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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Thank you George for finally listening to the fans and dropping this silly idea. I for one don't feel bad for the guys. It's not like this is their shot at the big time, I mean c'mon people! It's not jealousy, it's just plain wrong, and a real fan should know where I'm coming from. It would pull me right out of the movie every time I see them. It's not like they need more publicity! (by Jango Jr.)

Never underestimate the power of ... the fans! We got what we wanted! (by klrobinson)

I am very happy. I was about to stop being a Star Wars fan because of it. Thank you for cutting it out, whoever did. That would have been a disaster. (by Anu)

It makes no difference to me. But I do think Lucas should put *NSYNC in it. (by Daniel)

This was a tremendous relief, to say that cutting *NSYNC from AOTC makes me very happy is an understatement. Now I won't have to sit through the entire film dreading the moment they pop up in jedi apparel. For whatever reason they were cut, thank you. (by Mike)

It is good that you Star Wars geeks stood up for your beliefs. Kudos. I don't like *NSYNC, but the tremendous stink you guys collectively raised is truly hilarious. Keep up the good work. (by Cory Knapp )

Not sure what his motivations for the inclusion, and now exclusion of the boy band were, but it's a step in the right direction. Now how about those Original Trilogy DVDs? (by scott)

To the few that can never be happy, that are saying that Lucas is having his will bent, but us are insane! I don't think that the fans have much to do with it. I believe he made the best choice for his movie for I don't think he wants everyone to focus on *NSYNC when it comes to the movie. He removed what he could easily see as a distraction to his movie. Remember, *NSYNC was never written in, so their cameo being cut hardly should raise any question about George's artistic motives. Smart move! (by j)

I think it's sad. From what I understood, their appearance was so brief, it would have hardly been noticeable. certainly not to someone who wasn't even looking. I wish their appearance had never been announced. I think it's sad that *NSYNC has been deprived of the amazing opportunity to be in a Star Wars film just because people who wouldn't have known the difference hold some sort of misguided animosity to what they perceive as "boybands." Way to generalize, guys. Hope you're happy now. (by Steph)

At least Lucas did something right on this movie. (by Derek)


The best decision Lucas has made since making Vader Luke's father. (by Crow)

Spiffy. (by Sean)

This almost converts me to Catholicism: there is a god, and he loves me! ^_^ (by nausicaa6)

I, like I'm sure most of you were, was terribly frightened at the prospect of *NSYNC being in Episode II. But after serious thought, who wouldn't want to be in Episode II. *NSYNC is apparently made up of Star Wars fan, if you were a Star Wars fan and famous, wouldn't you have asked Rick McCallum to be in Episode II also. I don't like their music, but I support my fellow fan if they have the chance to be in the movie. (by Justin Henderson)

Thank you George. It's nothing against *NSYNC themselves but that sort of thing just really should NOT be done to star wars. (by Kenneth Tompkins)

This is no big deal. Let's get real. They would have been in like 1 shot that would have lasted 5 seconds. Heck, why doesn't Lucas just start his own 'open script' policy, so that anyone can shape the path of SW3!!! George made the call to have 3 of the 5 *NSYNC'ers in his movie, end of story. Love it or leave it, SW2 is gonna have far greater problems than having 3 extras that don't talk or do anything. *NSYNC does not cheapen SW any further. Just shut up and watch, or don't!!!! (by Antmanx)

This is excellent. I say leave the pop culture cameos for the special features section of the DVD. (by AChimp)

At first I was terror stricken at the thought of *NSYNC being in Star Wars. Then when it was explained that it would only be for a few seconds with hundreds of other jedi, I was still unsure. Then I read that they were really just huge Star Wars fans, and thought to myself, "Well, I guess if I can live with Jar Jar, a few seconds of *NSYNC won't be bad. And now "we" have caused other Star Wars fans their job on set. Oh well, you know they'll win, why? EpII DVD cut scenes Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (by Master Darkfall)

Thanks Mr. Lucas for listening to those that actually love the Star Wars universe. A universe without boy bands. Well done Mr Lucas. (by Stephen Paul Coffey)

I feel kinda bad for them (*NSYNC). Getting to be in Star Wars would be the opportunity of a lifetime. I wasn't really excited about them being in it, but it's really not that big of a deal to me. They're fans just like we are, and they deserve to be in it as much as anybody. (by PEZman4)


The best late Christmas present anyone could ever get!!!!!!!! (by Naria)

No great loss. (by Stacey)

