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HMP Droid Gunship

this droid-equipped gunship, used primarily in atmospheric battlezones, was produced for the Confederacy of Independent Systems by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance during the height of the Clone Wars. The Heavy Missile Platform gunship was essentially a flying saucer, with small "cockpit" slung underneath the front to house the central processor and a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons. A medium laser cannon was mounted on the chin, and either a light laser cannon or a concussion bomb could be mounted on each stubby wingtip. The primary weaponry of the HMP, however, was the fourteen controlled variable yield missiles it launched at its targets. Although originally designed and produced by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance, the HMP became such a fixture in the Separatist navy that it was eventually produced on a number of worlds. It was believed that Ado Eeman on Caramm V even appropriated some of the HMP gunships produced on his homeworld for use in his own private defense force. Overall, the HMP droid gunship measured 12.3 meters in length, with a wingspand of 11 meters. Its primary mission was planetary bombardment, so it was much slower than other Separatist droid fighters. This was a minor drawback, however, given its powerful weaponry and impressive shields. A combination of ion-drive thrusters and powerful repulsorlift engines gave the HMP stability and maneuvering capability that allowed it to accurately pinpoint its target and deploy its payloads.
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