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this volcanic world was the second planet in the Kuat System. It was orbited by a single moon.

a huge, humanoid behemoth native to the Forest Moon of Endor, the Gorax was an ape-like monster with long, black hair, large, tufted ears, and a pig-like snout. It was carnivorous, and preyed on any living creature it could get its hands on. In general, Goraxes were solitary beasts. One noted Gorax lived in the limestone mounds that are found beyond the Desert of Salma. The average Gorax stood almost thrity meters tall, which allowed it to reach into the tree-villages of the Ewoks and capture them for food. Sometimes, a Gorax captured Ewoks simply as pets. A Gorax kept a ready supply of food, as indicated when one captured Jeremitt and Catarine Towani and kept them caged for later consumption. Cindel and Mace Towani were able to rescue their parents from the Gorax, with the help of the Ewoks. The Gorax was killed when it fell from into an underground chasm. Goraxes have been known to kill a boar-wolf mother as it was giving birth, killing the mother and all the pups except for the one it liked. It then took the surviving pup and kept it as a pet.

Gorax King's Heart
this was the Ewok name for the Din Nebula. According to Ewok legend, the ancient Gorax King went to war with the Ewoks' sun god, who eventually defeated the Gorax King and exiled him. The Gorax King refused to leave unless he brought with him his one prized possession, a diamond the size of an Ewok hut. When the sun god refused to allow this, the Gorax King swallowed the huge diamond. When the Gorax King finally died and and his body melted away, the diamond was all that was left behind. Astrophysicists and explorers found it unusual that this legend existed, because exploration of the Din Nebula revealed that the suprenova that created the Din Pulsar left behind a planet-sized diamond when it swept all the gases from a huge gas giant.

Gorb Drig
this huge Houk ran a cantina near the primary starport on the planet Phorliss. Gorb hired Mara Jade as a serving girl when she fled from Ysanne Isard. He had planned to run the cantina with his son, but the youth got killed in a war that started over a trivial matter. He was indebted to Black Nebula for the funds used to purchase and maintain the cantina, and was eventually killed by the enforced Plattahr for not keeping up with his payments.

when the Empire tried to subjugate this planet, the natives used a series of four hidden starship bases to launch sniper attacks on the Imperial fleet. They nearly succeeded, losing out only to the sheer size of the Imperial war machine. The survivors fled the system after the Imperial takeover. The tactic of hiding starfighter bases in order to launch ambushes on an attacking force became known as a space snipe.

Gorbu Dalo
this minor Hutt crimelord was a rival of Yearo Seville, until Seville rescued his mother from an attack by the droid MdZ-BLK. Seville sent the droid to Gorbu as a "gift," but the droid's unstable personality snapped under Gorbu's control. The droid killed Gorbu after its hatred of the Hutt grew too strong.

this Dark Jedi, along with his "twin" Pic, was a member of the group led by Jerec. Gorc was a huge beast, standing more than two meters in height, and was heavily muscled. However, Gorc was slow-witted and slow to move, and relied on his twin's distractive techniques to grab at unsuspecting opponents. Gorc began life as a normal Gamorrean boar, but his older brother Thok betrayed him to the Empire. Once in Imperial custody, Gorc was chosen by Blackhole to became one of his test subjects. Gorc was paired with the Kowakian monkey-lizard known as Picaroon C. Boodle, but who eventually became simply Pic. Their obvious differences in size and intelligence were melded by Blackhole's alchemies, until the two beings were so deeply linked by the Dark Side of the Force that they were almost undefeatable when working together. However, this bond ran very deep, and any wounds felt by one were felt equally by the other. Gorc adopted the role of the "younger sibling", since his slow-witted brain often led him astray. Despite his seeming lack of intelligence, Gorc was a master craftsbeing, and made Pic a miniature suit of Dark Side-tainted M'uhk'gfa armor. Gorc and Pic were defeated on the Sulon Star by Kyle Katarn during the search for the Valley of the Jedi. Although the pair - known to themselves as the Brothers of the Sith - held the element of surprise, Katarn was able to shoot Gorc in the face with a blaster, literally burning out the Gamorrean's brain. Gorc's death was instantaneous, and sent Pic into a frenzy that ended when Katarn smashed in his skull with 8t88's disconnected head.

this young man was considered a genius in the area of computer intelligence. He was part of the team which performed research at the Empire's Lotide outpost during the Galactic Civil War. A Doctor of Computer Science at the time of the Battle of Yavin, Gordal was friendlier to the computer systems on Lotide than to his fellow scientists. He was experimenting with a memory chip that would expand a droid's memory capacity by mor ethan 48 percent when the Alliance infiltrated the labs.

this senile old king of the planet Kheedar was a supporter of the New Order. However, when the Pestage invaded his system, he denounced it vehemently.

Gordarl Weaponsmiths
this corporation was the primary weapons manufacturer on the planet Geonosis, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The corporation was known for their sonic weapons technology, much of which was designed for the Geonosian physiology. After the Clone Wars, Gordarl struggled to expand beyond the planet Geonosis, as much of their technology could not be adapted for non-Geonosian races.

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