I am disappointed in Lucasfilm. I'm disappointed because the whining of fans who think they know more about how Star Wars should be made than the creators and producers, ended up destroying part of a movie which has already been plagued by uproar already. I mean, c'mon! You people don't know as much as you think. I don't claim to know any more than anyone else here. But when the reactions of fans change how a director makes his movie, just shows that the fans have no respect for the director. Please, consider this. The three members of the band (it wasn't all five...) were going to be in a scene in which they probably wouldn't be that much more discernible than any other extra who was cast. They were only gonna be on screen for maybe 3 seconds. But you people have to go and complain. That's just embarrassing. I'm embarrassed to be a SW fan right now. Also, someone in the first 50 responses said "I am glad that the star wars universe will not become some pop culture joke!" Take a look people. It's already a pop culture joke! It's been part of pop culture since the '70's! It's not some passing phase obviously. I'm sorry, I don't agree with Lucasfilm'. (by James T. Skywalker)

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place. Thank you so much George and Rick for listening to us, makes me respect you guys even more. (by Mishan)

I feel sorry for *NSYNC, I am not a fan of theirs, but they got a chance we would have died for, to play jedi for a split second. Hopefully it will be shown on the ep.2 dvd. (by Rimsey)

I'm glad that *NSYNC was cut from EP ii because star wars is a fantasy. you're supposed to be transported to a galaxy far, far away; the experience of the movie might be ruined by seeing the icons of teenybopperdom in the middle of a shot, no matter how obscure or hidden they were. Maybe it would have been ok if the group had been put in secretly, and we didn't find out until after the movie was released--as one of those hidden cameos. (by DebVader)

I don't think we would have even seen them, but if it will keep people from complaining, I'm all for it! (by NeuroEngin)

Great, next thing you know there will be a mandalorian army in the third film. Most of the star wars fan, save for a true few, are simply whiny cry-babies with too much time on their hands. (by Mike S.)

If *NSYNC were cast as extras, like Rick McCallum, etc were in Episode 1, I have absolutely no problem with that. (by Robert )

Thank goodness! This was a terrible shock. That Lucas could have sold out in such a way. Besides, *NSYNC's full of themselves. Shove off. (by Jessica Montag)


Hell yeah! What? I said 'hell yeah'! (by The Man)

Thank you, George! For a week there, The Two Towers became the only thing to look forward to in 2002. AOTC will be killer, I know it! (by josh m. shepherd)

Cue happy Ewok music! "Bye, bye, bye!" (by Mistress_Renata)

There is a God!!! I was going totally against the tradition of cameo in Star Wars movies! I mean, in the eighties you didn't see a Menudo cameo in ROTJ because little Ricky Martin liked Star Wars! I am glad Lucas came to his senses. (by Jediknight33333)

You people are ridiculous. You have no idea what they might have been like. You have no idea what sort of talents (or lack of same) they might possess in the Star Wars scenario. You have made these snap judgements that have no basis whatsoever, no critical thought. When I read below that someone is glad Star Wars won't become some sort of pop joke now, that makes me laugh out loud. What do you think Star Wars already is? A pop joke! It is a pop phenomenon! (by laetor)

Stoked, but not cause of the boy band factor (I'm not defending boy bands BTW, more because seeing something identifiable within our world seen within the SW world would take away that element of escapism that is a galaxy far far away. (by Bazza)

They weren't even going to be in the movie for more than 2 seconds, and it's not like you would have been able to notice them so big deal. I'm not even a fan of *NSYNC but you people need to grow up. (by Michele)

No offense to *NSYNC, but having them in the movie would have cheapened the film. On an exaggerated scale, it would have been like putting Barney the Purple Dinosaur in the Godfather Saga. (by Post Mortem)

It shouldn't have even happened to start with - the world of Star Wars is on such a higher level than *NSYNC. It would have tainted everything that we love so much about these movies, and I'm very glad that it was retracted so quickly. (thanks to the fans for that! and bless Lucas, he's always listened to us). (by Jessica Low)

Happy with the cut of *NSYNC from the movie. (by John Kerns)


Extremely relieved - pop culture and Star Wars just do not mix! (by krys)

It's as if millions of voice cried out in anger, and were suddenly silenced. Thank you for hearing us George. (by Rikalonius)

Finally some good news. (by Emperor)

Great. It's a silly marketing ploy to try to attract the "teenies" by putting in a popular pop band. Star Wars is popular enough, why would Lucas even consider that?!?! (by MastaLoopz)

I love *NSYNC! I wish they were in the movie! they are sooo hot! (by kim)

Stay true to the Saga. There are no boy bands in a galaxy far far away. (by Christopher Pryor)

Could this have anything to do with Lucas' disdain for actors discussing the movie prior to release? Good to see Lucas bowing to fan's wishes anyways! (by glancey)

Are you serious? They've been cut?!? *grins from ear to ear* That made my day. Maybe I won't be boycotting EP. II after all! (by Kelly)

George Lucas, we praise you!!! I mean *NSYNC in your movie, I don't think it's your style. *NSYNC made a mistake coming to you in the first place. Personally there should be no cameos. Except your kids, I think that's adorable you let them have a little thing in your movie. Just don't have anybody recognizable because it's just a pity. (by JawsOfSpielberg)

It was a good idea to drop them. Star Wars should avoid ties to fleeting pop fads. (by Jeff)

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