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TheForce.net Book Reviews

Star Wars Icons: Han Solo

TFN Review: Star Wars Icons: Han Solo

Dustin December 1, 2018

This is THE MUST HAVE book for all fans of Han Solo! Full Report

Be More Yoda & Be More Vader

TFN Review: Be More Yoda & Be More Vader From DK

Adam November 27, 2018

Ever wanted advice from a wise Jedi like Yoda, or a fearsome Sith Lord like Darth Vader? Well now you can, with Be More Yoda and Be More Vader, written by Christian Blauvelt, from DK. Full Report


A Look At "Smuggler's Guide" By Daniel Wallace!

Steve November 12, 2018

We got our hands on the deluxe edition of Daniel Wallace's new book "Smuggler's Guide" and it's great fun! Full Report

LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book

TFN Review: LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book From DK

Adam November 8, 2018

Do you have a load of spare LEGO and are looking for inspiration? Then check out the LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book by Hannah Dolan, Elizabeth Dowsett and Simon Hugo from DK. Full Report

Women of the Galaxy

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy - Review And Interview!

Steve October 30, 2018

We've read Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy and spoke to its author, Amy Ratcliffe! Full Report

Scum and Villainy Cover

Star Wars: Scum and Villainy - Case Files On The Galaxy's Most Notorious Review

Steve October 23, 2018

In the latest reference type book from Lucasfilm’s resident continuity expert and story group member, Pablo Hidalgo, we explore the dirtiest of the dirty, the lowest of the low and the people commissioned with bringing them to justice. This fully realized and wonderfully illustrated book takes us on a linear crime story covering a vast array of undesirables through the Republic, Imperial and New Republic eras of the Star Wars timeline. Full Report

Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary (New Edition)

TFN Review: Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary (New Edition) From DK

Adam October 16, 2018

The Visual Dictionary is now complete, with this new edition from James Luceno, Dave West Reynolds, Ryder Windham, Jason Fry and Pablo Hidalgo. Check it out after the jump! Full Report

The Art Of Solo: A Star Wars Story

TFN Review: The Art Of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Dustin August 5, 2018

Written by Phil Szostak, the book takes a look at the creative process involved in leading up to filming the movie. Full Report

Solo: A Star Wars Story - The Official Guide

TFN Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story - The Official Guide By Pablo Hidalgo From DK

Adam June 25, 2018

In our latest book review, we delve into Solo: A Star Wars Story - The Official Guide by Pablo Hidalgo. Click on the full report to check it out! Full Report

LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path

TFN Review: LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path From DK

Adam June 4, 2018

The latest LEGO Star Wars release from DK sees them diverging from the norm with Choose Your Path, which allows you to pick your own adventure starting from one of three paths. Full Report

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