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Shrulldike, Gorvan
known as "Blackblood" to the Daupherm military, this man was a loyal member of the military until he decided to defect and become a smuggler. He recruited Evram Darkmere, and the two managed to steal a ship from the Daupherm government. They renamed it the Retribution, and set out to make a living as smugglers. Shrulldike had few morals, and chose to make a living transporting slaves. Darkmere objected to this career, and challenged Shrulldike for command of the ship. In single combat, Darkmere soundly defeated Shrulldike and assumed command of the Retribution.

Sims, Tigor
this man was a member of the Alliance's intelligence agency during the years following the Battle of Yavin. He suddenly disappeared while en route to the command base aboard Home One, during a mission to recover datafiles on the reconstruction efforts being taken by the Imperial military to rebuilt itself after the destruction of the first Death Star. His ship crashlanded on Granus IV, and a team was sent to recover the datafiles.

Sygor Startech Industries
this powerful corporation was discovered to be the originator of the Event Horizon starfighter engine design.

Talke, Rengor
this crewman aboard the Imperial survey ship Wanderer was a slave fighter picked up by the Wanderer's Imperial crew. Talke served them faithfully following his rescue.

Tandgor Gem
this valuable gemstone was distinguished by the way it seemed to glow with a pulsating, orange light. Each elongated tandgor gem had eight sides. An urban legend surfced duringthe early years of the New Republic, telling the tale that Han Solo and Chewbacca once used a cargo of tandgor gems - which would have paid off his debt to Jabba the Hutt - to save an alien race from nightly visits by the angry spirits of their ancestors. The ancestors had tried to leave their planet to explore the galaxy, but their ship experienced problems and had to turn around. Those who remained behind weren't ready for such a swift return, and the ship lost its way in an evening fogbank, crashing with a mighty impact and killing all aboard. Each night from that point forward, the ghosts of the explorers returned in their gohstly starship to torment the living. Solo and Chewie used the tandgor gems as landing lights, which allowed the ghost ship to find its way to a safe landing, thereby allowing the ghosts of the explorers to find peace each night.

Tansad, Grigor
this Imperial scientist was part of research team MS-133, and was responsible for deciphering the pictographs discovered within the Place of Kastays. He also discovered the Plaque of Victory and several other artifacts, but was unable to determine their usage. Tansad was later killed by the primitive Aaris while working inside the Place of Kastays, although his body and notes were later recovered by the crew of the FarStar.

Tarrens, Drigor
this man was once a member of the Qektoth Confederation, but disagreed with the way the group's motives were twisted from research to domination. He fled the confederation and received asylum on Uukaablis. Born on a colony near near the Kathol Rift, he remained silent about his defection from the confederation. Drigor is distinguished by the cybernetic replacement in his left eye, the cause of which is related to his history with the Confederation. About ten years before the FarStar found him on Uukaablis, he had learned that the Confederation was growing clones of its employees with enhanced abilities. Much of this work was shrouded in heavy security, and was performed without the knowledge of the employees. When Tarrens tried to tell the other members of this, his Y-Wing was destroyed. His body was recovered and repaired by the scientists involved, and Tarrens was sentenced to death by the Confederation's leadership. It was then that he fled to Uukaablis. The silvery eye stared straight ahead, no matter what direction Tarrens was looking. Tarrens agreed to help the crew of the FarStar expose the Confederation and obtain the cure for the biological weapon that had been contracted by much of its crew, shortly after realizing that he himself was infected.

Telgordo Travel
this passenger transport corporation provided luxury and standard-class tranportation for the inhabitants of Trax Sector, during the Galactic Civil War.

Telgordo's Pride
this Telgordo Travel starliner was based out Bundim, and made regular runs in Trax Sector during the Galactic Civil War. The team of Alliance agents investigating the construction of an Imperial supply depot in the Bissillirus System were forced to book passage on this ship in order to bypass the Imperial blockade of Bundim and return to Draenell's Point. The only reason they were able to book passage on the ship was that a group of anti-Imperial rebels had hijacked the ship a week before. Although not officially affiliated with the Alliance, the hijackers pretended the Alliance team was a group of tourists in order to get past the Imperial blockade of Bundim.

Telgorn Corporation
this venerable corporation was founded many millennia before the onset of the Galactic Civil War. Originally, much of Telgorn's business was based on the manufacture and sale of portable power cells, and this part of their business remained strong throughout the corporation's history. During the era of the New Order, Telgorn was known for its starship flight computers, and the corporation expanded its business by designed and manufacturing transport ships after the Battle of Hoth.

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