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Arnjak, Baljos

this man, who appeared to be a native of Coruscant, was a member of the New Republic's Wraith Squadron. He served as the team's biological expert, and was one of the few beings with extensive experience in the Yuuzhan Vong physiology. Arnjak's knowledge and skills were the reasons he was chosen as one of the Wraiths chosen to accompany Luke Skywalker on a mission to infiltrate Coruscant, after the Yuuzhan Vong captured the planet. Arnjak had managed to develop his own ooglith masquers, designed to resemble Yuuzhan Vong warriors when worn by New Republic agents. When the mission was completed, it was Arnjak who chose remain behind on Coruscant, which had been terraformed into a simulacrum of the long-long Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. He let loose a number of fungus droids that allowed him to gather information from across the planet, and made regular reports back to the Republic's commanders. It was Arnjak's report on the return of the Prophet, Yu'shaa, that prompted Kenth Hamner and the few remaining Jedi Knights to launch another mission to Coruscant, this time to talk to the Prophet about what happened on Zonama Sekot. Unknown to even his commanders, Arnjak had also managed to make contact with the Shamed Ones who flocked to the words of the prophet Yu'shaa, and had altered them to the possibility that the Galactic Alliance might try to retake Coruscant. When the attempt actually occurred, and Judder Page led an infiltration team to Coruscant's remade surface, Arnjak and his rebels were able to seek them out and provide assistance.
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