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this is the primary planet in the Gorsh System, which is owned and overseen by the Geentech Corporation. It is a swampy, damp world which is home to the Orgon race of intelligent plants. The planet's long days (about 64 standard hours) keep it warm, and it thus supports a large number of plants and animals that Geentech has been studying over the years. They have developed a large number of pharmaceutical products from the unique chemical compunds that flourish on the planet. The annual revolution around its sun takes Gorsh 300 local days. The Gorsh System is located in the Outer Rim Territories, and it had a single moon called Tuvvet.

this yellow star was the central body in the Gorsh System.

Gorshian Hands of Death
this six-meter-wide, carnivorous plant was native to the swamps of the planet Gorsh.

this flesh of this creature was considered a delicacy on the planet Druckenwell.

this immense, male Besalisk was a regular customer at Maggot's Cantina, on the planet Anzat, during the height of the Clone Wars.

this creature resembles a woolamander, but is smaller and has feathers instead of fur. They hatch from small, pink eggs about a year after they are laid. In time, most gorts can be trained to mimic speech. The eggshells are often used in jewelry, and are considered rare and precious.

this was the first planet in the Genetech-owned Gorsh System, and was a hot, rocky wasteland.

this frigid, ice-covered world is the sixth and final planet in the Gorsh System, located in the Outer Rim Territories.

this Kler'terrian was employed as the bartender at Shilley's.

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "charges the enemy".

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