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Maggy the Gorgon's Tavern
located in a section of Mos Espa not controlled by the Hutts, Shmi Skywalker asked her young son Anakin to get his ruby bliels from this tavern, rather than from the Blue Brubb. They also befriended an old spacer who frequented the bar, and who told them stories of the other planets of the galaxy, as well as stories of the Jedi Knights.

Magore, Tilas
this man was an Imperial Advisor to Emperor Palpatine, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Magore was responsible for the planning of the subjugation of Brak Sector.

Maldorf, Gorm
this thick-headed bully was one of many youths who lived on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. He was often seen in the company of sidekick, Chester, a dim-witted Rodian who played the perfect patsy to Gorm's machinations. He traveled from settlement to settlement, swindling credits from the teenagers before being run out of town. Among his many tricks was challenging another youth to a swoop race inside a metal cage. Before the race, Gorm would string a thin wire across the cage, which would inevitably trip up another racer. In this way, Gorm always won his races, at least until his ruse was discovered. According to local legend, Gorm once challenged Luke Skywalker to a race, but was undone by his own plans. During the set-up of the cage, Gorm was inadvertently strangled by Chester. Chester had been helping him string the wire, and yanked hard before Gorm could let go. The wire wrapped around Gorm's next, and dragged him into the cage supports. Although probably dead when he hit the bars, Gorm's skull was crushed by the blow, and he died instantly.

this was one of many Imperial-developed chemicals used for the interrogation and subduction of prisoners.

this Imperial official worked as a sub-prefect to Prefect Ursellis. Matagorn began chafing at the increased amount of paperwork the Empire was requiring of him, and once declared Tyionsis Cex was nothing more than High Inquisitor Tremayne's "LAACkey," poking fun at both Cex and the LAACDoc system implemented by the Empire. Shortly after leaving work to start a vacation, pieces of Matagorn started showing up in various cities on the planet Kalandis IV.

Merrilet Gorron
this Devaronian trader was a known associate of Ulicx Vinaq.

Necr'ygor Omic
this was a popular, interstellar wine served during the early years of the New Republic. It was said that the '47, '49, '50, and '52 vintages were among the best at the time.

Nimgorrhean Saber-wasp
this is a species of swarming insect.

Oath Rigora
originally defined by Arvo Norstrag as part of the Rules of the Blade, this was the severest form of rigora duel recognized by the Phosphura Belt Pirates, and indicated a duel to the death.
(PP, SWJ5)

Orogor Binn
this Aqualish and his family fled Coruscant when his homeworld of Ando seceded from the Old Republic, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Orogor Binn ended up on Alderaan, but longed to return to Ando.

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