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this was the alias used by Tahl, when she infiltrated the reformed Absolutes on the planet New Apsolon, some nine years before the Battle of Naboo. (TTB)

T. Chamber
a group of container ships used by Galactic Electronics to supply the Pondut research station. (TIE)

T.I.E. Fighter
the original twin ion engine starfighter produced by Republic Seinar Systems, this ship served as the basis for the Imperial TIE Fighter. It was succeeded by the Imperial TIE, before giving way to the standard TIE/ln fighter. (SWJ10)

this JV-Z1/S databank droid served the Old Republic as a military tactics specialist. It was programmed with the details of thousands of skirmishes and battles, from feudal spats to incredible space campaigns. When the New Order was instituted, T-11 was poorly reprogrammed by Imperial engineers to pilot a garbage scow. The slicer who did the reprogramming failed to re-initialize several of T-11's memory circuits, and this didn't mesh well with its new programming. T-11 underwent several mutations of its basic subroutines, and its pattern of thought became erratic. The droid developed several distinct personalities, and disappeared only three months after its reprogramming. The droid and its garbage scow were eventually discovered by the Kaarenth Dissension, and was again destined for reprogramming. However, the personality in control of T-11 rebelled and would not condone a memory wipe. The master of the droid pool grew exhausted trying to fix T-11, and eventually assigned it to keep the Dissension's Skipray Blastboats ready for immediate takeoff. T-11 was quite paranoid, and felt that it was being stalked most of the time. (SWJ8)

this was an out-dated, repeating blaster. (TG)

this code provided access to the Trade Federation's concentration camp on the Street of Glory, during their invasion of the planet Naboo. (IOT)

this small droid assisted Ulic Qel-Droma in his search for Sith information on Onderon. (DLS)

an airspeeder built by Incom for terrestrial transportation. (SWSB)

this was the designation of the hyperdrive generator used on many Nubian starship designs, often mated to the 327 hyperdrive unit. (TPM, X1)

this was a model of snub-nosed blaster rifle produced by BlasTech during the New Order. (SWJ5)

this Imperial research and development space station was attacked and overtaken by Sard Nightbringer and her forces, during their attempt to rid Tamarin Sector of Imperial control during the early years of the New Republic. Sard discovered that the Imperial researchers had been working on a new form of body armor which was protected by a new form of shields, and she decided to auction it off to the highest bidder in order to obtain funds for her organization. (POC)

a three-winged, triangular craft built by Incom for terrestrial transportation. Similar in controls to an X-Wing, they are often referred to as skyhoppers. The T-16 was equipped with an E-16/x ion engine afterburner, in addition to a pair of DCJ-45 repulsorlift engines, which gave it a top cruising speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour, as well as a 300 kilometer ceiling. The 5.2-meter-long craft was armed only with four stun lasers, and carried no shields. The top two lasers can be removed in favor of a targetting lasers, and the lower two lasers can be replaced with pneumatic cannons. With two wings pointing downward and the third wing standing straight up, the T-16 was a menaueverable craft that stood 10.4 meters in height. Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen Lars purchased a T-16 for him to use on Tatooine, which Luke used to fly the canyons and shoot womprats. (SW, SWSB, EGV, NEGV)

this starfighter was produced for the Old Republic by Torpil, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was an exceptionally fast ship, and many of the pilots who flew it during the war remarked that speeds of 650 kilometers per hour were essentially "standing still" for the T-19. (JT)

T-19 Star Burner
this was a high-speed sublight engine produced for small starships, during the early years of the New Republic. (BHKK)

this was the designation of Yutrane-Tackata's hovertank. It was used by the Alliance during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. It was designed to be a swift-moving anti-infantry and anti-aircraft weapons platform. (FC)

see TD2.3 (NEGW)

this galactic quadrant contains the planet Phelarion. (CSWEA)

see T-21 (GQRG)

BlasTech's light repeating blaster, the T-21 was a rifle-sized weapon which had a long, thick barrel. They were designed for military use, and could be adapted to use a larger power supply. This modification was not recommended, though, as the weapon tended to overheat under constant, heavy use. (RPG, CCG, EGW)

T-21 Hyper Particle Exchange Chamber
this fictional device was created by Adi Gallia, as a device which the Jedi planned to peddle to the Yinchorri in order to infiltrate their base on Yitheeth. (AOW)

an old model of skyhopper, similar to a T-16 in that its controls are very close to those of an X-Wing. (HTF)

a chemical weapon that induced severe nausea when dispersed, T-238 was developed by Czerka during the height of the New Order. for use in chemical-load grenades. (ISB, AEG)

this Incom repulsorlift airspeeder was antiquated by the era of the Battle of Naboo. It was considered the forerunner of the T-47 airspeeder used by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Only 200 T-24 speeders were ever produced, and most of them ended up in museums. The T-24 had gullwing doors and a stubby fin-like wing atop its cockpit canopy. (LSOM)

this gas-filled stun grenade was manufactured by Czerka. (PP)

