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this Outer Rim planet is the second world in the Gorsh System, and is owned by the Genetech Corporation. It is a hot, desert world with a single moon.

this Imperial Moff was known as a lover of jewelry, and each of his fingers was covered with rings. He was chosen to preside over the trial of Reson Nath versus Imperial Prefect Adar.

this was a common name among members of the Dug race.

an alien race native to the moon of Gormdin, the Gorms are small, reptilian humanoids with large eyes and sharp teeth. Their leathery skin is light brown in color, and they have two arms and two legs. As a species, the Gorms are natural hunters, but are known to be peaceful beings when encountered in the wild. During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the Gorms were hunted for sport, and Gorm-hide hats and bags were popular accessories. The practice of hunting Gorms was outlawed by the New Republic.

a planet located along the galactic frontier.

Gorm the Dissolver
an alien bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa, Gorm was believed to have been a veteran of the Clone Wars. He was part cyborg, part living organism, but no one was sure how much of his body was not organic. It was later discovered that Gorm was a product of the Arkanian Renegades, created many years before the Battle of Naboo. Gorm was the only surviving member of their cyborg army, with a body that was made up from the parts of six distinct alien species and seven generations of droid electronics. This collection allowed Gorm to survive many hundreds of years. The rumors of Gorm's origins were revealed over the course of many years, especially when it was learned that Gorm's left arm was actually that of Vultar the Ugly. Gorm's true race was not known, but he often appeared to be more than alive. Severl years before the Battle of Naboo, Gorm was part of an unlikely group that was put together by Magus to hunt down Talesan Fry, after the young boy discovered their plans to assassinate twenty galactic leaders at a conference on Rondai-2. Although Gorm was captured and held for questioning, he eventually managed to escape. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Gorm was shot and apparently killed on Nar Shaddaa by the inexperienced bounty hunter Greedo. However, his unusual body composition - made up from six or more alien bioconstructs - allowed him to survive Greedo's blast and return to action.

Gorm Worm
a medium-sized lizard, about the size of an iguana, it has a head studded with spikes and an extremely venomous bite. They were native to the planet Gorm, and were favored as "pets" by ancient bounty hunters because of their ability to kill a being with a single bite.

this woman was a noted chef, during the last years of the Old Republic. She made cooking shows popular during her weekly segment on the HoloNet, producing lavish dishes from sensibly-priced ingredients. She also published a regular column on food and cooking, known as Gormaanda's Culinary Corner.

Gormaanda's Culinary Corner
this was a popular food and cooking column, published over the HoloNet and written by the noted chef Gormaanda, during the last years of the Old Republic.

this moon orbits the planet Sarrelon IV, and is a temperate world covered with rolling plains, steep plateaus, and moderatey dense forests. Over sixty percent of the moon is covered by water, providing the necessary moisture to maintain its environment. It was believed that Lohn Genden established a base of operations on Gormdin, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Gormdin is inhabited by the reptilian Gorms. The average day on Gormdin lasts 20 standard hours, while its year lasts 180 local days.

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