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43rd Salagori Lancers
this was a distinguished Imperial unit, active during the Galactic Civil War.

A Google of Gornts
this was one of the worst holofilms of the Old Republic, produced in the years leading up to the Clone Wars.

an alien race.

a large, strong alien race, they have incredible brawn and strength. Like the Wookiees, they were hunted by the Empire for use as slaves.

Agoris, Bryce
this native of Alderaan was, at one time, a Lieutenant in the Alliance's Infiltrators unit, before he deserted shortly before the Battle of Endor. With the help of Myrgaanti Shi-iki, Agoris stole more than two million credits worth of equipment when he deserted, and became a freelance mercenary. Agrois and Myrgaanti traveled in the modified starship Warhog.

this planet is famous for two exports: pirates and lawyers.

Angor Farn
this Bith worked for Sleeft Docking Bay Maintenance until he accidentally checked out the wrong freighter. The freighter he acquired was full of top-of-the-line droid parts stolen from Notsub Shipping by Sleeft. He tried to flee from Tatooine while negotiating with Sleeft to ransom the parts, but he was not allowed to leave. He holed up in the Dim-U monastery until Coral Ohah was able to recover him.

Angor System
Kyp Durron and his vigilante Jedi Knights were reported battling smugglers in this system, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy.

this man was one of the lesser Prophets of the Dark Side, during the years leading up to the Battle of Hoth.

a long-bladed weapon prefered by members of the Loag.

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