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an alien race native to the planet Maridun, the Amanin were a race of tall, flat-bodied creatures with an impossibly agile form. Their long, thin trunks are punctuated by thin, gangly limbs which allowed them to become expert hunters in the jungle fringes they inhabited. Their unusual body shape made normal walking ungainly, but their ability to climb trees and roll along the ground made them swift in their natural environment. Vital organs within the Amani body were small, and were distributed throughout their bodies, making them difficult to kill. Important organs were also duplicated, and their brains were really a network of distributed bundles of nerves. They were a tribal people with a primitive level of technology when the Empire tried to garrison Maridun, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Most Amanin were skeptical and even fearful of high-technology items. When the Empire discovered Maridun, it wasted several companies in their first attempt to subdue the Amanin, as the Imperial forces were completely unprepared for the coordination of the Amanin, both in pre-battle planning and in actual combat. Eventually, however, the Empire prevailed, and managed to acquire Amanin slaves by pitting the tribes of Amanin against each other, with rivals supplying slaves from their enemy's tribes.
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