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The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars follows the Republicís clone army in their struggle against Count Dookuís Separatist forces, and features fan-favorite characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and Darth Maul.

Beginning with Season 2, TFN analyzed, examined, and critiqued every episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars Season 6: The Lost Missions

Episode 1: The Unknown
Episode 2: Conspiracy
Episode 3: Fugitive
Episode 4: Orders
Episode 5: An Old Friend
Episode 6: The Rise of Clovis
Episode 7: Crisis at the Heart
Episode 8: The Disappeared, Part I
Episode 9: The Disappeared, Part II
Episode 10: The Lost One
Episode 11: Voices
Episode 12: Destiny
Episode 13: Sacrifice

The Clone Wars Season 5: Who Will Fall?

Episode 1: Revival
Episode 2: A War on Two Fronts
Episode 3: Front Runners
Episode 4: The Soft War
Episode 5: Tipping Points
Episode 6: The Gathering
Episode 7: A Test of Strength
Episode 8: Bound for Rescue
Episode 9: A Necessary Bond
Episode 10: Secret Weapons
Episode 11: A Sunny Day in the Void
Episode 12: Missing In Action
Episode 13: Point of No Return
Episode 14: Eminence
Episode 15: Shades of Reason
Episode 16: The Lawless
Episode 17: Sabotage
Episode 18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
Episode 19: To Catch a Jedi
Episode 20: The Wrong Jedi

The Clone Wars Season 4: Battle Lines

Episode 1: Water War
Episode 2: Gungan Attack
Episode 3: Prisoners
Episode 4: Shadow Warrior
Episode 5: Mercy Mission
Episode 6: Nomad Droids
Episode 7: Darkness on Umbara
Episode 8: The General
Episode 9: Plan of Dissent
Episode 10: Carnage of Krell
Episode 11: Kidnapped
Episode 12: Slaves of the Republic
Episode 13: Escape from Kadavo
Episode 14: A Friend in Need
Episode 15: Deception
Episode 16: Friends and Enemies
Episode 17: The Box
Episode 18: Crisis on Naboo
Episode 19: Massacre
Episode 20: Bounty
Episode 21: Brothers
Episode 22: Revenge

The Clone Wars Season 3: Secrets Revealed

Episode 1: Clone Cadets
Episode 2: ARC Troopers
Episode 3: Supply Lines
Episode 4: Sphere Of Influence
Episode 5: Corruption
Episode 6: The Academy
Episode 7: Assassin
Episode 8: Evil Plans
Episode 9: Hunt For Ziro
Episode 10: Heroes On Both Sides
Episode 11: Pursuit Of Peace
Episode 12: Nightsisters
Episode 13: Monster
Episode 14: Witches Of The Mist
Episode 15: Overlords
Episode 16: Altar Of Mortis
Episode 17: Ghosts Of Mortis
Episode 18: The Citadel
Episode 19: Counterattack
Episode 20: Citadel Rescue
Episode 21: Padawan Lost
Episode 22: Wookiee Hunt

The Clone Wars Season 2: Rise Of The Bounty Hunters

Episode 1: Holocron Heist
Episode 2: Cargo of Doom
Episode 3: Children of the Force
Episode 4: Senate Spy
Episode 5: Landing at Point Rain
Episode 6: Weapons Factory
Episode 7: Legacy of Terror
Episode 8: Brain Invaders
Episode 9: Grievous Intrigue
Episode 10: The Deserter
Episode 11: Lightsaber Lost
Episode 12: The Mandalore Plot
Episode 13: Voyage of Temptation
Episode 14: Duchess Of Mandalore
Episode 15: Senate Murders
Episode 16: Cat And Mouse
Episode 17: Bounty Hunters
Episode 18: Zillo Beast
Episode 19: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
Episode 20: Death Trap
Episode 21: R2 Come Home
Episode 22: Lethal Trackdown

Star Wars Barbie Entertainment Earth

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