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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


It is good that *NSYNC was cut from EP2. Yes. it is irrational for SW fans to be offended over an insignificant cameo, after all they are just SW fans like us. However, considering how much damage the title of EP2 has done, to make my friends think Lucas has gone nuts, this cut should help. Besides, 3 or 4 of the cameos in EP1 were too obvious and really did detract from the movie. I would be interested to see the cuts on the DVD though. (by Reed Comire)

I'm glad to hear that George & Co. have edited out the bubble-gum pop band from the movie. I am still insulted that they felt the need to do it in the first place. There is nothing wrong with Star Wars that adding them would solve. (by Greg Easton)

The odds of seeing an *NSYNC boy are twenty million to one!!!!! (by ADrapture)

At first it kind of sounded like a ploy to get more people to see the movie. George, Rick, don't worry. Everyone and their mother is going to see this movie. I've been a loyal fan all my life. Trust me, I think I speak for almost everyone when I say you don't need them. Keep up the good work. See ya May 16th! (by Eric Walden)

Right now, the *NSYNC guys are feeling lower than low - a bunch of Star Wars fans that other Star Wars fans hate. I'm not into their music, don't really like them, but I feel sorry for them getting cut from their walk-on appearance. I think fans just need to chill out and enjoy what comes. they will have a lot more fun that way. (by Shawn Smith)

No strings attached!! Woohooo!!!! (by Hater)

This situation is pathetic. Sam Jackson begs to be in the prequels and he gets a big part without any makeup. I guess that is not distracting (seeing the star of the most movies in the 90's). Then we have ET cameos and there is no backlash. These guys were going to be background characters, and if their 2 second cameo ruins it for someone, belies a much deeper problem. (by Han Pritcher)

Praise the Force!!! (by bterrik)

I feel bad for *NSYNC for being cut after they thought they would be in it, but at the same time, George should never have put them in there. (by Andy)

I think that they made the right choice. This is Star Wars, not a concert! I'm very happy! (by Sarah Christianson)


George, Rick, thank you for again affirming in our hearts that the Force does exist! (by prasad)

I think that George Lucas made the right decision cutting them from the film. (by James Kelly)

I think what's lame is all this complaining about it. I mean please, that's sad! It's not that big a deal and for those who said "well they got in cause they were famous" - um how about Dan Madsen's cameo? Oh and does everyone forget George made up a character for a fan - ever hear of Mace Windu? Stop whining! Shouldn't you guys start getting in line?!!! (by The DEL)

This stinks! I love *NSYNC, and I think that all you fans who cried about their cameo are jerks! Because of you, I won't see my favourite band in Episode II!! Boooooooo!!!!!!!! (by Grant)

It could be a smoke screen too. They might still be in it. George may save them for the DVD though. (by Mike)

All I can say is, Hallelujah!!!!!! What was the big gut thinking when he cast them?!?! (by Justin McCarthy)

Great! I feel like inviting all my friends over for a huge party. I don't care for *NSYNC's music, so the last thing I would want is them in my all-time favourite movie, Star Wars. When I go to see Star Wars, I go to see Star Wars, not a pop band. Thank You George!!! (by Zack Vohaska (XackAttack On The JC)))

Does anyone care about how other people feel? I mean, if I was a famous actor and I got to be in Star Wars, I would be vveerrrryyyyy happy, and then all of a sudden everyone wants me off???? I would feel very bad, and I would probably not like Star Wars anymore. (That doesn't mean I don't). (by Alex)

I think that they would screw up the whole "fantasy" theme. It would not be the same. They should not get what they want just because they're rich. (by Jango-Joe)

I am so happy. I got so much stick from people at school that *NSYNC was in Star Wars and now they're not, I am so happy. The force is with us fans. (by Fett2004)


I'm actually ashamed to be a Star Wars fan right now, because we are nothing but whiny brats who complain every five seconds because George doesn't do what we would like for him to do. I'm sure twenty-some-odd years ago, George didn't do what the studios wanted him to do either, and look at the results! Do I like *NSYNC? No! But I do trust George's vision for Star Wars, even when he goes in a direction (or inserts a cameo) that I don't like. Quit being babies and let the man create! (by Dan)

