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this unusual reptile was native to the homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong. Amphistaffs were literally grown in low groves, emerging in threes from a deep-rooted, leathery polyp. Even as juveniles, amphistaffs were strongly carnivorous, and their voracious feeding served to nourish the amphistaffs as well as the polyp on which they grew. Because their mouths were often smaller than their prey, amphistaffs used their teeth to tear the prey into small chunks. These chunks were small enough for the groundmouth of the polyp to consume as well, and the young amphistaffs often swept food into the groundmouth to help sustain the polyp. As the young amphistaff grew larger, it became too large for the polyp to support and broke itself away from the main plant. Wild amphistaffs then fed voraciously before rooting themselves int eh ground and transforming into polyps, repeatting their asexual reproduction cycle. If captured when they leave the polyp, young amphistaffs could be bonded to a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. A snake-like creature in its normal form, the amphistaff used a series of strange power glands to harden all or part of its body to the consistency of stone. This makes the creature a valuable form of spear to the Yuuzhan Vong warriors. It can also narrow its neck and tail before hardening, to form a kind of razor. This narrowing of the body results in an incredibly thin blade, which was honed even further by the life energies of the power glands being compressed around it. The edge of the amphistaff blade was measured in atoms, and it could slice through virtually any substance. The only known substance which could repel it was conduun crab armor. When relaxed, the Yuuzhan Vong warrior could use the amphistaff like a whip. The amphistaff was also highly venomous, and could accurately spit its poison into the eyes of an opponent twenty meters away. The poison blinds instantly, and causes a long, slow death if manages to seep into the target's pores. When hardened, the amphistaff was also impervious to the blade of a lightsaber. Later, in the campaign against the New Republic, the Yuuzhan Vong developed a species of amphistaff which could be implanted into a warrior's body for concealed transport. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that amphistaffs and many other bio-engineered weapons simply reverted to their animal forms and fled into the forests. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence.
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