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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I feel like I could sing! (by bubkiwan)

I have always stood by Lucasfilm, especially when they were constantly criticized for TPM. I didn't think anything could make me lose support of them or believe that they were selling out. But after last week's announcement, I was furious and even lost interest in seeing the movie a little. Thank god they wised up and dropped this from what I am once again am sure will be a great movie (by Swingin' Vader)

Great, they should not be in it! (by anthony guibelondo)

Thanks Lucas, we still trust in u and u are showing that this time, you'll make us proud of being Star Wars fans. (by Renan Franco)

To those who wanted them in there, all I say is I find your lack of faith disturbing! To put them in there would have been a disservice to the story. George has most assuredly made the right call. The decision to cut them was all too easy! (by Tampa Sith Lord)

If you put something in the movie, keep it in the movie. I hate deleted parts of SW movies! (by Oliver Frid)

If *NSYNC had been in AOTC, I would never have watched, or allowed any family member or friend to watch a Star Wars film ever again (I have seen Empire over 400 times and have all four films memorized). The fact that *NSYNC was even close to being in the film disturbs me. (by Aaron Nagler)

Disgusted. By pandering to a bunch of whiny complaints from fans, Lucas lost control of his own movie. Concentrating on pleasing the fans instead of focusing on the vision for a film is where you end up with gawdawful movies. Truthfully - what kind of impact could three EXTRAS really have on the film? None. But because of a bunch of close-minded "fans" - at *least* three people have their dreams of being in a Star Wars movie dashed. I sure hope the other extras in those scenes were able to be in other segments too, or else the "fans" ruined the dreams of innocent people too. I'd love to see them all say the scene was pulled, but not do it, then come back afterwards and say "See?!?! You didn't even know we left them in there!!! HA!"(by DH)

Relieved.. About time a rational decision was made. (by Joshua Krzych)

I no longer need to boycott opening night! (by x1x82)


What a shame. They would have made cute jedi. (by iluvnsync)

Great! Now if we can just get that name changed to "Episode 2: The Clone Wars". (by Peter)

I'm happy they are out. (by Rogue5)

In the words of Threepio: Praise the Maker! (by DarthDoug)

Though Lucas has stuck to his guns so far about stuff like Jar Jar and the title "Attack of the Clones" (which I respect, and accept :)), I'm very glad he went back on this *NSYNC stuff. VERY glad! (by chr0no)

I find it really creepy to know that they were *about* to be in the movie, nevermind that they wound up being cut. (by John Boy)

Not that it would've made a big deal, as it would have been a mere one-second appearance. But after the Jar Jar backlash, this was a really unnecessary distraction. I'm not sure what McCallum was thinking here, but it sounds like George used a little executive authority, thank God. (by Justin)

The black cloud as been lifted!! Now let's try to get George to put Padme in Jabba slave girl outfit! (by obi-wannabe)

For the best I feel. Stars Wars has the chance to be the greatest series of films ever committed to celluloid. Using a pop band who may be popular now, but who will clearly gain more from the, now denied, collaboration could have compromised such a position. In addition, there appeared to be no recognised acting credentials among the band and they would have simply appeared through nepotism. (by Geraint Emes)

Well I feel great that their part was cut from EP2. You never know what could have happened if they kept them in. There probably would have been *NSYNC jedi toys or something. So it's good they took them out of EP2. (by Josh)


I think they should stay in. It certainly will not dilute the movie and it would likely increase viewership. (by Matt Adams)

Thrilled! Boy bands and Star Wars don't go together. It's a brilliant marketing strategy to get those teen girls buying tickets, but it would just be wrong. (by Corby Stephens)

How do I feel? I'm absolutely disgusted that simply because a bunch of spoiled whiny "fans" began to cry and moan, you decided to yank this group from what's looking to be an incredible film. I can't imagine how I would feel if I was promised a part in Star Wars, even if I was going to only be "seen for a fleeting moment in a 'big scene with lots of extras' ", and then, because a group of "fans" caused an immature uproar, that part was yanked. Do you honestly think that those "fans" who said that they wouldn't go see AOTC strictly because of this would actually follow up on that promise? Of course not. George, Rick, whoever may read this, this is your film. Make it as you see fit. Tell the "fans" that if seeing a couple of band members for .37 seconds in a film is going to "completely take them out of the moment and ruin their experience", maybe they shouldn't see movies this deep. (by Drew Corbitt)

