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Star Wars Resistance Surprise Packs Trading Cards By Topps

Posted by Dustin on May 5, 2019 at 09:17 AM CST

The new box of Star Wars Resistance Surprise Packs Trading Cards By Topps doesn't include the mini danglers. However, it does include 24 packs with 6 cards per pack. Four cards in each pack go toward the 100 card set, the other two are a combination of pop-up card, foil card, temporary tattoos, and printing plates (1of1). I was able to get a complete set of the chase foils cards, and *almost* the complete 100 card set. I also got three temporary tattoos, and one magenta printing plate of card #44 "Attacking the Colossus".

The set captures the story of season one of Star Wars Resistance just perfect. The quality of the cards, and inserts is Topps Notch!

Star Wars Resistance Surprise Packs Trading Cards By Topps

Below is a checklist of all the cards courtesy of

Star Wars Resistance Surprise Packs Trading Cards By Topps Base Set Checklist

100 cards.


Bronze – /50
Silver – /25
Gold – /10
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)
Red – 1/1

1 Flying Under Pursuit
2 Mission in Jeopardy
3 Kaz’s Daring Plan
4 Taking Damage
5 The Red Fighter’s attack
6 Poe Dameron’s Offer
7 Meeting with General Leia
8 Kaz Joins the Resistance
9 Arrival on the Colossus
10 Meeting up at Aunt Z’s
11 Jumping into the Fight
12 Pleading for Kaz
13 Coming Clean with Neeku
14 Poe’s Parting Advice
15 BB-8’s new Assignment
16 The Race in full Swing
17 Watching Hype Fazon’s Victory
18 Hype Fazon Races On!
19 Neeku’s Watery Warning
20 Bucket’s Big Entrance
21 Kaz Meets Bucket
22 Torra Doza Drops By
23 GL-N Earns his Keep
24 Presenting the Parts List
25 Trading Parts for…Lunch?
26 Dangling the Gorg
27 Squaring the Deal
28 Launching the Fireball
29 Prepping Kaz for the Race
30 Pushing the Fireball
31 An Overdue Discussion
32 BB-8’s Sound Counsel
33 Checking Out Kaz’s Trophy
34 Kaz’s Mistake
35 The Unfoolable Tam
36 Trapped by Grevel and Crew
37 Pursued by Grevel’s Thugs
38 Kaz’s Aurodium Treasure
39 Escape into Acquisitions
40 Marveling at Kaz’s Trophy

41 Facing Tam’s Wrath
42 Stopped by Grevel
43 Kragan Gorr’s Triple Dark Assault
44 Attacking the Colossus
45 Kaz Hangs on
46 Sacrificing his Treasure
47 Holding off the Pirates
48 Kaz’s Plan Comes Through
49 Convincing the Others
50 Facing the First Order
51 Not Exactly Impressive…
52 Losing the Engine
53 Rethinking his Options
54 Making New Friends?
55 Taking a Short-Cut
56 Out on the Bikes
57 Executing the “Rescue”
58 Jarek Yeager’s Discipline
59 Back in the Hangar
60 Kaz’s Welcome Back
61 Jarek Yeager’s Noble Secret
62 Just What he Came for
63 Bucket’s Frantic Entrance
64 Jace Fills up
65 Kaz Races to the Rescue
66 Rucklin’s Racer Roars
67 The Rescue Intervention
68 Ejection: Just in Time!
69 Hold on for Dear Life
70 Yeager and BB-8 to the Rescue
71 Jace Points the Blame
72 Kaz’s Next Task
73 Colossus Station
74 Recovering from Neeku’s “Test”
75 Killing Time at Z’s
76 Z’s Revelation
77 Hype Fazon Rolls In
78 Kaz Introduces Himself
79 Defending the Shipment
80 Spying on the First Order
81 Neeku’s Bold Move
82 Kaz Makes His Move
83 Tricking the Waiter Droid
84 The First Order’s Offer
85 Busting in on Torra
86 Torra Tricks the First Order
87 Betting on Kaz
88 Under Stormtrooper Fire
89 The First Order Leaves
90 Glad to be Back
91 Three Lockdowns May Require Kaz’s Help
92 The Sneaking Tehar Kids
93 A Collision of Coincidence
94 Into the Engineering Level
95 Meeting with Captain Doza
96 Checking in with Captain Phasma
97 The First Order’s Search
98 Cornering the Kids
99 Reporting to Captain Phasma
100 The Shellfolk’s Invitation

2019 Topps Star Wars Resistance Surprise Packs Inserts Checklists

Foil Character Cards Checklist

25 cards.

1 of 25 Poe Dameron
2 of 25 BB-8
3 of 25 Neeku Vozo
4 of 25 CB-23
5 of 25 Kazuda Xiono
6 of 25 Jarek Yeager
7 of 25 Bucket
8 of 25 Tam Ryvora
9 of 25 Torra Doza
10 of 25 Aunt Z
11 of 25 Freya Fenris
12 of 25 T3-K10
13 of 25 Griff Halloran
14 of 25 R5-G9
15 of 25 Hype Fazon
16 of 25 Bo Keevil
17 of 25 SC-X2
18 of 25 Commander Pyre
19 of 25 Captain Phasma
20 of 25 Major Vonreg
21 of 25 Bolza Grool
22 of 25 General Leia
23 of 25 Kragan Gorr
24 of 25 Orka
25 of 25 Flix

Pop-Up Cards Checklist

10 cards.

1 of 10 Poe Dameron
2 of 10 Kazudu Xiono
3 of 10 Jarek Yeager
4 of 10 Neeku Vozo
5 of 10 Tam Ryvora
6 of 10 Torra Doza
7 of 10 Bo Keevil
8 of 10 Hype Fazon
9 of 10 Freya Fenris
10 of 10 Griff Halloran

Temporary Tattoos Checklist

10 cards.

1 of 10 Let’s Roll
2 of 10 Go Time!
3 of 10 Ace Pilot
4 of 10 Believe the Hype
5 of 10 The First Order Stormtrooper
6 of 10 Captain Phasma
7 of 10 Helmet
8 of 10 Droids
9 of 10 Let’s Get Moving
10 of 10 Star Wars Resistance

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