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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I'm happy they are out, but I think that Star Wars fans acted very poorly during this situation. Most often, the only times we Star Wars fans get in the press is when some nut gets in line for a movie 5 months early or something equally "off the wall." Now, we also get seen by the public as rude and judgmental. *NSYNC was no worse than Jar Jar, and now thanks to some cry-baby fans, they are missing out on every SW fan's dream. Nice job, guys. What a way to "be the bigger person." (by Marl Keth)

I am glad they were cut, but I have a sinking feeling that they weren't. I think they were always meant to be unrecognizable and still are. Either way, I am glad that the fans voiced their opinions. It's sad that these (hopefully) true SW fans in *NSYNC may not get their dream shot of being in the Saga, but not many people do. (by John Naismith)

I think it's truly sad how whiny most of us have been, or that we take joy in the fact some Star Wars fans were cut out of the movie, just because they are famous. (by Michael Wells)

I think Lucas caved to the will of the fans. Last time he did that Boba Fett got to be more important than he should be. (by DarthGumby)

You know, if they had just kept it quiet and had a cameo appearance, we probably wouldn't have cared about it. But, when they promote it, they should have known it was going to cause a major uprising. (by Matt)

I didn't mind that they were in the movie, but I like it better that they're not. I think it'd be alright if they had their scene(s) in the deleted scenes section of the DVD. That would be interesting. (by Dan Geer)

Like justice has been done. Boy bands have no place in the Star Wars universe! (by Vornskr)

How do we know that George made the cut? What if it was the *NSYNC guys who wanted to be cut so that they didn't ruin the experience for everyone. I'm glad that it happened, but I'm also glad that someone had enough sense to reverse that decision. (by roen)

I think its great, but why didn't they change the name then?! (by Darth Welch)

I am glad that you and your crew decided to cut the boy band from the film. Your Star Wars films have been with me through the years, and I have had many fond memories that I thank you for. When I heard that some of the boy band members had been invited, I was upset because it sort of broke my excitement for the film. I am a fan as well, and I was wondering where my invitation to the shoot was. Just because they make a lot of teen girls scream, doesn't make it alright to ruin a great saga. (by Ryan Dube)


I have a bad feeling about this. As much as I don't want *NSYNC in Star Wars, it kind of bothers me that Lucas allowed the fans to dictate what happened with *his* movie. (by Tony)

It's a wise decision to cut them. It was too distracting to what should really be the focus - the continuing story of Anakin Skywalker, not the producer giving some pop stars the chance to permanently wreck one of the most important film series in movie history. It's an obvious pun but...bye bye bye! (by jedibear)

As a long time fan, I am still blown away by what a big deal everyone made about this issue. I said it before and I'll say it again, I wouldn't even know who they were if I saw them. I am surprised by the number of fans who despite hating the band, are so familiar with their individual faces. Again I ask, who are these people, and what does the fact that they can identify each member of *NSYNC individually say about them?? (by icaruswings)

The only problem I had with *NSYNC being in AOTC was not they it was a boy band, or that I thought they were going to ruin the movie. The problem I had was that they are already celebrities in another field of entertainment, and because of that, they have a louder voice than any of us fans do. Every single male between the ages of 10 and 100 wants to be in that movie. But because they were celebrities, they were heard, and put in. That's just unfair to the rest of the actors. Just sing, boys. (by Ricky Borba)

Overcome with joy. (by jeff roedel)

Thank you sooo much for cutting them! I knew you'd come through for the fans, George! (by Kendall)

I just want good character development and flow. So be it if *NSYNC is in there, just as long as they're not singing and dancing in the movie. I wouldn't recognize them if I saw them anyway (though my sister would). (by Robert)

I don't care either way. (by CreepingDeath)

I'm very pleased that *NSYNC's appearance has been cut. (by SnarlingCur)

Thank god they're not in it! We now won't have to put up with hundreds of teenybopper magazines getting exclusive Star Wars interviews with the fools from *NSYNC cos they spent a day there!!! (by barny)


It didn't really bother me that they were in there, and it doesn't really bother me now that they aren't. Who cares? Star Wars is just a movie and if someone whines and complains about something as little as this, they are one poor sap. (by YouDontKnowMe)

*Falls to knees* Thank you god!!!!!!! (by Koonie)

