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Posted by D_Martin on October 2, 2014 at 02:11 AM CST |
Rebelscum's stepping away from the format they've been running with their recent giveaways. Their latest contest cannot be randomly decided by your knowledge of the English language and your ability to type comments with hashtags... but by our skills with Photoshop. Follow this link to find out how you can win a complete set of the insanely cool Star Wars: Rebels promotional Wanted posters.
Posted by Dustin on October 1, 2014 at 10:11 PM CST |
Terrible news. Mike "Dorkman" Scott of 'Ryan Vs. Dorkman' fame is in critical condition after being hit by a car. Click on through to help a fellow Star Wars fan out...
Posted by Dustin on October 1, 2014 at 03:35 PM CST |
Vans teams up with the Star Wars brand once again, this time exploring the dark side of the Force to introduce new designs inspired by villains from the original trilogy. Taking cues from the summer collection, the Vans x Star Wars holiday offering extends through Classics footwear to men's apparel and accessories combining heritage Vans prints with Star Wars villains from around the galaxy.
Posted by Chris on October 1, 2014 at 02:12 PM CST |
If you've been putting it off, now is the time to place your order for Clive Revill and Ray Park autographs from Official Pix as the offer will expire at midnight (Pacific) tonight. Additionally, you can get Elijah Wood, Karen Allen, Dave Bautista, James & Oliver Phelps, Alex Kingston, James Hong, Jason David Frank, Paul McGann & Jonathan Ke Quan for your collection!
Posted by Eric on October 1, 2014 at 08:12 AM CST |
The answer might surprise you...
Posted by Jay on September 30, 2014 at 09:00 PM CST |
Its coming, and it's sooner than you think!
Posted by Jay on September 30, 2014 at 06:58 PM CST |
In a continued effort to punish transgressors, the Imperial Minister of Information, Pollux Hax, has provided all Holonet Media outlets with a series of wanted posters. Do you want to know more? >>>
Posted by Eric on September 30, 2014 at 06:42 PM CST |
USA Today has an exclusive clip of the Inquisitor.
Posted by Philip on September 30, 2014 at 07:49 AM CST |
The team here at Rebelscum.com are pleased to announce our 2014 charity patch benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Find out how you can get one for your collection after the jump.
Posted by Philip on September 30, 2014 at 06:49 AM CST |
There's quite a few Star Wars pieces in the current Prop Store online / live auction. Check out the details, and learn how to get a chance to win one of the auction catalogs in a random giveaway after the jump.
Posted by Dustin on September 29, 2014 at 07:02 PM CST |
Whether you like red or blue (or prefer neutral black), you can show your vintage action figure love. The Snaggletooth family crest, as seen on the vintage figures' belt buckles, is printed in silver metallic ink and available in three color options: tall Snaggletooth blue, short snaggletooth red, and black. There's a patch, too! Pre-order by October 13th here: http://bit.ly/YeRAHM
Posted by Chris on September 29, 2014 at 06:51 PM CST |
Official Pix is offering collectors the chance to pre-order any of the Darth Maul photos available in the online store or you can send in your own items to be signed! The order deadline is October 1st, so don't wait long. Click here to place your order now!