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this droid was stranded at the Peragus II medical facility during the years following the Jedi Civil War, after the Sith devotees who captured the Harbinger arrived at Peragus II. When The Exile awoke at the facility and set out to rescue a group of miners, HK-50 provided assistance in reaching the miners before they died. Among HK-50's many talents was the ability to mimic any voice that it overheard, which allowed the droid to gain access to several locations that were protected by voice-coded locks. During the rescue, The Exile questioned HK-50 about the events that brought him to Peragus II, and learned that the droid was actually a bounty hunter who had tried to turn him in for the bounty on his head. HK-50 revealed that there was a bounty on the heads of all Jedi. When The Exile was located by Kreia, HK-50 decided to stop them both, hoping to claim the two bounties. However, Atton Rand joined the fight, and HK-50 was badly damaged. It went into self-destruct mode and exploded. The explosion didn't destroy the droid's vocabulator system, which The Exile recovered and placed in the carcass of HK-47 aboard the Ebon Hawk. He later learned that it was HK-50 that was behind the murders on Peragus II, having killed them in order to lure a Jedi to the planet.
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