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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Yes yes yes. Lucas shouldn't allow his series to become another vehicle for promoting the band. (by gordon graham)

Who cares if they are in it. Any Star Wars fan would give their left hand to be an extra, and they as fans got lucky. It is not like their brief shot in the background of a battle scene will effect the quality or story of the movie, get over the sour grapes that they are in it, and you are not. (by dave)

Good move George, just don't renege on it.. (by thejediplanet)

A surprise to say the least, but a good one. I don't think that it would have been healthy to have *NSYNC combined with Jar-Jar Binks. (by d smed)

They probably cut them out so they wouldn't feel too envious ( or not so pretty) around Anakin. (by Andrea)

We now can breathe easier without fearing that George sold out just to get a few extra dollars at the box office. (by Aaron Brown)

Yeah!!!! *NSYNC should stay a music band. (by Lord Darridion14)

I really hope that George Lucas does decide to "actually cut" *NSYNC out of the movie. They would be ruining the SW Franchise if they were to stay in the film. (by Brock Calliou)

Thank the maker *NSYNC is out of AOTC! (by StarwarsFreak2004)

I think it would be truly sad if I thought Lucas actually made decisions about his movies based on the hang-ups of self-righteous fans. I couldn't care less if *NSYNC members have a cameo. They are fans, and they were able to use their celebrity to get a cameo spot. If I were famous, I would have contacted them myself to ask for a spot. (by Jay Eyler)


I think that it is a great thing. Give someone (a SW fan) the opportunity to be an extra. (by Joseph)

I'm glad they are gone. (by Dan R)

Oh Boy, It is a relief. Thinking we had to deal with *NSYNC, I started to feel a panic attack coming on. Who was George trying to please? *NSYNC being cut out is the best think since buttered bread!!!!!!! (by JB)

Perfectly fine with me (by xavier72)

I'm glad *NSYNC has been cut from Episode 2; they really had no place in the movie, besides being really big fans. Heck, I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but I don't see myself in any movies. (by Chad Krueger)

I can't believe we actually have to argue about this. Just the mere recognizable presence of *NSYNC would provide an unwelcome distraction and would seriously date the film in coming years. I propose using the *NSYNC cameos as some kind of DVD filler. This way everybody's happy. (by Andre)

Please George, cut the scene!!! Save it for the DVD extras if you want, but cut it from the release!! (by Brian Caldwell)

I like the idea that they got a chance to be extras in AOTC; if it were any of us we'd be so thrilled. It shouldn't matter if you like their music or not, treat them like any other SW fans. (by Krash)

Finally, George hasn't given in to the dark side of marketing. Finally, GL, the force is with you! (by Antonio)

Euphoric doesn't even begin to describe the immense sense of elation I feel right now. I cannot stress enough the disappointment I experienced when it was announced that *NSYNC would be in a cameo in the new Star Wars Movie. Please - I am begging you not to put them back into the movie. It is better off without them. (by Matt Welling)


With them being filmed as an extra, who should really care. It's not like they will be breaking out in song and dance. (by Thomas Nemeth)

Please let it be true that *NSYNC has been cut from Ep2. Just about anything and everything will attempt some kind of ludicrous promotion to make an extra few bucks these days; Star Wars has remained above that as far as "celebrity involvement" goes. Lucas has always confined his masterpieces to telling the great story with no frills or gimmicks attached. Let's hope he keeps it that way. (by Richard McAdam)

*NSYNC could have brought money in for Star Wars. Now Star Wars will never beat Titanic or Harry Potter. Chill out space geeks. (by nsync fan)

I'm really glad!! Star Wars 4 life! (by Mike)

I'm thrilled, but I am still wary that they might put it back in or something. It's nice to hope though. (by Jaina02)

The integrity of Star Wars has returned, thank you George! (by JEDIFRAGGLE)

Glad. Considering they are the marketable trend, it's doubtful anyone would want to see them. And putting them in the movie only lowers the chances of AOTC being stellar, not to mention making it suffer from the need to be "trendy". (by fjk)

Awesome, nice call. And God opened up the clouds and said, "All you Star Wars fans, I love you". (by DMaul)

In some way or another, be it right or wrong, to me *NSYNC personifies the elitist "popular" clique in High School that made me so miserable for those four long hellish years. I came to SW to escape the outside world, to ignore the taunts, jeers and assaults of the bullies; so to have 5 of them appear in the movie literally tore my heart out. The sense of abandonment was so complete. (by BHW)

Relief. They know they're a boy band and that men generally don't listen to their music. And the Star Wars audience is mostly a male one. I think they wanted more than a cameo , they wanted to annoy a lot of fans off. They're not the only fans of Star Wars. If anything, let someone win a role. (by Nixx)


I couldn't care less if they were in or out. I wouldn't be able to recognize them anyway. (by Jon)

I was not aware of their possible inclusion, but such would have been a slap in the face to ordinary "proletariat" Star Wars fans. After all, don't these guys represent everything that sent George Lucas into his independent film style in the post Vietnam era. (by Brad P.)

