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Hath Monchar employed this Trandoshan to be his bodyguard, during his attempt to sell information about the Trade Federation's impending blockade of the Naboo System. Gorth was killed by Darth Maul, when the Sith Lord captured Monchar.

this barren, rocky world was the fifth planet in the Kuat System. It was orbited by three moons.

Gorto Draga
this Aqualish thug was one of the criminal leaders on the planet Kiffex, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Note that this character is also referred to as Yaga and Gorto Zaga in the comic series Star Wars: Darkness.

Gorto Zaga
Vilmarh Grarhk tried to smuggle weapons to this Aqualish crimelord, who was imprisoned on the planet Kiffex, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. After Volfe Karkko was re-awakened by Aayla Secura, Gorto Zaga armed the criminals under his command and charged them with protecting his compound against invasion by the feral Anzati. Note that this character is also referred to as Great Yaga on the official Star Wars website, as as Gorto Draga and Yaga in the comic series Star Wars: Darkness.

this Imperial was a member of Hell's Hammers. Gortz was a navigator/pilot serving under Sergeant Arbmab.

Goru Rainstealer
this Bith scientist and weapons designer was considered something of a prodigy, until he disappeared during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. He was generally credited with the development of the Zicx bug-bomb, a weapon that was coveted by both the Alliance and the Empire. It was assumed that Goru went into hiding to avoid being captured by either side.

this Gamorrean worked for Urais Xhaxin as a guardian and soldier aboard the Free Lance. He was known for his belligerent nature, and Gorug had to be constantly reminded that the crew and passengers aboard the ships they ambushed were not enemies to be vanquished or manipulated.

this species of humanoids was known for their thin, prehensile tail, which they used to hang from branches during their sleep periods. When not in the wild, Gorums would hang from rafters and overhead pipes instead of trees. Gorums had large, red eyes and square earflaps, and used their forked tongues to suck the juice out of their food, be it fruit or flesh.

Gorvan Horansi
this subspecies of Horansi was native to the planet Mutanda, and was known to be the de facto rulers of the planet. They were excellent hunters, and would hunt other races of Horansi if the need arose. Young males of the Gorvan clans were forced to fight one another to prove their adulthood. The loser, if he didn't die in combat, was exiled. They were distinguished by their golden fur.

Gorvera Space
this was the name given to the fourth quadrant of the Dantooine System.

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