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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Overjoyed. When I first learned the official confirmation that *NSYNC was to be in EP II, I turned my back on the entire Star Wars franchise. Now I plan on seeing AOTC. (by Rhett D. Butler, aka darthmolar)

am I supposed to care one way or the other? (by none)

The Force must be with us. (by Liz Skywalker)

It brings me great sorrow to hear today's shocking news. George Lucas finally had the chance to bring some real star quality to the saga, and he totally blew it. Well, maybe not. ; ). (by Borth)

In the great words of Butt-head: "It is the greatest thing, I have ever heard!!!" (by MosEspaGangsta)

Absolutely ridiculous! Sure, *NSYNC are not my cup of tea, but they are fans of Star Wars just like you and me. If you had the chance to be in Star Wars, and a bunch of moronic fanboys said you couldn't, then you'd be pretty upset! Sheeeesh, at the end of the day they are people like you and me, so why shouldn't they have had a little fun! Good one, now more of the movie will be left out! (by Davidian)

I think that the news was met with too much publicity. After all, they were just going to be extras. (by Jennifer)

I was disappointed to hear that *NSYNC would be cut from AOTC. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and have been since the original trilogy first came out when I was a little girl. I am also an *NSYNC fan. Nothing will ever compare to the original trilogy, so why not have some fun with the prequels. I know the guys from *NSYNC are also Star Wars fans (one of the reasons I like them) and must have been thrilled to be able to be in one. Wouldn't any Star Wars fan !?!?!? (by Vespaa1138)

I cannot believe that George Lucas could even fathom such a ridiculous idea as putting *NSYNC into the continuation of a cultural masterpiece. (by Digital Coma)

Sooooooo glad they got cut. (by yodaDES)


This was the best thing Lucasfilm could have done. VERY smart move. (by Trent)

If Lucasfilm wants cameos then they should ask Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and the other stars from the original films. I can't bear to see what stunt will be next. (by Ian)

Pure. (by Snarkle Farktward)

What can I say ~ other than thank you. sometimes the big guys see the light. might take them some time, but hey they get there. (by al)

Who cares? It wasn't a big deal in the first place. There were dozens of cameos in EP. I. (by Matt Jones)

Thank you! I can't say anything other than that. Personally, I'm very surprised that LFL listened to the fans on this, but I'm not complaining! (by Gary X)

I feel like dancing. (by MDN)

Soooooooo much better. God does listen to Prayers. (by Mark Angeletti)

I'm glad to hear that *NSYNC has been cut. You don't want to jump on the boy band bandwagon. Star Wars should keep to its tradition of no-names in the movie. Thank you George Lucas! (by Matt Harris)

I'm a big time Star Wars fan, and I have to say that I'm am so pleased that *NSYNC is cut from Episode II. I was afraid that I would have to start liking *NSYNC. (by Garrett King)


If everyone didn't make such a big deal of it, no one would have known. They would have probably just had a small glimpse of them in the background somewhere. (by Leachy)

I have never liked *NSYNC. I am not a fan of that kind of music, nor do I care what they do with their careers. However, do you know what I dislike even more? Whining Star Wars fans. Please guys. It was a three second cameo. If that cameo was going to ruin the movie for you, then you have serious problems. I hope you guys are real proud of the backlash you were a part of these past few days. Real nice guys. (by Jackie Reichl)

Very, very happy. I realize that it was just a cameo, but us fans would have been looking for them whether we wanted to or not, and it would have taken some of the joy out of the experience. Thanks to Lucas for responding to our complaints for once. (by YN)

I guess it is a good thing. Why couldn't you guys band together like this for the return of Darth Maul? (by Kevin )

George, stop listening to these whiny fanboys. Do what you want. (by DrakTanner)

Fair enuff isn't it? I'm sure the scenes will make it to the DVD for *NSYNC fans to see. Personally it wouldn't 'shatter my world seeing them because, a) Being in the UK I've got no idea what they look like, and b) I recognised Rick McCallum in TPM and Jeremy Bulloch in TESB, much as I'll recognise Anthony & Ahmed in AOTC. Knowing someone is making a cameo doesn't mean you can't "believe". Peace out. (by Darth Yen)

Thank you George and Rick, you do us all a great service. (by Jared Nuss)

The response from the ivory tower is usually paraphrased to "we're making our movie- shut up". Why did they respond to this one, I wonder? (by Kalor)

Two words: Thank you. The whole idea of Star Wars was to break new ground for sci-fi movies and movies in general in terms of plot, special effects, and everything else. To include people like *NSYNC in this project will just make critics think Lucas is yet another casualty of pop culture and marketing, which is anything but the truth, of course. Once again: Thank you. (by Sith Saiyan)

Personally, I don't see why people made a big deal out of it. You're a celebrity, and you would like to be in the movie (See: Sam Jackson), and you have the chance to be in it. Would you turn it down? People may think of them as a boy band, but as I recall, they're just as human as anyone else, and Star Wars fans too. (by Jeremy)


I think that George Lucas could have done a better job at picking extras. I understand that the guys approached him and asked but I think it is too late. They should have asked last year and given George and Rick more time to think about it. I'm glad they were cut. (by Cambria Knutson)

More Jar Jar!! (by Butrice Cheeks)

Lucasfilm, don't leak minutia like this and don't let the most fanatical and rabid fans complicate the making of the film. Just ignore ! (by Augusto)

It's encouraging news. Lucas may be out of touch, but at least he's not completely unreachable. Nevertheless, the fact that they were going to be in the film, makes you wonder how many more terrible decisions they made about this movie that we don't know about. (by Darth Fat One)

They should have never been in it to begin with!!! (by ACDC)

George Lucas & Rick McCallum, thank you for listening to the fans! May The Force Be With You! (by Luis)

Cameo's should be reserved for those who have worked really hard on the movie but wouldn't get a chance to be in it any other way, it shouldn't be for celebrities to show off!! Thank You!!!!!! (by Wayland Dargen)

It seems as though George hadn't "stamped" his approval on this one before it happened. I think it was a brilliant publicity stunt for both parties, but I am relieved to know that a "boy band" is not in the movie. Bring on Episode II, I can't wait!!! (by Michael Kelley)

It feels great! great! The sun is out now! (by xxon)

O! Moie Moie , Mesa Luv yousa George. (by -Exar_Kun-)


Thank you for cutting the scenes with *NSYNC from the movie. I would have been rather disappointed if you would have allowed this to be happen :). (by nathan smith)

Thank you GL!! Maybe this means Lucas is going to take some constructive criticism. Maybe he's listened to the complaints about TPM & has improved other areas of AOTC as well. (say, dialogue?) (by caad2indy)

Thank you. It is important that Star Wars stay timeless and not be dated. (by Joel Tarver)

Let it be so, let it be so! (by Mentos)

It's great. It's almost as good news as when we learned that Leo DiCaprio wasn't going to be Anakin! (by Bethany)

For once Lucas listened to the fans. I have regained my respect in George Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Opticon9000)

I'm glad they are out!!!!! Just glad. Anyone who could have accepted this situation is not a true fan. (by BrantRaven)

The Star Wars Universe is one which allows us to forget the everyday life and delve into magic and mystery. Though we don't hold the creative rights, we are the ones who have loved to visit places like Tatooine and Coruscant. We are the support, the fans, the audience waiting to be dazzled. Putting a pop group in a scene would only detract from the experience. So, thanks George and Rick for hearing the pleas. (by Alexander Newton)

St. George loves us, that's why he did it. (by radtke327)

Umm? Is there even an answer to that that's not positive? (by TheDarkJoker)

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