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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


That, as they say, is that. Thank you, George, for not leaving them in AOTC. I think that they would have distracted everyone who decided to go and see the movie. If you want to see *NSYNC, go get "On The Line". Meanwhile, I'll watch that hunk of a man, Ewan McGregor!!! (by luvz obi-wan)

Like I did when watching ANH and learning R2 lived at the end! (by Ed Klein)

Thank you for removing them! Absolutely no place for a "real life" band in Ep2, no matter who it is. As said here already, there is plenty of space for "native" Star Wars bands to do numbers (Sly Snoodles and Max Rebo, for example). (by drfaulken)

I think it's a great thing that *NSYNC has been cut from Episode II. I think it's good because it's unfair that famous people can just ask to be in the movie only because they are famous. Why not let a fan with no money be in it by winning a contest or something. Or let a fan with a fatal illness make an appearance as a gift to them. Anyway, thanks for cutting them out of the movie as it is really, only fair. (by WaunTaun)

I think it's a good idea to cut them if their faces are visible, for that will bring everyone out of the action for that 2 second span. They should be able to be in the movie, but put them under a trooper helmet. As long as they know it, they will be happy. (by KP)

It's about time Lucas started listening to what his core fans wanted, rather than trying to cash in on current trends. (by Killjoy Bob)

I am so relieved that they aren't going to be in it. (by bri)

For real. It's still not too late! (by Janne Lipi?inen)

I can't believe Lucas bowed to the wishes of overreacting whiny fans. His idea or not, the scenes were shot and they should be left in. I know I'd be pretty mad if they let me have a cameo and then cut it out. (by mandalorian)

Mr. Lucas and Mr. McCallum, thank you for removing *NSYNC from episode 2. we the true die-hard fans really appreciate it, even though the band members might be a little disappointed about it. We feel strongly that it felt like you were selling us out to get a younger girl audience to see the movie. I think that for marketing purpose it could have increased this demographic, but hurt the older fan base demographic. thank you and I will enjoy your movie when it is released in May. (by jonathan king)


Thank the heavens that art won over marketing, character and story over pop culture in-joke. Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus. (by Kiki)

Right now I have on Beethoven's "Ode to a Joy". (by dave)

As a Star Wars fan, I'm relieved that the *NSYNC entity will not appear, however, to be empathetic, I know I would feel absolutely depressed to be cut out of such a legendary production. In the end, I'm glad it was done, but I feel for the aforementioned entity. (by Daniel Allard)

Thank god George isn't a slave to pop culture as I thought he was. (by Jim)

Keep *NSYNC in the film. What's the beef anyway. Girls will flock to see 'em. Besides it's a cameo, not a big role. I really think *NSYNC should stay! (by Chris)

I tried to be optimistic and say to myself that they would only be in there a second and it's not a big deal, but it was. *NSYNC should not be in a Star Wars movie. I wouldn't want any "pop" icon in the film. Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, etc. It just doesn't fit. So I am very happy that *NSYNC is cut from Episode 2. I'm still not crazy about the title, but from what I have read and seen in the trailers, Episode 2 should be a great film. May the Force be with you. (by dave)

Mixed feelings. Danger I see, not ready for a Star Wars movie they are. (by darth laroy)

It will be interesting to watch all the Lucas suckups who had his back, turn around and say, "Ya know, I didn't think it was a good idea either." (by Scoop)

I am so happy. This proves that Lucas has not sold out, because he listened to his fans, just as he always has. (by Wombatt9898)

The *NSYNC boys cried out in joy, then were silenced. They didn't know the power of the fans! (by Spunk)


Fine. Who cares really. Should have kept it in to attract the girlies. I don't really care. (by SteveD)

I would rather see a whole movie based on Jar Jar, than even a split second of seeing *NSYNC in Star Wars. (by Kujo53188)

This is great news! Simply great! (by big EZ)

I'm glad. I agree with the statement made earlier that cameos draw us out of the Star Wars Universe. I wish there hadn't been ETs in the Senate either, even though I think ET was a great movie. (by Seth)

I'm happy that *NSYNC won't be in a Star Wars movie, but I hope this doesn't start a VERY bad precedent. It would be a shame for Lucas to start caving into the whiners who complain over every silly little thing. (by most powerful Jedi ever)

