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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Lucas probably had it said they were cut so people would just shut up about it. Watch them still be in there now, but nobody will notice. (by Paul)

Great news, I would have still watched the movie but this is great news. (by Alen)

Fantastic. I greatly appreciate the removal of *NSYNC from a film that many have such high expectations for. of all the people who could make cameos, *NSYNC deserves it the least by far. someone who is actually a part of the film industry, like Spielberg or Francis ford Coppola, would be a far better choice. Sam Jackson, a real actor, had to beg to get a part for Episode I, and all he was hoping for was a cameo behind a mask!!! unseen!! (by yamok sauce)

Disappointed; they are fans too. (by Andrew Saada)

It was the best news I have heard in a long time. I was elated. I just thought that it would have been a joke if they were in it. Star Wars needs to not be influenced or affected in any way by the pop culture that *NSYNC is a part of. I am VERY glad that they got cut. (by Joe)

We, Brazilian people, thank Lord !!!! Bye. (by Renato Bastos)

Great! The Star Wars universe is from a Galaxy Far, Far Away again. (by Josh)

Happy, but I am concerned what else will be in the movie that is controversial, and they have not told us about. (by Jeff Carlton)

My faith in the Star Wars epic is now restored, George stepped too close to the dark side with *NSYNC, much like Luke in ROTJ, but finally saw the light and decided "Never, Never will *NSYNC be in my movie". (by Steve - Australia)

Thank you for omitting *NSYNC's cameo in Episode II. SW is a fantasy world and *NSYNC's images in the film would distort the dream. (by Mike McGee)


Very Relieved! For a few days I was beginning to think that the Star Wars Universe was going to try to get a new demographic by adding *NSYNC to the movie. Thank God they were cut. It's nice to think that us the fans had a say in this. (by ZK)

I am, to be honest, relieved, not to put too fine a point on it. (by feaynlocken)

Who? How many people over the age of about 5 would have recognized them anyway? Care, or care not, there is no *NSYNC. (by UlsterPadawan)

In all honesty and even though I completely hate *NSYNC, this sucks. George Lucas should have never listened to his fans. Never (at least that I know of) has George followed what the fans want. If the fans have an impact on his creative power, I'm scared about what this may represent, a sell-out. (by Jeff Mullen)

Words can't even begin to describe the joy and elation I feel about not having to see them in Star Wars. (by megHan)

I think that Lucas is wimping out and should have stuck with it. I'm not a supporter of *NSYNC being in the film in general, it's just that I don't like the idea of Lucas compromising himself (no offense) to websites. (by MWeasel)

Thank you, and you know, now that I think about it, it wasn't *NSYNC that got to me. It really wasn't. Just the pop cameo itself, the reference to our own space and time. it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I'm very happy. thanks George, and Rick, you're pretty swell too. (by rufus holmes)

I didn't like them being in the film, but being cut because of fan backlash, makes me curious how much control we have, and whether or not that is a good thing. If we get enough people to write in can we make the movie ourselves? Are two of my heroes that weak to bend to popular opinion? Sadly, I think so. (by thetaooffett)

I'm very annoyed and upset with people who think that a few seconds of non-speaking roles from *NSYNC could possibly ruin a whole movie. Don't they know what it's like to dream of being in a Star Wars movie? Of course they do! *NSYNC is fully capable of being Star Wars fans. They got their opportunity to be in the movie, and they took it. That's denying people of childhood dreams. (by Andrea (Jaya) Gomolak)

I am glad to see this because I was worried that it was a marketing tool to get the teenage young girls into the movie theaters for a quick ticket sell. Nothing personal against the band, but I think it would be a whole lot fairer for someone in the original trilogy to get a Jedi cameo or someone that has worked on the movie. (by Don Pedicini Jr.)


Good decision. They didn't have to, but good decision. (by fiveironfrenziac)

Thank goodness the insanity is over! Now Jar Jar I could tolerate to a point, but if I were to see *NSYNC in the next movie, I would have given up all hope. shame on them for even putting them in the movie in the first place. (by Jonah)

It doesn't upset me at all. Why should they have been so lucky?! (by DFW)

It makes sense that *NSYNC was cut. Seeing famous celebrities in a Star Wars movie takes away from the story. You might as well have a special appearance by Jerry Springer. (by Rich Perry)

I think it was all much ado about nothing. Having *NSYNC appear as extras in the background somewhere would not have harmed the movie, unless it was terribly blatant and I doubt it would've been. Boba Fett's cameo in SW:SE was far more harmful because it drew attention to itself. The fanboys need to take a deep breath, wait until AOTC comes out, and then pass judgement. (by Jason Bennion)

