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this Duros male was stranded on the planet Onderon, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars.

a predatory reptile native to Taraloon, the gornalaks were at the top of the food chain until Drek Drednar and his pirates arrived. The gornalaks found the pirates to be tasty prey, but rarely attacked them because their primitive weapons were no match for the pirates' blasters.

a Prophet of the Dark Side, Gornash was a massive human in charge of spy activities for the Prophets on Scardia.

this Dulok was the sly, mean-tempered leader of his people, during the years before the Empire garrisoned the Forest Moon of Endor.

this town, on an unspecified world, was the original development site for the Hammertong project.

a farm animal native to Pakrik Minor, gornts originated on the world of Hethar. The Empire annexed Hethar shortly before the Battle of Yavin, and discovered that these ungainly omnivores could be raised for their flesh, which was sweet, juicy,and highly nutritious. Packaged gornt meat was later added to the rations given to soldiers. The average gornt grew to be a meter or more in length, and had a body which was supprted by huge hind legs and small forelimbs. Their heads were topped with a single horn, and their jaws were frilled with short tendrils. Gornts would eat just about anything, and could digest it with relative ease. This made their flesh highly nutritious, and led to a booming business in raising gornts for meat. Over the years since the Empire annexed Hethar, gornt stocks have been mismanaged. Genetically, there is little variation remaining, and the quality of gornts being produced is sharply declining.

Gornt Seron
this Hethas gangster maintained a base on the planet Korbin during the early years of the New Republic. Known as Seron's Castle, it was located in the equatorial mountains of the planet. He was the son of lowly criminals stranded on the planet, but was able to amass a small fortune during his early years. His primary income was from illegal gambling halls, but he was also known to smuggle guns and engage in extortion. Seron once acquired information on the New Republic's plans for eliminating the Imperial presence in the galaxy, and offered to return it for 200,000 credits. The ransom was paid, but the information was never returned.

Gorofila, Simith
this woman was the leader of the Brentaal Dissidents League, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

this was one of the two new hives that were created from Yoggoy, after the crash of the Tachyon Flier on the planet Yoggoy, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Like its counterpart, the Unu hive, the Gorog hive was formed when a Force-sensitive individual joined with the hive mind and began to influence it. However, where the Unu were created from the beliefs of former Jedi Knight Raynar Thul, the Gorog were created under the influence of the Dark Jedi Welk and Lomi Plo. Distinguished by their dark blue carapaces and barbed mandibles, the Gorog stood nearly two meters in height, and made imposing figures when compared to other hives within the Colony. Individual Gorog were excellent fighters, and would literally explode if their carapace was breached, which made them living bombs that could be used to attack other nests. Because of the influence of the Dark Jedi, the Gorog were able to keep their existence a secret from the rest of the Kind, tapping into the Force in order to mask their presence. In fact, not even UnuThul knew about the existence of the Gorog hive on Kr, and vehemently denied its existence was questioned by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, who had seen them first-hand. The Jedi Master Cilghal found that the Will of the Gorog was actually an unconscious kind of Will, acting independently from the Will of the Colony and subtly working to advance the Colony by any means. When the Chiss began taking steps to stop the encroachment of the Colony on their section of the Unknown Regions, many Chiss were captured in battle and held as prisoners of war. Many of these Chiss chose to become Joiners of the Gorog hive, while others were held for interrogation. These Chiss Joiners added their own unique mentality to the Gorog hive's collective mind, including the use of subterfuge to further their own goals. Luke Skywalker and the new Jedi order came to refer to the Gorog as the Dark Nest, since they were operating without the knowledge or consent of UnuThul and the Colony, and seemed to have their own agenda. When they Jedi were able to infiltrate the Gorog nest on Kr, they found that the Gorog had been using Chiss prisoners as sources of food in their grub caves, allowing the growing larvae to feed on living Chiss. The Jedi believed that Will of the Gorog nest was broken when Skywalker killed Welk in combat on Kr, but over the next twelve months, evidence of the Dark Nest's survival became increasingly apparent. The appearance of black membrosia was the primary indicator, since none of the other Colony hives admitted to its production. When the Skywalkers approached UnuThul about the reappearance of the Gorog, UnuThul then presented them with a new version of the creation of the Gorog hive. According to UnuThul, the Gorog were formed when they took in Beda and Eremay Ies, who Joined with the hive and imparted their own fear of being discovered to the hive. UnuThul reasoned that this was why the Gorog had targeted Mara Jade Skywalker, in order to kill her before she could discover the presense of Beda and Eremay among them. This new theory held certain grains of truth, but did little to explain the other actions of the Gorog. By putting all these bits of information together, however, Luke Skywalker was able to postulate that the Gorog hive was trying to break his will and invade his mind, in an effort to make him a Joiner and gain control of the new Jedi Order. Jacen Solo also had a similar revelation, although it came in the form of a Force-induced vision that showed a galaxy in flames, the result of Gorog's desire to take control of the galaxy. It was Jacen who realized that all of the things taking place in the galaxy - the clouding of the Colony's collective mind with alternate truths, the black membrosia, the pirates near the Utegetu Nebula, Luke's interaction with Alema Rar, and the confrontations with the Chiss - were all meant to destablized the Galactic Alliance and give the Gorog hive a chance to take control of the galaxy.
(DN1, DN2)

Gorondin Chronometrics
this corporation produced some of the galaxy's most unusual and exotic time pieces, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

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