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Gordian Reach
it was here that Kaj Nedmak had to dump a cargo of goods he was transporting to Torque for Bwahl the Hutt, after being stopped by an Imperial blockade. Note that issue 25 of the Marvel Comics Star Wars series indicates that the planet Yavin is located in the Gordian Reach.
(SWJ14, MC25)

Gordon, Herrit
this New Republic diplomat served the Ministry of State on Coruscant, shortly after the Republic liberated the planet from Ysanne Isard. He had previously served the Diplomatic Corps on Bothawui, and became friends with many prominent Bothans, including Liska Dan'kre.

Gordon, Tatavan
Herrit Gordon's wife, she learned to speak Bothan while her husband served the with Diplomatic Corps on Bothawui. This earned her the respect and friendship of many influential Bothans.

Gordulan Reaction System
this cybernetic implant was developed during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. It hyper-stimulated the nervous system of the user, improving both reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Goren, Del
this Alliance communications and sensor expert was part of the High Command at the Yavin 4 base, during the Battle of Yavin. He formerly served the Alliance on the Spiral.

this Imperial Navy Lieutenant served as Joak Drysso's gunnery commander aboard the Lusankya during the Battle of Thyferra.

this near-human race was characterized by the upward slant of the outer corners of their eyes.

an Imperial cargo ferry group used to deliver supplies to the outpost in the Pakuuni System.

this was a species of chuba-like creatures which resembled huge frogs, and was native to the oases of Tatooine. Precocious by nature, gorgs were primarily herbivores. However, adults have been known to consume their own young. Gorgs reproduce by laying eggs in stagnant puddles, and the eggs hatched in just a few days. Note that these creatures are actually called chubas in several other sources. Gorgs were often raised and sold as a snackfood by many street vendors, as the gorg's flesh was tasty and nutritious. However, many health officials claimed that the gorgs' flesh was tasty because they were raised in the sewers of many large cities - where there was plenty of water in which to breed them.
(IG1, SOT)

this minor Hutt was Jabba's nephew, and spent much of his early years fawning and grovelling at his uncle's feet in hopes of obtaining some small part of Jabba's empire. When Jabba died, Gorga was given control of Jabba's bank holdings. In a cruel twist, Jabba had actually bequethed to Gorga a small bank, which contained a lowly button. Later in life, Gorga became smitten with the beautiful H'uun, Anachro. He employed Boba Fett to kill Bar-Kooda, as a present to Anachro's father, Orko. Orko and Gorga had never been friends, and Gorga hoped to remedy that and take Anachro's hand in marriage if Bar-Kooda could be eliminated. Fett succeeded, and returned Bar-Kooda's body to Gorga. Gorga had his chefs prepare the body as the main course in a feast at which he asked for Anachro's hand in marriage. When Orko learned just who dinner was, he heartily agreed to let Orko marry Anachro. They were married on Tatootine, and honeymooned on Skeebo. It was on Skeebo that Anachro was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Skavers and Kaptain Voor. Gorga once again called on Boba Fett, who was able to eliminate the Skavers and Voor, as well as Bar-Kooda's older brother, Ry-Kooda, before rescuing Anachro. Just as Anachro discovered she was pregnant, Gorga hired Boba Fett to kill off Orko. He immediately regretted the decision, because he knew it would upset Anachro and complicate the pregnancy, thereby reducing the chances that he would have an heir. In the confusion that followed, Orko was killed by Ry-Kooda, who had come to exact his own revenge. The Koodan then turned to Gorga and Anachro, but Boba Fett managed to kill off the Koodan before any damage could be done. Shortly afterward, Anachro gave birth to a strong Huttlet.

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