About Us

Site Leadership

Philip Wise
Partner, Webmaster

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Wise spends most of his time dedicated to Star Wars collecting and fandom. Besides running TFN, he also runs Rebelscum.com and is a partner in C2 Ventures, Inc., a promotion company with a significant focus in the Star Wars celebrity arena, as well as OfficialPix.com, which held the Star Wars and Indiana Jones license to print and sell licensed photos and autographs from 2002 through 2015.

Dustin Roberts
Senior Content Manager

Roberts settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is married with two daughters. He was always a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, and his love of the toys and collecting habits were rekindled in 1995 when he started to see Kenner Star Wars action figures in stores again. Roberts' contributions to the online Star Wars community include involvement with many prominent fan based websites, like Yakface.com, Nerf-herder.com, Rebelscum.com, and R2D2central.com. He even had a brief stint at StarWars.com as a collecting forum moderator. In 2006, he won the title of Star Wars Fan Club President from Lucasfilm. He also started The ForceCast, which quickly became the #1 Star Wars podcast. Nowadays, Roberts concentrates on content management for TheForce.Net, while also contributing at Rebelscum.com and continually updating his ever-growing R2-D2 collection focus at R2D2central.com.

Anthony Baratta
Technical Guru

Anthony -- who hails from Tracy, CA -- joined the TFN staff in November, 2000. Anthony likes to think of himself as duct tape, bailing wire and silly putty for the Internet. He is a confused Zoology student that wandered into the PC computer revolution many years ago and stayed for the endless supply of Jolt Cola it provides him. Besides a fan of run on sentences, Anthony can be found tinkering with the under-the-hood side of TheForce.Net web site. Anthony has been a Star Wars fan since the summer of 77, where he excitedly stood in line almost every weekend to watch "the most tremendous movie of our time."

Frozen in Carbonite

Scott Chitwood (Houston, Texas)
Chitwood co-founded this site back in 1996 with Darin Smith when it was the Star Wars Page at Texas A&M. Scott contributes news and other items of interest including working with the books section. His goal for TFN was to make a site HE would be interested in visiting. All reports that he tried to Rogaine himself into a Wookiee are completely and totally false.

Joshua Griffin (South Orange County, California)
Griffin is a partner in TF.N, but no longer plays an active role in the site.

Mike Barrick (Abingdon, MD)
Mike was recruited by Dustin to help post news between 2007 and 2012.

Jason Swank & Jimmy Mac
Hosts of the ForceCast from 2006-2013, they made the ForceCast an award winning Star Wars podcast, and created a community of Star Wars fans like no other. They can be found over at Rebel Force Radio these days.

Eric Geller (Washington, D.C.)
Eric joined our staff as the Social Media Director on May 2, 2009, overseeing our social media presences on sites like Twitter and Facebook. He also was TFN's Star Wars Rebels reviewer, the host of the ForceCast network's Rebels Roundtable, and a contributor to the main ForceCast program. From 2009 to 2014, he reviewed episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for TFN. Eric moved on in 2015 to concentrate on political journalism in Washington, D.C.

Erik Blythe
Erik was the sole host of the original, award-winning podcast for TheForce.Net back in 2005. He returned to his Star Wars roots as a co-host, coordinator, and producer on the ForceCast network between 2013 and 2016. Since then, Erik has moved on and is running a podcast network at RandomChatter.com focusing on movies, television, and technology.