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TFN Review: Topps 2018 Star Wars Galactic Files

Posted by Dustin on August 22, 2018 at 05:30 PM CST

Since Topps introduced the Star Wars Galactic Files Reborn series in 2017 fans have been wanting more, and Topps has responded with the new Star Wars Galactic Files 2018. Each case has 24 packs, with each pack containing 8 cards giving you 192 cards total. Out of those 192 cards per case you are guaranteed 2 "hits", one of which is an autograph card. The other hit could be a custom sketch card, a source material fabric swatch card, movie poster patch card, or one of many various chase cards.


"This is where the fun begins!" - Anakin Skywalker

Opening the case and going through all of the cards is the best part. You are searching for those two "hits", looking for doubles, and then you find the first one, a movie poster patch card, Cassian Andor - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The movie poster patch cards are the theatrical movie posters for each film printed on fabric and pinched between two thicker cards. They are also numbered, mine was 26 out of 99.

As I continued to open packs what struck me was how eye catching these cards are. The use of vibrant orange, green and blue color borders with chrome highlights mixed with a pleasing design aesthetic drew me to the cards it seemed. In addition, there are characters, locations, weapons, vehicles and more from the first nine theatrical releases plus both animated series. I found myself pausing looking over characters I had forgotten about or never knew existed. The cards cover so much territory and it is refreshing to see it all mixed together in one cool collectible product.

Nearing the end of the box, I was starting to worry but then I finally found my autograph card, it was literally the last pack I opened. I got Robbie Daymond as Eight Brother from Star Wars Rebels #048/414.

There are so many cards to collect in this series. For starters the base set of cards is 200, and the chase cards add up to 72 additional cards that are a bit easier to track down before you start looking at the list of actors who have signed autographs, sketch card artists, movie poster patch variations, and fabric swatches. To see just how many cards are available in this series, click here for a complete checklist from Topps!

Overall Topps continues to do what Topps does best, and that is make an incredibly fun, interactive, engaging collectible product for Star Wars fans of all ages.

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