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this sentient HK-series assassin droid was believed to have been developed by Czerka Corporation during the height of the Great Sith War, and it was rumored that it's primary mission was the elimination of the leaders of rival corporations. HK-47 was a humanoid protocol droid which was modified with an insectile head and copper-colored plating, and its appearance was clearly meant to instill fear in its targets. It was known to have destroyed an entire building in order to eliminate a single target, and its merciless pursuit of its targets was well-known to by the time it turned its attention on its creators. For its own part in the galaxy, HK-47 felt it had a kind of amnesia, the result of a partial memory wipe. It knew that it had been created as a protocol droid, but all it could think about was killing living beings. HK-47 was, at the time, owned by an Ithorian named Yuka Laka on the planet Tatooine, but only knew fragments of its past. It was a previous owner, HK-47 reasoned, who programmed him to be a killer. After being repaired, HK-47 learned that it had been owned by several masters. One of these former masters was Bochaba the Hutt, who stumbled upon its assassination programming and altered it from a protocol droid to a killing machine. HK-47 was later owned by a Senator whom the droid came to like, and HK-47 even executed some of the Senator's rivals "for free". One of these executions turned out to be the Senator's wife, but the Senator had second thoughts and threw himself in front of a killing blast. The wife then sold HK-47 to a commercial officer. Before arriving on Tatooine, HK-47's previous owner was Darth Revan, who had programmed the droid to infiltrate the Sandpeople and learn information about the Star Forge. After completing this mission, Revan had HK-47's memories of the mission erased. This bond between HK-47 and Revan proved useful when Revan was returned to the Light Side of the Force and set off to locate the Star Forge. The droid's abilities proved useful regaining the trust of the Sandpeople, which allowed the Jedi Knights to locate the Star Map on Tatooine. In the wake of the destruction of the Star Forge, HK-47 was dismantled and stowed aboard the Ebon Hawk with The Exile, who later rebuilt the droid during the search for Darth Sion. After being restored to active duty, HK-47 revealed that it had originally been programmed by Revan as an assassin, programmed to eliminate those individuals who were destabilizing the Old Republic in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars. HK-47 was voiced by Kristoffer Tabori for the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
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