (by Bail-AnBillies)


It is a good thing, just because they are a popular "pop" band should not mean they are included in Star Wars. (by Darthhoss)

Joy. (by DarthMAD)

That's retarded. Who cares if they were in the movie? People really need to settle down about things, maybe run around outside for a while. (by Crackwhorlioni)

Hopefully this is a sign for their future. (by Wicketboy20)

Ask yourself: Is it really that big a deal if they have a cameo? Does it really mean that much in the grand scheme of your existence? Me thinks not. (by Ned)

Thank you thank you thank you for making the world a better place by not including *NSYNC. Please don't ever even consider such a travesty again! (by Manda)

GL should have never cut *NSYNC out, but then, I was never against them being in the movie. (by Mikel_Antilles)

George had better not do anything that stupid again. (by Mark)

I'm absolutely thrilled. They didn't belong there in the first place. (by Michael Johns)

I feel that GL did what his older fans wanted him to do, and I also think that GL has listened to his older fans when it comes to AOTC. But I don't think it is that big of a deal. I mean, only a few shots, it is not like they are going to start singing in the movie or something. Anyways thanks for Star Wars GL. (by John nowicki)

OMG, I'm so happy they are not going to be in Episode 2, they would only ruin the movie. (by Sam)

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