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Gorgal Springs
this was one of the largest producers of pure, natural "spring water" found on the planet Tatooine, during the early years of the Clone Wars. Based in Bestine, Gorgal Springs shipped water across the planet. She agreed to help Ygabba relocate the many children who had been kidnapped by Gilramos Libkath, after a young Boba Fett liberated them from their "Master".

this alien creature was native to the planet Trinta, where it was corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force. It has a number of internal organs which can survive outside its body. Among the most interesting are the creature's intestines, which can wrap themselves around a victim and crush it like a snake.

Gorgano IV
this man was a former Emperor of Tapani Sector.

Gorgano IV Museum
located on Procopia's Estalle Island, this museum was named for the former Emperor of Tapani Sector. The museum was known for its prestigious collection of religious artworks.

Gorgarian Buzzadder
this reptile was known for its unusual warning scales, which it can lift and display when threatened.

this Gamorrean, along with his brother and partner, Greel, owned The Broken Tusk on Reuss VIII. Where Greel was the businessbeing, Gorge was the muscle, and provided all the security necessary to maintain the establishment. It was rumored that both Gorge and Greel were slaves of Var'Rotha Fin'Rotha, until they managed to escape by jettisoning Fin'Rotha in an escape pod from his ship, the Tolan's Tusk. Gorge and Greel took to the stars, but were inexperienced pilots at best. They ran out of fuel near Reuss VIII and the Tolan's Tusk crashed onto the planet. The remains of the ship were converted into The Broken Tusk, named for the right front tusk Gorge broke in the crash.

this Imperial Navy Captain served as the commander of the shuttle Resurgence during the Galactic Civil War.

this is a term used to describe those merchants who sell raw and cooked chubas and gorgs.

this huge, furred predator was native to the planet Ilum. They preferred the lowlands of the planet, but would sometimes venture into the mountains in search of prey. Resembling a lizard-like, fur-covered gorilla, gorgodons moved about on all-fours, but could rear up on their thick tails to intimidate prey. The tail could also be used as a bludgeon or whip to subdue prey. The mouth of the gorgodon had three rows of vicious teeth lining their formidable jaws, and their keen senses of smell and hearing made up for their poor eyesight. The thick, brown saliva of a gorgodon had many uses, primarily the binding of prey and the formation of nesting areas. Once a gorgodon subdued its prey, the creature wrapped its long body around it and squeezed tightly, thereby suffocating the prey. Their bodies were thick and heavy, with layers of muscle and fat surrounding an incredibly strong skeleton. The only way a gorgodon could be killed was to have its spine severed just behind the head, which paralyzed the beast and left it incapable of movement.

this Corellian INT-66 interceptor was owned by Daxtorn Lethos. It was armed wih a piar of front-mounted turbolasers, four repeating blasters, and a double pulse-laser turret.

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