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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Best news I've heard all day. (by Chris)

I feel a great relief, as if thousands of Star Wars Fans cried out in Joy. (by Steve B)

This is the best news I've heard all day!!!! (by lordofthesyth)

Hey, I am as glad that they are gone as the next guy. But who would not have pulled all the strings we could to get in Star Wars? If *NSYNC had just let it happen quietly and shut up about it, this would be bad trivia in 10 years. (by Alarean)

I'm not sure how much I like the flanneled one bowing to fanboy overreaction. I wasn't thrilled about *NSYNC being in the flick, but I'd still rather Lucas give us his story with whoever he wants in it there. My hope is he's just saying they are not in it and that their cameo is so fleeting no one will notice that they are. That would be a nice flame to the whiners. (by Doug)

I doubt the boy band members' inclusion in the film would have affected the quality of the film, I have to admit the announcement was embarrassing. People who knew I was a hardcore fan would ask me about it and I had to hand my head in shame. The move to cut them was a good one. Even if they weren't noticeable their connection with the film would have damaged the integrity of the film. (by Erik Nielsen)

A surprise, to be sure. It's nice to know Lucas is finally listening. Although, I must admit, if I was cut from a mere 2-5 secs of SW's history - I'd be upset. *NSYNC will not know fear, nor anger, nor the ultimate fanboys dream. (by spoclogik)

That George Lucas in one smart duck. Sure he may have cut them out of the movie, but now he's got a major selling point for the Episode II DVD. (by McmAnakin)

I think it is great that they were cut. It wasn't that big a deal to me, but it meant a lot to some people. Thanks for listening LFL. (by C. Bramlett)


Phew! I knew it was just that old Jedi mind trick. (by CJ)

Best news I've heard all day. (by Chris)

Hallelujah!!!!!!! (by ForceTrainedCatfish)

I am absolutely thrilled about *NSYNC being cut from Attack of the Clones!!!! I was in absolute disbelief when I saw the report that they were in the movie. I think that it is very smart of George Lucas and the gang to listen to fan response. There is an astronomical number of Star Wars fans out there. If they take a chance at alienating them they are going to loose a huge number of fans. I hope that Lucas will be open minded about these types of situations in the future. (by Mike Winters)

While I actually like *NSync's music, I was *very* disappointed to hear that they were in EP 2. The "easter egg" idea is a fun one, but when certain SW fans get preferential treatment over the rest of us (due to "celebrity" status), then certain lines need to be drawn. It also would have make LucasFilm look like they were desperate to draw fans - from any source - to the latest SW instalment, as if the fan-base wasn't strong enough to begin with. (by kreleia)

Seriously, bless you for having the wisdom to understand that this movie should not be pandering to popular culture icons. (by Matthew Barker)

*NSYNC didn't belong in "Star Wars," it's that simple. The fact that we had to raise hell to begin with is disheartening. I'm happy that they're not going to be used in the movie, but this shouldn't have been an issue to begin with. (by Joey Di Girolamo)

I think it sucks, because every one of you know if you had the fame a fortune to get yourself in you would, while I think they suck as a band, they are fans too. you are all whiny as hell. (by corey)

Thank god they are gone. (by Scott Southard)

This is a positive move in the right direction. (by Bob Barker)

I think that we should all thank the very kind and wise master Yoda for his decision not to train *NSYNC. Thank you!!! (by kyle lavery)


Don't let them be on the DVD too. (by youngskywalker)

"Good Job!" Seriously, though, I didn't really mind that much, where it was only a fleeting moment, but SW works on its own. No need to go the all star cameo route (a la Austin Powers). Let Star Wars be Star Wars. Thanks! (by obi-shawn)

I honestly like the fact that they were cut, but it they weren't I would have moved on with my life and enjoyed the flick just the same. Imagine getting the opportunity to be in a Star Wars movie (who hasn't even if you were just a prop), then imagine everyone going into a fury because you were in it. It's really not their fault that they are Star Wars geeks who happen to be a famous boy band. (by TIM ROMAN)

I thought I was going to give up on AOTC the moment I knew *NSYNC would be on it! But I'm glad they cancelled it. This gives me a new hope on the next Star Wars movie! (by matt)

Now my wife says there is no reason for her to go see AOTC. This is the gift that just keeps on giving!!!! (by aiingtii monk)

