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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


It's great. They almost blew this thing, but now they're going home. (by Brian)

Thank god!!! If *NSYNC want's to do movies then they should go off and do "On The Line 2: Lost in Space"!!! (by Boomstick)

It's really great that *NSYNC was cut from Episode II. (by S@lo)

Thanks for listening George. (by dudewalker)

Thank heavens. (by Andrew S. Barry)

Ahhhh, it's like a breath of fresh air. (by Nobanion)

Awesome!! (by Tiki Man)

I want it that way! (by Gabe)

Thank you George!!!! We all love you so much for this!!!!! May the force be with you always!!!! Don't forget the fans George, Thanks. (by YodaOfTheSith)

Yay, the world is right again! (by bokkasrealm)


Words can't express my joy. (by Dark Lady Valeris)

Good! They should have kept their mouth shut about being in it and no one would have cared. I don't feel sorry for them one bit. It's their fault, they thought they were bigger then Star Wars and we (geeks) popped their bubble. (by Zach Hutton)

Pop stars do not belong in Star Wars. It's a sci fi movie, not a Pepsi or coke commercial. (by clark kent)

Thank goodness! Lucas, if you want to make boy bands perform for your daughter, then book them to play in your living room, not in your movies! (by Fat Morbo)

Thank you!!!!!! For the love of god thank you!!!! (by Jon Caceres)

OK, Koie, it's the principle of the thing. I find it disgusting that Lucas would even consider casting a boy band for his films. The only reason they were in there is so the hype would attract mobs fangirls and make more money. Really, that's pathetic. And why do people keep praising God? I think that he would be way too busy with more important things than to come down and scold Lucas. (by Raven)

I was thrilled that they were taken out of the movie. Hopefully this is a sign that George does not want to upset the fan base. If he's worried about the script and the acting this much, maybe this won't be an episode of 'Days of our Lives'. (by Poolman)

It's Lucas's movie, he can do what ever he wants. If *NSYNC's in "Attack of the Clones", how come the Bee Gees weren't in "The Empire Strikes Back", or Olivia Newton-John in "Return of the Jedi"? (by Renderking Fisk)

At first I hated the idea of *NSYNC being in the film at all even for a brief few seconds. However, this display is disgusting, and I hoped Lucas was going to cut them, and that he didn't bow to pressure from obnoxious fans. What next? If you yell loudly enough will Lucas get so sick of it that he just stops and does something else? As a Star Wars fan, I am ashamed. (by William Kurtz)

I only hope that Lucasfilm didn't let them keep their costumes. Thank logic they were edited! (by N*3PO)


I'm not an *NSYNC fan, but I think it's sad that fans have to get so enraged about such a small thing. Given the chance, any of us would die to be in the film - some fans (albeit celebrities) got their chance - and we ruined it for them. Too bad that Lucas doesn't have enough backbone to keep the film the way he wanted it - instead of caving in to all the whining. (by jabba_slave)

Thank God!!! I knew nothing about them even being in the movie until today. Of all places I found out about it on a Cleveland Browns chat room. Everyone there was relieved. I on the other hand had no idea. Believe this, if they'd made the final cut I would have cut my ties with Star Wars forever. I cut my teeth with the original. Thank GOD, is my only reply! (by Jason Hutchinson)

It's good because it was causing too much controversy, and that is not needed in a Star Wars movie. (by Ashik)

I don't like it. They should be cut from the film sequence they are in even if you can't see them. The fact they are in it alone isn't right. This is Star Wars , it has always had unique and new actors. Sam Jackson is a fan and he got a part - that's fine - he's an actor not a singer. Leave *NSYNC out of this film!!! They are not actors!! (by ToDD Griffin)

Very Glad! If you think about it, when we first saw Star Wars years ago, we fell in love with the characters because we got to know them from scratch (they weren't famous actors). This to me made it "real". To start using these movies as a way of "showing off" to the camera, just to say "there I am" completely degrades the movie. Please, let's concentrate on the movie and story and not whether we'll see Ricky Martin as Jango's long lost, brother-in-law. (by Daniel Cruz)

