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Telgorn II lpc
this starship, produced by Telgorn and based on the Gamma-class assault shuttle, is sometimes classified as a Gamma-class light personnel carrier. It measures 30 meters in length, and was are with four laser cannons. It requires a crew of 5, and can transport up to 40 troops into battle situations.

Telgorn Power Cells
this subsidiary of the Telgorn Corporation produced a range of portable power supplies, from batteries to portable generators.

a planet in the Thanos system, Togoria was the homeworld of the Togorian race. It was a world of grassy plains and rolling hills, the result of steadily decreasing tectonic activity. It had a vast store of untapped natural resources, a fact that guarded by the Togorians. The planet's gravity was somewhat less than standard.
(GG4, TPS, MIS8)

a race of bipedal feline aliens from Togoria, the Togorians were distinguished by their long, sinewy limbs and well-muscled bodies. They were equally comfortable moving through a forest or running across an open plain. Their hands and feet were studded with heavy claws, which were retractable on the hands, and which provided evidence of their tree-climbing ancestors. When a Togorian met a friend or potential ally, the claws were retracted into the hands as a sign of peace. They regularly fed on bist and etelo herds, but were the favored prey of the reptilian liphons. The Togorians soon realized that they shared this trait with the mosgoths, and they formed a relationship which provided mutual protection as well as friendship. The Togorian society was matriarchal, with the males and females only seeing each other for a few days each year. The males spent their days wandering the plains and hunting for food, while the females stayed in the cities and tend to their businesses. The Togorians had a limited technology, including a solar technology maintained by the females, although they were fond of high-tech devices. The Togorian society was presided over by the Margrave, a position held by a male of a certain family line. However, the Margrave was rarely the public leader many believed him to be. Instead, the Margrave's closest female relative was chosen to live in the capital of Caross and interact with other governmental leaders.

this harsh language was spoken by the Togorian race.

Togorian Belladonna
a fragrance of perfume favored by the bounty hunter Zardra.
(TM, OS)

Tower, Griggor
this Imperial Admiral was placed in command of the garrison on Gamandar, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Distinguished by his rakish goatee and a reddish, cybernetic eye that replaced his lost left eye, Tower ruled Gamandar with an iron fist. He quickly subjugated the population, and extracted much of the planet's natural resources in just a few years, while acting on plans that were masterminded by Darth Vader himself. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Tower tried to assassinate Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa on Iskalon, thanks to a tip from Kendle. Shortly afterward, Tower was approached by Lando Calrissian, who disguised himself and used the alias of Barpotomous Drebble. "Drebble" wanted to settle a score with Tay Vanis, and Tower was willing to support his mission of revenge. However, unknown to Lando, Admiral Tower knew that he was acting the part of Drebble, and only agreed to work with "Drebble" to ensure the capture of more Alliance agents. Unfortunately for Admiral Tower, however, the droid K3PX was reporting on his activities to Lord Vader. It relayed information on the use of a missile to destroy the city of Pavillion, which was deemed excessive use of force by the Dark Lord. Vader personally traveled to Gamandar to arrest and execute Tower for his actions.
(MC75, MC76, GMR1)

Triogor Sllus
this Quarren was a pilot for the New Republic, but was antagonistic and often violent with his squadron mates. When he was given the chance to join Wraith Squadron, the showed some aptitude with the X-Wing. However, when he assaulted Jesmin Ackbar for no apparent reason, he was expelled from consideration.

Tselgormet Prize
a culinary award given annually to the galaxy's best chef. The chef Porcellus once won it five years in a row, while endentured to Moff Mylore.

this Yuuzhan Vong subaltern was escalated by Nas Choka, in recognition of his work in remaking Belkadan and Gyndine into viable worlds for Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology.

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