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Pomar, Gorg
this man claimed to own the facilities which were the base of operations for Interplanetary Acquisitions, during the height of the New Order. In reality, the deeds he held were clever forgeries.

this was a species of carnivorous mammal that was native to the moon of Rori. Most pugoriss were short-statured creatures, although a larger species was bio-engineered to serve as a guard beast.

this was the last planet on the "Kessel Run", at least according to Squishmael. According to the story he heard from Marshak, smugglers had to race to Rangorah and meet with Fonker Dahk, at the Event Horizon cantina, to verify their performance in the race.

Raquoran, Gregor
this man was, at one time, the Commerce Master Commissioner of the Velcar Free Commerce Zone. A native of the planet Capza, Raquoran suffered from a glandular disorder that made him appear obese and dim-witted. However, Raquoran was a shrewd businessman, and was one of the business leaders who gathered aboard the Reaper to attend the Pentastar Talks which were held by Moff Ardus Kaine. Despite his own concerns that the VFCZ was well in hand, Raquoran eventually submitted to Kaine's will and signed the Pentastar Alignment Treaty, recognizing the New Republic would take control of the VFCZ if he didn't ally himself with Kaine.

the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Ranulf Trommer was assigned to when he attacked Aguarl 3.

originally defined by Arvo Norstrag as part of the Rules of the Blade, this form of duel was adhered to by the Phosphura Belt Pirates. There were three basic forms of rigora: just rigora, honor rigora, and oath rigora, and they were only invoked in situations where there was a serious breach of personal honor. A rigora could be fought to unconsciousness or death.
(PP, SWJ5)

this planet was the site of an Imperial Production Laboratories installation during the Galactic Civil War.

Rigorian Bloodmite
an insect native to Rigoran.

Rigorian Mudeater
a slow-moving creature native to Rigoran.

man was one of the Alliance troopers who was assigned to the Massassi Base on Yavin 4. Rogor was a Lieutenant during the evacuation following the destruction of the first Death Star.

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