I am glad. Can I replace them? (by Marie)

Although I wasn't overly happy with this news, but neither completely out of my mind, if everything is as it was told to us, then I must say that it is a sad thing that a dream of fans (*NSYNC, according to McCallum) is broken by other fans. I think it's quite pathetic. Especially that they were going to be only cameos. (by PrinceXizor)

I gotta say, this is probably good for the movie, but I have real and heartfelt sympathy for the N'SYNC boys. (by Chris Drew)

Sweet! (by Dude)

Truthfully? I got up from my chair and went and told my mom, laughing hysterically, then danced around the room for a few minutes. I am now calling everyone that I told *NSYNC was going to be in Star Wars, and calming them down. ;). (by Jacinta Kenobi)


I feel relieved in regards to knowing that. Contrary to what the internet fanboys may say, uncle George does indeed listen to the fans and is concerned about what they do/don't want. To the extent that it does not change his original vision for the story. (by Roy Stephens)

For everything that's right in the Star Wars galaxy putting *NSYNC in the movie would be 100x worse than Jar Jar could ever be. This is going to be one of the greatest movies ever made, so lets keep it that way. Peace (by Sirness)

I was just curious how they got cast to begin with? (by Kevin Sharp)

Who cares. Their contribution would have been insignificant. The people who jumped all over this are the ones who give Star Wars fans a band name. Just calm down and enjoy the movie. (by Jedi JS)

To quote Lando Calrissian "Ha Ha, I knew he'd do it!" (by Paul Landri)

Hurrah!!! The powers of reason prevailed!! Thank God. (by Michael Todd)

For a moment there was a great disturbance in the force. Don't get me wrong, I have great faith in the group, almost a credit to our race but the force prevailed. I have been a loyal fan like all who are writing, and still believe that Mr. Lucas should and would have greater luck with lesser known actors than big actors. All I can say is good call. (by darth1172 (artie moyano))

I think cutting *NSYNC from Episode II was the smart thing to do. I've been a Star Wars fan since I can remember and would have loved the idea of being in a movie about one of the greatest stories ever told. Alas, I am only a fan, as are they, and it should remain as that. They should not have been able to use their status in the American pop culture to be in this movie. The backlash has already begun and their popularity is already on the downward turn. We don't want that to happen in Star Wars. (by Paul)

I'm overjoyed the sanctity and authenticity of what all of us here love, will not be tainted and destroyed because of *NSYNC appearing in the film. The second they would have come onto the screen, all the work George and crew had done to take us to that galaxy far far away would have been wasted. Because immediately we are transported out of George's universe, and back into ours. Thank you George. Thank You! (by vince distefano)

It should never have happened in the first place. But it did! Let's just be thankful Lucas and company took it to heart and corrected themselves before they did anything else stupid. After a stunt like this you can only imagine what else they may be hiding (this cannot be good. I have a bad feeling about this.) (by Enigmatic Beatnik)


At least I won't have to sit next to some little girl that just wanted to see her favourite pop star as a jedi. (by RJ B1)

Very wise move by Lucas. Thank You George!!!! (by casual george)

Don't celebrate yet, he'll have to make it up to his daughter somehow. Maybe the stormtroopers will wear Abercrombie. (by Jobe)

U know how at the end of Episode I everybody is celebrating? Well that is how I feel right now. (by jangofett79)

Phew! That was a close one! Now I can go back to telling my friends how great EP 2 is going to be. (by Timponobi)

Yesssssssssssssss!!! (by Rush)

Basically, it wasn't a big deal, and I think it was sad that so many people acted like children when the rumour became true. People actually threatened to boycott the movie!!! But the fact that *NSYNC was cut from the film will ease tensions, which in the end will be for the best. (by Adam Garcia )

Thank the Force. (by Ben R)

To whom it may concern: Who Cares?!?! George and company are making what they think is the best film they can make. If some Star Wars fans can use their 'pull' to get a cameo in the film, why not let them? I'd do anything I could to get a cameo in any of the Star Wars films, so why not let *NSYNC? It's not like they were playing a major role, or starring in the film. (by Doug C.)

Being in a boy band, albeit a successful one, has it repercussions. They had to know that their cameos would create an uproar with the male-dominated Star Wars fanbase. (by ronjeremy)

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