They shouldn't have been put in the first place. (by Alex jamrozek)

This is wonderful news! (by Saul Chavez)

Feel? I tell you what, if anyone has actually felt something about this complete non-issue s/he was overreacting big time. Seriously, a split-second cameo by a couple of guys whom it happens to be fashionable to hate. No, I'm worried. Worried that this is considered a victory for complaining fanboys everywhere. (by Billy Masqets)

I like very much that George and the rest of the producers, have decided to listen to what their fans want, in order to make a better film. What I liked most about the original three Star Wars films, was that the actors who played the roles, were not well known before the movie became big. The more George sticks to that the better. Letting a band like *NSNYC even have a cameo I think would ruin the integrity of the film. (by CK)

Terrible, just terrible. (by Ariste)

I find your lack of *NSYNC ...enchanting. Thank you from my inner child, and everyone else with taste and integrity. (by Donald Winsor)

Thank God for George. Long live Lucas (waving his hands up and down while kneeling on the ground.) (by Sean H.)


Thank God George did not give in to the dark side. (by jedimaster2169)

A very big thank you to the Lucasfilm Jedi Council for listening to your padawans!! (by Jose Luis Gil)

Who cares, people are making a big to do about a few guys who don't even have lines in the movie. They are just standing there. People shouldn't be so jealous. (by Justen Chitmon)

My faith in Lucas has been restored! Now I can go to watch the movie with no worries at all, just pure , un-defiled Star Wars! Thank you George Lucas! (by Evan Wendt)

Like being in God's presence. (by Jesus Martinez)

Even though I wasn't happy about them having a cameo, it's Mr. Lucas' choice, and a bunch of complaining immature fans shouldn't influence his choices. It's his movie, his vision that we have always loved. Let him decide and not think we are a bunch of Jar Jar, Attacking Clone and Boy Band complaining fans, with nothing better to do than gripe instead of being happy the film is released in 5 months!!!! (by Jedi_Dan)

Bye Bye Bye!! Not that it made that much of a difference. Lets move on. (by mike s)

Well, I don't really care one way or another. It wouldn't have mattered much to me as I don't recognize them by sight. It would have been cool for them to have been in a Star Wars movie. But at the same time, I would love to be an extra too, but I'm not one. (by Travis Mullenaux)

Oh thank heavens. Don't ever scare us like that again George. (by DarthQuixote)

Thank God! After hearing Lucus bash on the giant movie corporations for their overwhelming demands and control, along with their ability to ruin much of what they touch, I couldn't believe that he would cater to a group of guys who represent those same qualities in the music industry. (by Skid)


A bad omen that they were in it in the first place. (by Overseer)

Words can't express how much joy I feel right now. Lucas and McCallum made one of their best decisions. I congratulate them. Now Episode II isn't somewhat ruined. (by sithlord2049)

Indifferent. I wasn't happy when I found out *NSYNC was going to be in ATOC, but they were just in the background for a few seconds. And, apparently, it was because they are just fans like us. How would you like it if Lucas let you be filmed as an extra, then cut you out of the film because a group (albeit large) whined about it? (by steddyj)

I knew Lucas would make the right choice. All respect for Lucas has once again been restored. Thank you George! (by Phillip I)

Very smart move. (by Seamus McElrud)

I'm glad they're gone. Just because they're famous, doesn't mean they can be in E2 just like that! (by Unini)

I think it's great. Having them would really put a stint in the movie's flow. (by Daniel Kumar)

I'm happy they got cut (by Bobby Guiendon)

Thank you for seeing the light. *NSYNC would have ruined it. (by Ryan a.k.a. looneyguy_01)

This proves Lucas does care for his fans. (by Phillip I)

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