Thank God! I had decided not to see the film when I heard *NSYNC was in it; now perhaps I'll reverse that decision. (by Jason Childress)

Don't feel bad for *NSYNC. If you get rich and famous by feeding that sort of music to prepubescent girls, you should get what you deserve. It's called Karma. (by attack_of_the_scones)

I think it's a big deal about nothing. If they're fans and they want to be in it, more power to them. (by Jason Seas)

I would have boycotted the Star Wars movies after being a die-hard fan for 24 years. Thank God George didn't sell out. (by Eric Beatty)

If *NSYNC had been in Episode 2, it seriously would have wrecked the whole movie for me. I'm extremely happy that they aren't getting to be in Star Wars, and am glad that for once, those guys aren't getting something they want. They had some nerve just getting up and asking to be in the movie! Thank God I can now look forward to enjoying Star Wars in peace without any boy band members interrupting me! (by stacy)


Fantastic News! (by Stormie)

It's too late for damage control now. The initial decision shows that Star Wars isn't being made by fans of Star Wars anymore; it's a franchise, nothing more, to them. Can you imagine Peter Jackson casting *NSYNC in the LOTR trilogy?! The bar has been raised, and Star Wars is descending into a "B grade" fandom. Episode 2 will have to be very, very good if Lucas is to regain credibility. (by maboroshi)

Finally, a wise decision from Lucas that actually responds to what the fans want. This is a very respectable move. (by sam_speer)

Very, very, very pleased. (by Darth_Anger_77)

Although I wasn't as "mortified" as many fans were, I nonetheless feel better about *NSYNC being cut from the film. Mainly for the reason that to have them in the film would automatically date it to this time period. The Star Wars films should be timeless. But on the other hand, I really think that fans blow things way out of proportion. They did it with EP1 and Jar Jar, they did it with the EP2 title and they're doing it with this. People need to chill and just enjoy the movies. (by Brian Taylor)

Doesn't mean a thing to me. My love of the saga isn't dependent on trivial stuff like this. (by Erock Skywalker)

Someone should be slapped for even thinking of this idea. (by AG)

Personally, I don't want to see the boy band anywhere, but when they were cut I felt sympathy. A cameo in Star Wars? I wish that was me and I'd gladly turn my head for 1.3 seconds to let anybody else achieve such a dream. Sorry N-Sync. (by Ethan)

I feel so relieved. Some people were making a bigger deal out of it than was needed. But it was a very bad idea. Period. I'm SO glad they are gone! (by Darkwish)

I am so happy . YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Gumbi)


Thank the lord that Lucas came to his senses (I want to say so much more but the fact that they are gone is more than enough). (by Dedric Willamson)

Es la idea mas inteligente que ha tenido Lucas!!! (It is the most smart idea, from Lucas!!!) (by Cham222 from Costa Rica)

I didn't really care if they were cut out. But I feel sorry for them, with all the people who hate them, but then a lot of people in my school would not like Star Wars. (by Hector Herrera)

George Lucas was always proud of the fact that non-celebrities made up the actor population in Star Wars. No matter what Lucas can say, the idea of having a power pop boy band in one of his epics will never sit well with the majority of Star Wars fans. It will never be forgotten, and will be a blemish upon the name of all that is Star Wars. It would be kind of cool if Willow played a Jedi. Maybe even Howard the Duck? (by Avi Weinryb)

When I heard that *NSYNC was being put in the film, first thing that came to mind was: Lucas sold out. Sure, it's his film and he can do whatever he wants, but I couldn't go and see AOTC knowing that a teenie bopper group was in it. their being in the film detracts from the world that is Star Wars. I was glad they were removed (by filmrage)

It's about time. (by d smedstad)

Thank the maker! So, now when do we all get to give George some notes about the script? (by Arsenal)

I'm just glad that I don't have to follow through on my promise to only see Episode II once and, depending on the quality of the cameo, never to see Episode III. (by John)

Thank god they didn't add them to the film. It was a good decision. (by Josh Becket)

Thank you George Lucas and Co. (by ADrapture)

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