Thank god *NSYNC is out of AOTC. He used to say the story was the most important thing in the movies and now he thinks marketing is. A+ for taking them out of the film. (by Darth Larry)

I think it's great! It would totally ruin the movie if they were in it. It would take the fantasy out of Star Wars just because this pop group wanted to be in it. Who cares if they're fans? We don't want them in it! I'm a fan, and I'm not gonna be in the movie, though I'd like that very much. (by StarWarsGurl16)

I feel fine! Now uncle George, could use Britney Spears as lady sidious, "sith me, baby, one more time" :-). (by cyberjudas)

My faith in Star Wars is reaffirmed. (by Chuck Spleen)

Proof that the fans actually have a say in things! (by Me)


You whiner's are pathetic. All you guys are losing is money you know how many *NSYNC fans there are out there? A lot, and none of them are going to see Star Wars now. I dislike Star Wars very much, but I was actually planing on giving it a shot just to see *NSYNC's small scene! What do you people have against them? I will never see that movie and I am joined by a million other *NSYNC fans. I just can't believe anybody could whine so much about a small scene. (by nsync lover)

This movie got 100 times better with them gone. (by George)

Much relief. I feel better about AOTC now. (by 1LT )

The nightmare is over! Party (by R. Desormes)

I wouldn't mind them being in the movie. You don't give a child a toy just to take it away later on. (by Monta?ez)

I'll never watch the movie now. You guys sicken me. (by number one)

May have possibly renewed my faith in George Lucas, just maybe. (by Jason Ferenz)

I can't understand why they'd get taken out. (by sarah)

Great that they are gone! (by Shawn Devlin)

If this is true, I feel a lot better about Lucas and "AOTC". Making an ideological change like this due to fans' concerns makes me think Lucas has learned a lot from Episode 1, which I think is what we've been hoping for. I feel like suddenly a little control is being shown over what threatened to be another silly, sloppy mess. (by Mark Dziak)


It shouldn't matter who's in or who's not in the film, as long as their presence goes along the lines of the film, no matter if they're famous or not. *NSYNC would've made reasonable Jedi apprentices since they're pretty fit. I wouldn't care if it was BSB either. (by The Elven Jedi)

Cut them! This sort of blatant commercial abuse is rotting the movie industry! (by Mike B)

I think it's sad - I know if I was a rich-and-famous Star Wars fan, then I'd jump at the chance to be an extra. And for everybody to make such a big deal out of my presence in the background of a single scene would deflate the experience for me. Who here wouldn't do what *NSYNC did? (by Kevin Miller)

Was this just a stunt to draw attention away from Jar-Jar? (by rjb)

What a lot of rubbish about nothing! (by nick)

Thank god. Thank you Lucas! Now please let Han shoot first. PLEASE! (by jason s.)

Well, who cares really? *NSYNC are just normal people like you and me, so I don't really see the huge problem everyone was screaming about. Okay, now they are probably gonna be cut out. Well, again, who cares? (by Enkil)

Words cannot describe how upset I am that this was even considered. It's bad enough that we were led to think that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play one of the most evil characters in Star Wars, but now this? Well if *NSYNC do make the final cut in the final edit, prepare yourself to fight over your theater seats with a bunch of teenyboppers. This is truly a sad day for Star Wars. (by Nikaa Arion)

I think the only way I would have enjoyed *NSYNC being in AOTC is if they had been dressed up like Gungans doing one of their songs in huttese. Other than that, I am relieved they are not in it, but I shudder that they were even considered. (by St Alcohol)

I'm glad they were cut and I don't feel sorry for them. I was starting to fear George had turned over to the dark side, so to speak, and the *NSYNC thing just proved it. But now I know there is still good in him. (by Brian again)

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