I think it is good that they are not going to be in it. (by TshaiJV)

This is a great day for the Republic. (by Jar Fett)

We've done it! We brought George back from the dark side! (by Marco)

Where would they have fit into the movie anyways? They're not actors. It would have been a terrible decision to have them in the movie if all this is even true to begin with. Good job George! (by Force4ever)

Thank the maker! I would rather see Lucas cast clones of Jar Jar Binks instead of them! And I think cloning Jar Jar is illegal in seven systems. (by GEOJEDI)

I'm so happy I could actually buy one of their CDs! Then again. (by Andrew Gould)

I am no fan of *NSYNC, and don't care if they are in it or not. However, I am disappointed by the unnecessarily negative outcry by my fellow Star Wars fans. One other thing, if *NSYNC's appearance takes away from the "galaxy far far away" thing, doesn't a HUGE name like Samuel L Jackson do the same thing? (by Jimmy Hauser)

Yahooooooooo!!! (by TK715luke)


I feel bad for those guys. Regardless of my own opinions of the group, they are every bit the Star Wars fans that the rest of us are. Being in a Star Wars movie - no matter how small and insignificant the part - is a chance of a lifetime. Shame on all the intolerant fans. (by TGP)

Shame on George for not sticking to his guns. So *NSYNC had a 2 second cameo and people complained. Big deal! I'm all for hearing fans out, but submitting to a bunch of whiners when this really wasn't a big deal is ridiculous. But hey whatever it takes to please the fans not the vision. (by CJ)

If they were going to be just background characters with no lines in the movie I'm all for it. It was their dream to be in Star Wars and George was all for that. I feel kinda sad. If I was gonna be in Star Wars and got cut because the fans didn't want me in it. Anyway. Its affected Lucas to some degree as well. It's also sad that Lucas is starting to bow to the audience. (by BoomaDaTigger)

It was the will of the Force. : ). (by Mark Williams)

Should not have been done! Think of the expanded fan base! (by bjzep)

They shall not come back to us! Long live Sith. (by Darth Ray)

A most wise decision Mr. Lucas. Why put in some group like *NSYNC, when a much better set of extras, that we will never know who they are, can take those shots and keep the continuity of the Star Wars genre intact. I applaud this decision, and I can't wait to see the movie again! :) (by Matt Fuller)

Personally, if I was a huge Star Wars fan, asked to be in the movie as an extra (note, that's an extra), not someone you would even notice if you weren't looking for it, and I got cut because some people don't agree with the type of music I make, I would be incredibly annoyed. Would having *NSYNC in there as extras really make any difference to the movie?? No. I'm very disappointed that George gave in to the immaturity of people and didn't let them be in the movie. Boo to you George. (by Zebraheaded)

I had made the decision that George had lost his mind and was not really serious about the Star Wars universe. This insertion of *NSYNC was the last insult. I am glad that George has come to his senses and removed them from even the smallest of parts in the next episode. Right on George! Welcome back! (by RDF)

This is one of the best things George has done, something for the fans actually, not just for money. Way to go George!! (by CraigCaug)


Just three words: Thank you George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Jose from Spain)

Great Choice! *NSYNC has no business in Star Wars!! (by Rodney )

The screams of terror and horror of millions of tortured souls have turned into cries of exuberant joy and ecstasy!! (by Alex)

I'm glad they're gone. Rick said that they asked to be in Episode 2. If George and Rick wanted them, they would have asked them to. (by Peter Milota)

Having been extremely disgusted when I heard the news in the first place, I (among many others) was elated to learn of the booting of *NSYNC from the greatest movie series ever. I was horrified upon hearing that they were to be Jedi, sacrilege! This turned me off to seeing it in a big way, as it appears Lucas is sacrificing a great story for the sake of expanding his audience. Thank God it's over! (by AVN)

Keep *NSYNC in the movie. They are fans and I am fine with them in it. (by JeffW)

Great!!!!! (by Todd Ingle)

The one and only time they've ever listened to fan input, and boy am I glad they did. (by BobTheGoon)

*NSYNC: You are the weakest link. Goodbye!!!! (by Darth DeWitt)

I'm both surprised and overjoyed that Mr. Lucas actually listened to his fans on this one. *NSYNC in Star Wars? I was shocked that it was even contemplated, but George smartened up and I thank him. (by Michael Smith)

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