Star Wars is a movie for those who wish to be enchanted and engrossed in a good story. *NSYNC would have disrupted the movie's flow and as a result would have hurt the story. Mr. Lucas always states that the story is the vital part of the movie, and *NSYNC would destroy that statement. The fans of these movies are the reason for their mass popularity and we should be given some weight on what goes on. We have always been there for the movies. Thank you for listening to us. (by Phillip Marcin)

As I said before, I won't care if they're in AOTC as long as it's brief, inconsequential, and I don't recognize them (that part shouldn't be hard). But if indeed they have been cut, though recent news seems to cast that into doubt, then I will be very happy. I stand by my request for an EP. 3 contest in which winning fans get to be extras. It's only fair. (by knutsonswl)

Excellent. Was more than distressed so cheers George for the wisest decision yet! There is balance to the force yet. (by OB1sMullet)

No! Don't cut them! Just let me tell you - if your son and daughter can make the cut then *NSYNC sure as hell can! Don't cut them! I saw a documentary or something about the extras. They're there because they're the fans of the movie! And the members of *NSYNC are all fans of the movie! So I think it would be totally unfair if all those other fan extras are in it and they're not! Famous or not, I feel they deserve to be in that movie - just like all their fellow devoted fan extras. (by Carmela)

Who really cares. They will probably be part of the crowd and barely noticeable if at all. People are just jealous cause they get to be in it and Joe Nobody doesn't. Let George make his kid happy and put them in. (by Dan)

While I am thrilled that *NSYNC may be cut out of the film, it is disturbing that George Lucas succumbed to the opinions of a small group of fanboys. (by Keith Baham)

Thrilled!!! just, wow. Lucas, the producers, whoever, actually listened. (by the castle arrrggh!! )

I am very, very, very glad that *NSYNC won't be in AOTC. It would just shatter the balance of sci/fi fantasy as a world of its own. If they put them in there, they might as well make the Jedi Council dance to the Macerana. *shudder* (by JJMAN86)


I'll admit I'm both a Star Wars Fan and a *NSYNC fan, and I think that the 2 second cameo would have been fine. EP1 had a lot of cameos from all of the Star Wars insider staff, and even George's kids were in the movie. The movie will still go on and this stupid debate as well. (by boba foot)

I feel bad for the members of the band. I wouldn't mind them if the role was just a brief cameo and their music doesn't appear on the soundtrack. (by Lee)

I am a big Star Wars fan, and when I heard that Lucas was allowing them to be in the film, it first struck me as shock. When I found out it was true, I lost a lot of respect for Lucas and everyone. I only hope he cuts them from the movie. (by James Vincent)

It's not final yet. Doesn't anyone want more girl fans? I want more girl fans. Who knows, maybe those girls would become Star Wars fans and cut the gap between male and female fans. Sheez! (by JediLiz)

Thank the force! *NSYNC should stick to what they do best. I couldn't believe George even considered them in a shot of Episode 2. (by Poot)

I wouldn't watch it if *NSYNC would be in it. Period. Yes, I'm happy that they're out. (by Joshua)

I find the lack of *NSYNC, not disturbing! First of all, why were they even thought of for this film?!! I mean Star Wars is a legacy and a triumph in filmmaking. Why would one want it spoilt by some trendy teenyboppers. (by JediGoddess )

If it's true, then I will breathe a sigh of relief. (by Franklin)

If *NSYNC could get in there, then why not mess it up a little more and add Britney Spears to the mix and mess up the Cantina Song, like she did Michael Jackson's song! (by TheMan 2004)

I think it's unfair that there are millions of SW fans who have a true love for the story, that will never get an opportunity like this. It's unfortunate that only the privileged few get to do these types of things. It would most certainly be different if they were actors but they are not. Where does it end? Where does the 'big name' stop and the story we all know and love start? (by Jason M)

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