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Carnuss Gorguul
this ancient Gamorrean left behind a crumbling ruin of a citadel, which later became the site of a famous podracing event during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Colu, Gorton
this crazed, old man lived in the Upper City of Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. He lived on the streets, and spent most of his day ranting about the plague that was turning the population into rakghouls. However, upon further questioning, Colu revealed that he was simply a pro-human racist, and the "plague" he ranted about was the presence of non-humans in the city.

Corgorlath Leisure Articles
this corporation produced a wide range of clothing and footwear for athletic activities, during the height of the New Order.

Council of Gordek
this four-member council was established by the Orfites to rule the various tribal sahhs. Each member was chosen by popular vote, and those elected to the Council served for life or until the Council decided that a new vote would be held. The choice of four representatives was rooted in Orfite history, and represented the four moons of Kidron as well as the four lungs each Orfite used to breathe. The Council was also charged with maintaining the secret of the ores located on the two largest moons of Kidron, Primor and Segual.
(AE, PG3)

this green-skinned alien was one of the many gladiators who tried to win their freedom from the arenas of Rattatak, during the final years of the Old Republic.

Dagore, Winfrid
this native of Teth was a commander in her planet's armed forces during the early days of the Alliance and the resistance against the Empire. She met with Bria Tharen to discuss her planet's open rebellion, but she felt that Teth was "safe" because of its location in the Outer Rim. She was later captured on Teth by Dace Bonearm and IG-72, and was turned over to the Imperial authorities for the bounty on her head.

Dangor, Ars
Ars Dangor was one of Emperor Palpatine's closest advisors. He was one of Palpatine's cronies during the Old Republic, when Palpatine was an unassuming Senator. It was Dangor who announced to the galaxy that Palpatine had initiated martial law throuhgout the galaxy, and that the Grand Moffs would have direct control over their own systems (as Tarkin announced to his team aboard the first Death Star). He also publically announced the disbanding of the Imperial Senate.

Dasobo's Finest Gornt Cutlets
produced by Dasobo Meats during the years leading up the Clone Wars, this preprocessed cut of meat was allegedly stolen from the Salliche Agricultural Corporation. Nanoscopic analysis of a cutlet revealed genetic branding which was oened by Salliche Ag. Dasobo was forced to stop production or face even more serious charges of corporate espionage.

this planet, part of the Allied Tion, is known for its beautiful mountain ranges.

a predatory canine native to the planet Lan Barell.

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