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Gor Kolomo
this Twi'leki male served as the proprietor of the Uffel droid manufacturing centers during the Old Republic, when a huge debris storm forced the facilities to completely shut down. Rumors of womp-rats who shot ion beams from their eyes flooded in, especially when Kolomo's news conferences made the halt in production seem "containable." When technicians began working to repair the systems, but were injured when they tripped some of the built-in safety precautions, Kolomo was forced to use his valuable droids to affect the repairs, in an effort to restore the economic balance of the Cularin System.

Gor, Fulin
this man was a noted law enforcement official within the New Republic. A former member of the Iotran Police Force, Gor was known for his ability to track down any criminal, no matter how far they ran from the scene of the crime. He was assigned to the New Republic Observers, posing as a wood trader in order to keep watch over the planet Selonia. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Gor set out to do whatever he could to rid the New Republic of the alien presence.

Gora, Bando
this man was a noted criminal, based on the planet Circarpous V during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

this species of bird was native to the planet Alderaan, and was hunted for its tasty meat.

Gorak Khzam
this Rodian was once a member of the Sabriador Slavers, and later served as the First Officer aboard the FarStar, serving under Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum. He joined the crew of the FarStar after a call went out for volunteers, in the wake of the New Republic's liberation of Kal'Shebbol. Khzam then claimed to have been plying the spacelanes of the Kathol Sector for a decade. Gorak was distinguished by his fear of contact with other beings, a phobia which prohibited him from engaging even in hand-to-hand combat. When Uta T'cha revealed Khzam's past, much of the crew threatened to kill him, having once been slaves themselves. Captain Adrimetum relieved Kham of his duties until she could sort it all out for herself. Meanwhile, Khzam began plotting a defection with Nizzal. When the FarStar landed on Uukaablis, Nizzal managed to smuggle Khzam aboard the Muvon while claiming she was along to collect supplies. Khzam suddenly reappeared after the crew had exited the freighter, and delayed their pursuit by throwing a thermal detonator at them. Nizzal then flew the ship into Kathol Sector and they disappeared. Khzam and the Sabriador reappeared during the Battle of Kathol, in Khzam's last effort to subvert the activities of the FarStar and eliminate the Qektoth Confederacy. To improve his chances, Khzam enlisted the help of the Skandrei Bandits. Unfortunately for the slavers, the Aing Tii had been tracking their movements, and six Sanhedrim ships arrived at Kathol and destroyed them. Khzam was lost in the battle.

Gorallis Metalworking & Materials
this small corporation produced a wide range of specialty technology.

this fruit was often dried and preserved.

Gorastor, Tomlin
this man was Commenor's First Minister, serving his planetary government during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

Goratak III
this odd world was dominated by its wild, crystalline landscape.

this Imperial Strike-class cruiser was part of Warlord Foga Brill's fleet. It was commanded by Voba Dokrett during the chase for the Teljkon vagabond. Dokrett attacked the vagabond, and the ship responded with force. The Gorath was disabled by the vagabond, with all hands lost in the attack.

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