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Autem, Sagoro
this man was a Senate Guard, serving the Blue Guards under Commander Zalin Bey during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He refused to be promoted, preferring active duty to a desk job. He also felt a deep-seated hatred of his older brother, Venco, a former Senate Guard who had been taking bribes and payoffs to overlook certain evidence against Senators. It was Sagoro himself who discovered this, and he never forgave Venco for his actions. The decision to remain an active Guard came back to haunt him when Senator Jheramahd Greyshade was murdered, eight years after the Battle of Naboo. Sagoro and his partner, Isaru Omin, were assigned to investigate the murder of Greyshade, allowing the Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to protect Simon Greyshade. When it was discovered that Venco Autem was behind the assassination of Jheramahd Greyshade, Sagoro was taken off the investigation, and assigned to keep watch over Simon Greyshade. Upon returning home, Sagoro discovered that his son, Reymet, had provided Venco with Sagoro's own authorization codes. Rushing to the Senate Rotunda, Sagoro found that Venco had infiltrated Simon Greyshade's chambers and was planning to kill him. Sagoro was forced to shoot his own brother, killing him to ensure that Greyshade survived. When a full-scale investigation into Venco's actions was launched, Sagoro realized that family meant more to him that he thought. He sacrificed his own career to ensure that Reymet was able to leave Coruscant and avoid being implicated in Venco's plans. His own partner, Isaru, was forced to arrest him as an accomplice to Venco's plans. He was imprisoned on Brentaal, until Shogar Tok and his Separatist forces took control of the prison and began to use it as their base of operations. Sagoro led a team of insurgent prisoners - along with Lyshaa and Ryyk - in a revolt, only to be cut off by Jedi Master Shaak Ti and a squad of clone troopers. With the Republic's forces pinned down, Shaak Ti offered the three their freedom in exchange for helping the Jedi to destroy Tok's hold on Brentaal. They reluctantly agreed, seeing no better path to freedom. Autem agreed to accompany Quinlan Vos on a mission to destroy the weapons emplacements defending the fortress, which might allow the Republic's forces to gain access to the facility. Just before Vos could set the explosives, however, they were apprehended by Tok's forces. Unknown to the Separatists, though, was that Korto Vos and Sagoro Autem had planted a series of explosives. Many of the undetected explosives went off spectacularly, destroying much of the weaponry protecting Tok's fortress and allowing Vos and Autem to escape. After Shaak Ti defeated Shogar Tok in combat, they kept their end of the bargain and allowed Sagoro to go free. Sagoro later decided to join the Republic's military, serving as a Captain in the Navy during the final months of the Clone Wars. He was in command of the space-based forces of the Republic during the siege of Saleucami, working with the various Jedi Masters to bring down the Separatists' defenses once their planetary shields were disabled. After the Jedi Rebellion, Autem found himself forced to serve the newly-founded Galactic Empire, which went against his own beliefs. Although ostensibly loyal to the Empire, Autem was targeted for arrest for supposed collusion with rebel forces on Coruscant. He arranged to flee Coruscant with the help of Ch'ord Sy'fon, unaware that the Bothan later provided information on his location to Darth Vader himself. Vader dispatched a group of bounty hunters to track him down, but Sagoro escaped when Evan Hessler revealed himself to be Sagoro's son, Reymet. Note that this character is referred to as Saguro Autem in Star Wars: Jedi - Shaak Ti.

Award for Engorgeable Excellence
this award was presented yearly by the Orto Culinary Academy to the galaxy's best chefs.

