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Goroth Alpha
this red-orange star was the primary solar body in the Goroth System. It was surrounded by four planets and a companion, brown dwarf star known as Goroth Beta. In ancient Gorothite legend, Goroth Alpha was known as K'Len, or The Mother.

Goroth Beta
this brown dwarf star was a companion to Goroth Alpha, but orbited Goroth Alpha as if it were a fifth planet. In most respects, Goroth Beta was simply a gas giant planet, measuring some 227,575 kilometers in diameter. However, its nuclear furnace never really ignited, although its core produced a great amount of heat and radiation.

Goroth Planetary Police
this was the police force which was funded and staffed by the major corporations that did business on the planet Goroth Prime. Individual officers were given protective suits of armor which were based on the eighteen-piece body armor of Imperial stormtroopers, although the GPP armor was much more angular.

Goroth Prime
this planet, the homeworld of the Gorothite race, was once a lush, forested world. Life had been evolving on the planet for more than five billion years, and civilization first appeared some 10,000 years ago. A group of Corellian explorers discovered that Goroth Prime's crust was rich in hyperbarides, and decided to set up mining operations on the surface. It was devastated some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, during the Aqualish-Corellian War in an event the Gorothites referred to as The Scouring. The two sides had been fighting over the mineral rights to Goroth Prime, and decided that if neither side could control the planet, then nobody would. The offworlders moved a series of asteroids into position to bombard the planet, throwing all sorts of heavy metals and hyperbarides into the atmosphere. These toxic materials eventually formed a thin ring around the planet, with most of the material raining back down on the planet. Over the centuries, the Gorothites adapted to the toxic chemicals which were thrown into the atmosphere. Goroth Prime was located in the Trans-Nebular Sector of the Mid Rim, and had three moons located exactly 120 degrees apart in orbital position. The day and night on Goroth Prime were of equal length, and the planet had very little seasonal variation.

Gorothin Vagger
this Aqualish represented his homeworld of Andosha II, as well as the Andoan Free Colonies, in the Old Republic Senate, before the secession of the planet Ando. Senator Vagger denounced his fellow Aqualish for leaving the Republic, and voiced the continued loyalty of Andosha II and the Colonies to the Republic, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars.

this name is used to describe the written and spoken languages of the Gorothite people, native to Goroth Prime. However, the spoken version and the written version are greatly different. The written version is formed from ideograms that have no basis in phonetics, so there is very little correlation between it and the spoken form.

this race of reptilian humanoids was native to the planet Goroth Prime. Their large heads were dominated by a bulging brain case, and a series of wattles at their throats were filled with air to form distended sacs. These sacs and wattles were heavily tattooed, and used to display the lineage of an individual Gorothite. Their beady eyes are set back into their skulls, and their sloping foreheads given them a formidable appearance. Their forearms had an extra joint, giving them a flopping appearance. Xenoarchaeologists have discovered that the Gorothites evolved from predatory carnivores who had just discovered sentience when the planet Goroth Prime was nearly destroyed in an event known as The Scouring. The Gorothites were forced down another evolutionary path in order to survive the toxic chemicals thrown into the atmosphere after The Scouring. Marriage and monogamy were unheard of concepts on Goroth Prime, as each j'ber, or clan, strove to strengthen its numbers over the centuries. However, mating between individual j'ber clans was forbidden. The Gorothites, like most species on Goroth Prime, had two stomachs. The names of individual Gorothites were made up of three parts: their j'ber name, the individual's father's name, and their personal name.

this was the largest continent on the planet Desevro.

this was a species of frog-like creatures that was native to the Forest Moon of Endor. Gorphs were known for their exceptionally long tongues, which they used to catch their food.

Gorr Ebelt Desilijic
this Hutt established and maintained the largest criminal network on the planet Naboo, during the height of the New Order. He was, however, an embarrassment to his clan, and rumor had it that Gorr was given control of Naboo's underground by Jabba the Hutt as a gift to Gorr's parent. Gorr was known as an immense coward, and controlled Naboo's underground only because Jabba felt that he couldn't cause any real trouble there.

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