Amen. (by Josh)

I am sooo happy. Now when I wait in line it will be with true fans. Thanks Lucasfilm. (by Jason)

I think it's great that they are not in the film because they are not actors!!! You've done a great job Mr. Lucas, keep up the Great work! (by Darth Duke)

I am glad that they were cut !! I would not want to see them in such a movie. The things that people will do to increase the ratings of a movie are incredible. I would not have expected Lucas to allow such trashy gimmicks to be used in order to draw an audience to his movies. I would like to just watch the movie and not have to worry about 100 screaming teeny boppers in the theatre. Thank you!!! (by Robert Faragher)

I feel that it shouldn't have been necessary. It wasn't major screen time, and it was childish of people to complain about it (by Craig)


I don't care. I don't see what the big deal was in the first place. (by Gedaly Guberek)

I am overjoyed at this decision. I believe many fans share this sentiment as well. George Lucas diminishes the value of the film if he just gives out cameo roles to celebrities who ask. He is no longer just making a simple film. He is working in a classic story that is treasured by millions of people worldwide and he needs to treat it like he is. (by HothTrooper)

This ranks up there with the whole creation of the universe thing I've been hearing so much about. (by Tony)

George, I can understand your desire to please your daughters, but there are some places even angels fear to tread. For the sake of marketing to true fans leave *NSYNC out of Episode II. Invite them to dinner with your girls at Skywalker ranch, but leave them out of the film. (by Rob)

Thanks!! It's great to know that fans of Star Wars (and not media target audiences) matter the most! (by mrmforce)

Last week I pretty much decided that it was all over, and there really wasn't any point in expecting anything good from Episode II. Now... there is a glimmer of hope. (by Anakin78z)

Honestly, I am disappointed. Mostly in George Lucas/McCallum/whoever was responsible for cutting them. Does it really matter who is an extra in a film? Look at Cliff Claven in the original movies. Does knowing that he was in Cheers, make the film any worse? Or Episode 1, where Ben Burtt was a pilot who was blown up (less than a sec screen time) did this really ruin the film for any of you? It just annoys me that Lucas isn't making the film for himself anymore, just geek fan boys. (by Wally)

There is a God other than George Lucas. (by Casper Knightshade)

I couldn't care less. Although, I think *NSYNC should have stayed in the film just because so many fans were complaining about it. If they were only to be on screen for a split second, then what's the big deal. I don't get it. (by JediCat)

Thank god! You spend your whole damn life hoping to be in a Star Wars film, and a boy band gets to be in it? George made the right decision as always to have them cut! (by Lobot)


I truly feel that the whole situation was blown out of proportion. If the news had been kept quiet (not leaked out) it would have been regarded as an Easter Egg on the DVD. This may be wishful thinking but I believe *NSYNC is still in the movie, but won't be noticeable. (by Nick Foley)

Like in the Christmas story when Ralphie knew he wasn't going to get a red rider B-B gun for Christmas, but he was surprised and did get one. I feel that kind of joy! *NSYNC playing Jedi???? I don't think so. (by Jojo Q.)

Why do the fanboys tend to make everyone's SW experience terrible, especially those actually making the films? (by Vonn)

I am so glad that they were cut from AOTC. They can wow a bunch of 14 year old girls but they can't make it into the best movie saga of all-time. (by bill)

You need to understand Star Wars is sacred territory. I first saw Star Wars in 1977, I was 6 years old I loved it. There were no Ewoks, no Jar-Jar, no boy band. Go back to the basics. I am more upset that Jar-Jar is in the next movie again more than the 3 seconds *NSYNC is in it. (by Jim M)

When I first watched star wars trilogy at age 5, I did not know about Harrison Ford or whoever was featured in the prequel. It was the story, effects, the spectacle that was so great. I didn't know Harrison Ford until Indiana Jones!!! If one ever want to use the reputation of a star in Star Wars, he definitely is misunderstanding the whole concept. (by Yong, Jang)

There is a god! There is a god! There is a god! There is a god! There is a god! There is a god! There is a god! There is a god! (by Michael V. Green )

Thank God!!! It was stupid that they were in the movie in the first place. (by Aragorn son of Arathorn)

I thing that George & Rick made the right move because *NSYNC don't belong in Star Wars universe. (by Sinisa Sharairi)

I am now looking forward to seeing Episode II again. I was about to boycott and return or toss all my Star Wars memorabilia. I was so devastated. (by Claudiakenobi)

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