Bando Gora
this was the name of a cult of Force witches who were active during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. They once attacked the Outland Transit Station, an event which forced Dexter Jettster to sell his stock in the space station to Jango Fett. Sometime afterward, the Bando Gora attacked the planet Baltizaar, terrorizing the planet's inhabitants until the Jedi Knights were called into action. The Jedi were completely unprepared for the true nature of the Bando Gora, and many were killed in battle. Any others were captured and tortured. Only a few survived. Among them was the rogue Jedi Komari Vosa, who fell under the spell of the Dark Side of the Force during her imprisonment. She eventually used her growing powers to defeat the leaders of the Bando Gora and take control of the cult herself. Komari Vosa ran the Bando Gora from a fortress on the burial moon of Kohlma. It was during this time, shortly after the Battle of Naboo, that the Bando Gora developed a form of death stick that warped the mind of its user, creating aready supply of drugged slaves for the cult. The cult was made up of two castes of beings. The lower caste served as the cult's soldiers, although few resembled their original forms. They were drugged with the altered death sticks, then twisted to the Dark Side of the Force by Komari Vosa herself, becoming mindless drones who simply did Vosa's bidding. The higher caste was Vosa's personal guard, allowed to have more independence in order to address any cunning being who managed to break through the ranks of soldiers. The cult was smashed by Jango Fett some ten years before the Battle of Geonosis, when he was hired by Count Dooku - who used the title of Darth Tyranus - to locate Komari Vosa. Jango caught Vosa on Kohlma, and would have killed her if Tyranus hadn't stepped in. Tyranus then explained that he had trained Vosa years before, and used the Bando Gora as a way to test Jango's suitability to serve as the template for the clone troopers that were created for the Army of the Republic.
(GMR10, BH)

this young bantha was orphaned in the deserts of Tatooine around the same time that Tahiri Veila's parents were killed, several years after the Battle of Endor. After Sliven found Tahiri, he also discovered Bangor, and decided that the two orphans would be given a chance to live and grow together. The Tusken Raiders did not usually name their banthas, but Tahiri was determined to give the creature a name. After Tahiri left Tatooine to study the Force at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, Bangor remained with the tribe on the chance that Tahiri would return and successfully complete her trial of adulthood. It was Bangor who located Tahiri and Anakin Solo in the desert of the Jundland Wastes and helped them return to the tribe's camp, just before the time allotted for the trial had expired.

Battle of Gormen
this was one of many skirmishes which occurred during the Galactic Civil War, in the wake of the Battle of Hoth. The Alliance's forces had nearly won the battle, but the Empire had been holding back a group of AT-AT walkers until absolutely necessary. As the AT-ATs emerged from the smoke and haze, the civilian troops fled in terror and the Alliance forces simply surrendered, knowing that it was impossible to outrun the walkers.

according to a story told by UnuThul and Alema Rar, this was the name taken by Beda Ies after she became a Joiner and took control of the Gorog hive of the Colony. According to their story, it was BedaGorog and her daughter, Eremay Ies, whose emotions led to the formation of the Dark Nest. This stood in direct contradiction to the evidence discovered by Luke Skywalker on Kr, where he discovered Welk and Lomi Plo in control of the Gorog. Alema Rar later explained to Master Skywalker that BedaGorog had become the Night Herald of the Gorog, and that she was a Force-sensitive individual who managed to control the Gorog and twist them into the Dark Nest. Alema then claimed that it was BedaGorog, and not Welk, whom Luke killed on Kr during the Qoribu Crisis. This story contradicted what Luke believed to be true, which was its intent, for the Gorog had hoped to drive a wedge of distrust between Luke and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker.

Besh Gorgon System
this Mid Rim star system was known as the location of The Wheel. It had not planetary bodies, and was made up of a few rogue comets and several asteroids.

this heavily armed Gamorrean lost his pet snuzzleguff, named Snowball, at the Mynock 7 Space Station. He later recovered it at the Farrimmer Café.

Bren, Taggor
this man was a noted bounty hunter, who grew up in the company of a Tusken Raider tribe on Tatooine during the last years of the Old Republic. The son of moisture farmers, Taggor Bren watched his family be slaughtered by the Tuskens one night, and took a slug in the shoulder before being captured alive. He was raised as a Tusken, and even raided the moisture farms he had once loved. After reaching adulthood, he was ritually scarred to indicate his maturity, with a sunburst pattern radiating from his right eye representing one of Tatooine's twin suns. After a chance meeting with a woman who was stranded in the desert, Taggor felt a growing desire to return to humankind. He left his tribe and found work as an enforcer for local crime syndicates, then made his way offworld to take up bounty hunting. He was known as a successful hunter who found challenges in every hunt, and he used a large vibroblade to ensure his quarry didn't escape.

this was a 3.4-meter-long cargo speeder produced by Maeltorp during the height of the New Order.

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