I think this "Joey Fatone" is right. They should be cut. The whole point of a cameo is to be just that, a cameo. it is also supposed to be unknown cameos and a surprise. But in the ever burgeoning population of news hounds and rumour dogs, we get this wild rumour that has to be confirmed or else it would be a lie. I think Lucas did the right thing knowing he couldn't give *NSYNC the time they wanted, because the surprise was gone. (by mike guidry ull p&t)

Smiley, very smiley! (by macleod_73)

Mmmm. Good decision made have you! (by Master Yoda)

My childhood has been saved! (by mosfet25)

I have only this to say ... "Thank the maker!!!!!!!!!" (by adam matthews)

First off, I'm not a *NSYNC fan. The way I look at it, if I were a famous singer and had the chance of being in a movie like Star Wars, which I was a fan of, I would take it. And if a bunch of fans didn't like it because I just happen to appeal to girls more than them, that would tick me off. (by Adam)

I really don't care! (by GAV)

Overjoyed! I was greatly disappointed when I heard that they were in the movie, and especially when I heard that they could be clearly seen. This new story has now proved to me that maybe George does know what he's doing. (by Thai Plochowietz)

I'm so happy I could cry !!! (by Buster)


George has done us proud, and although I'm sure the boys were in for a laugh, it just doesn't gel properly knowing that some teenie bopper band member is in one of the greatest movies of all time, nice one George, I know this next one will be just great. (by Qel-droma)

Relieved, yet worried. Relieved because they've been cut, Worried that they were ever a consideration. (by JediJill)

To those saying that they're just fans who got their dream, and why should the rest of us be able to take that away from them, all I can say is this: You obviously don't watch enough SF other than SW, because if you did, you'd know that the good of the many outweighs the good of the few. (by John)

This is great!!! Perfect for Star Wars. I am glad they were cut from the movie. !! Wooopi. Yea!!! Thank You! Now there's nothing else to worry about. Jar Jar has already been taken care of (5 mins of screen time) and the title looks alright. now we gotta wait and see the movie!!! :) (by Jason West)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, where there were no *NSYNC boys ... (by Darth)

I am glad George decided to delete the scene with *NSYNC from the film. I have always admired how Star Wars has kept its honour by staying true to itself and not using other outside forms of pop culture icons to make the movies popular. As long as George remembers to put the story first, Star Wars and its lessons will forever be a part of me. (by Joel)

I think this was one big publicity stunt. (by Wilbur)

I feel great about it because Star wars in a phenomenon, a cultural icon with so much meaning to all of us. (by Cedric)

Good or bad, this one was for the fans. GL is the king. (by mikep)

Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!! (by reddione)


I'm so happy I could cry ... I think I will. (by Buster)

It's possible that they're just saying that they've been cut, in order to keep the fans happy until they see the movie and realize *NSYNC has no impact on the film whatsoever. On the other hand, they might all be really upset, and the Star Wars fans will realise what monsters they've become. (Or then again maybe not). (by Force Fed)

The force is strong with George. I guess April Fools Day moved to January. Phew!!! (by MarioKenobi)

Fabulous! (by Parker A. Davis)

Still can't see the point of them being in it. And now I can't see the point of kicking them out. (by Jedi knight Pozzi)

Oh, thank you George!!!!! Goodness, I'm so relieved! *Kisses ground at George's feet*. (by KenobisGirl)

The movie may just now be enjoyable. (by Ed)

I think it saved the movie. (by Piggy)

To begin with, I didn't really have a problem with the group being in the movie. I highly doubt I would have even noticed them anyway without the specific scene being pointed out to me. I guess in the end I'm kinda disappointed that Lucas yielded to all the cry baby fans, who couldn't deal with having a couple people they don't particularly like on-screen. (by Bogga)

Meesa think *NSYNC is muy muy annoying! Theysa would have ruined the wholesa movie! Hmmm ... whysa dis sound sosa familiar? (by Jar Jar)

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