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this Gungan warrior served under Captain Tarpals at the Battle of Naboo.

this name, which meant "proud", was common among Gungan males.

Rugor Nass
this Ankuran Gungan was the leader of his people during the Old Republic's struggle with the Trade Federation. There are a number of rumors surrounding his childhood, but all center around the fact that Nass showed signs of being a great leader even as a young Gungan. He held many different jobs before becoming the Boss of Otoh Gunga, including soldier, engineer, miner, and executive. Boss Nass was well-known among the Gungans as the individual who united the Ankuran and Otollan races. This union resulted in the dissemination of technology and sparked trade between the two races, and led to the construction of the vast, underwater city of Otoh Gunga, created from bubbles made of bubble wort and other well-kept secrets. He was a large Ankuran, whose immense body weight had compacted his skeleton into a much shorter version of the normal Gungan physique. Boss Nass was prone to nervous tics, and often grumbled his dissatisfaction by violently shaking his jowls. During the Battle of Naboo, Boss Nass tried to remain apart from the battle, leaving the snobbish Naboo to worry about the Trade Federation armies. However, when Queen Amidala came to him in the Gungan sacred place and kneeled before him in a show of peace and humility, he changed his mind. In Amidala, he found a Naboo leader who was willing to shed the prejudices of the past and work toward a brighter future for both races. He supplied the vast Gungan Grand Army to assist in Amidala's plans to oust the Federation. The Gungans rallied around him, and despite a large loss of life, they were successful in holding off the Federation's droids long enough for Anakin Skywalker to destroy the Droid Control Ship, and for Amidala to capture Nute Gunray and Rune Haako, breaking the Federation's hold on Naboo. Over the following decades, Boss Nass decided that the leadership of Chancellor - and later, Emperor - Palpatine was unworthy of his support. Nass decided to support the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, working to disrupt any Imperial that was established on Naboo.

Sangorn's Net
this bar was located on Berrol's Donn, and was known for its criminal clientele.

Sar Agorn
this ancient Jedi Master was a member of a race which resembled an amorphous blob, suspended in a greenish mixture of gases. His personality was placed into one of the few surviving Jedi Holocrons, from which Master Agorn provided education and historical insight on Jedi traditions and philosophy.

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and referred to a strong, ocean predator that was native to the planet Calamari.

this large, oceanic predator was native to the planet Mon Calamari. It was revered by the Quarren for its strength.

Seggor Tels
Seggor Tels was a Quarren from Calamari. He was the embodiment of the friction betweem the Quarren and their planetary neighbors, the Mon Calamari. He felt that his own race was being neglected by the Mon Cal, whom he felt were taking all the glory for the work the Quarren had done to build the planet's floating cities. He resented the Mon Cal for their dreams and their ambitions. He felt that the Mon Cal had relegated the Quarren to living the bowels of the planet's floating cities, even though they were designed that way. He resented the fact that Ackbar and the Calamarian Council wanted to make contact with the Empire. So, when an Imperial agent slipped past the planet's defenses and approached him, he felt that he could strike out at the Mon Cal by providing the Empire with the codes to evade Calamari's defenses. His hope, that the Empire would cut the Mon Cal down to size, was quickly turned to despair as the Empire enslaved by Mon Cal and Quarren without prejudice. When the Mon Cal began resisting the Imperial yoke, Seggor Tels again laughed at them. However, the forced slavery began to work at his conscience, and he began to wonder whether he should join the Mon Cal rebellion or not. When the Calamarians heard about the Alliance, Seggor Tels rallied the Quarren to join the Mon Cal, despite all their hatred, and together they drove off the Empire and freed Calamari. To this day, Seggor Tels thanks the Imperials - not the Mon Cal - for showing them how to fly to the stars and begin life again somewhere else.

this large, elephantine creature inhabited the tropical waters of the planet Corsin. Measuring four meters tall at the shoulder and up to twenty meters in length, selligore had colorful hides and were quite harmless despite their size. They lived on the plankton and small fish of their waters. Like other aquatic mammals, selligore could survive underwater for several hours before requiring a breath. Their four feet ended in four long toes, and a fin-like fan covered their dorsal ridge. Their large ears also resembled huge fins, and their long faces ended with four thick trunks.

Shigormallan, Mishowan
a native of the planet Yelsain, Shigormallan joined the crew of a cargo hauler as a teenager. When the planetary government began taxing shipments in order to support the Empire, his commanders opted not to pay them. He found himself constantly under the scrutiny of Imperial Customs agents and the Imperial Security Bureau, He met a group of Alliance field agents during one of his detention periods, and decided to join the Alliance. He completed training in the Special Forces division, and was given a place in the Pathfinders regiment. He was hoped to get a position with the Wilderness Fighters, but attacked his new position with zeal despite the setback. He was quickly promoted from Trooper to Lieutenant, and accepted a position in Task Force Shen. He replaced a popular officer who was killed in action, and his brash, abrasive style didn't immediately mesh with the rest of the team. However, his skills proved he was more than worthy of the job, and he excelled in leading the Patfinder platoon under the command of Major Mart Stevez.

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