T-2c Personnel Transport
this was Cygnus Spaceworks' version of the Theta-class shuttle, built during the height of the Clone Wars for the Old Republic. Measuring 18.5 meters in length, the T-2c had a maximum wingspan of 29.3 meters and a height of 18.5 meters. The folding wings of this shuttle were designed primarily to project powerful, overlapping shields, but also provided maneuverability and stability in flight. Upon landing, the wings were folded up to allow the ship to settle onto its landing gear. Equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive, the T-2c personnel transport had a range of some 8,000 light-years. Requiring a minimum of a pilot to operate, the T-2c was made easier to handle with the addition of a co-pilot, navigator, communications officer, and a weapons expert. The weaponry of the T-2c consisted of a pair of quad laser cannons and an aft-facing laser cannon. Darth Sidious had a T-2c shuttle specially-modified by Warthan's Wizards, giving it the ability communicate across vast distances, as well as installing sensor masks and other technology to make the shuttle appear empty to most scanners. (X3)

T-3 Series Droid
this was a heavy-duty model of navigation droid, created during the height of the New Order to assist in controlling vehicles that operated in harsh climates. (PZZ2)

T3 Web Comber
this outdated device was used to analyze computer networks. (IWE1)

this light blaster was popular during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. (LFC)

this light blaster pistol was a favorite among smugglers during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LFC)

this type of plasma torpedo was known as a shieldbuster, or a rotten egg. The T-33 was designed to detonate at a shield's perimeter, creating in intense radiation burst. This burst was several times more powerful that the combined power of a capital ship's ion cannons, and knocked out the target's shield generators. This allowed particle weapons to finish off the target. The T-33 was one of the New Republic's strongest weapons. (SOL)

this was one of the two Alliance encryption codes used to protect communications with the Condor drop point facility. (SWJ14)

an Imperial tug. (XW)

this was the document number of a report by the Alliance's military, comparing the performance of standard Imperial and Alliance starfighters. (XW)

T-36 Skyfighter
this was a specialized skyhopper, built by Incom Industries during the height of the New Order to serve as a near-orbit defense ship. The mission profile of the T-36 was similar in many respects to that of the Imperial TIE Fighter. The body of the T-36 was based on the tri-winged design used in the T-16 skyhopper, but this meant that these craft were extremely susceptible to windshear, and pilots had to be careful around storms to avoid being disabled. This danger, coupled with the fact that the T-36 lacked inertial dampers and required a speciallized landing platform, made the T-36 a poor performer in its targetted role. Most of these craft were relegated to used as lightreconnaissance craft. Measuring 8.2 meters in length, the standard T-36 was a one-person craft that was armed with a double laser cannon. (SOT)

this was the designation of Yutrane-Tackata's heavy attack tank. It was used by the Alliance during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War, but was considered slow and heavy. Thus, it was used during surface-to-surface engagements. The T3-B was armed with missile launchers and heavy blasters. (FC)

this ancient T3-series utility droid was created on the planet Taris some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, modified to serve as a personal security unit. It was given light armor plating and upgradeable weaponry, and its programming was augmented for use in slicing into computer systems and breaking encryption codes. It was also provided with a variety of combat routines, many of which bent the rules about a droid's ability to harm a living being. T3-M4's owner was never publically identified, and its creator, Janice Nall, never told who ordered the droid. In reality, T3-M4 was originally designed for Davik Kang, but the droid was stolen by the courier who was employed to obtain it. Canderous Ordo had been chosen as the courier, but he managed to hire a group to purchase the droid before he could acquire it. Ordo then used the droid to slice into Taris' computer networks and steal the necessary codes for evading the Sith blockade of the planet. T3-M4 was later acquired by Carth Onasi and Revan, who used the droid aboard the Ebon Hawk during the search for the Star Forge. After the defeat of Darth Malak, the Ebon Hawk disappeared in deep space. With her hyperdrive damaged and Revan unaccounted for, the ship was adrift until T3-M4 and 3C-FD repaired the drives. After the ship was brought to Peragus II by Kreia, T3-M4 proved useful when Revan set out to escape from the facility, which had been attacked by an unknown force. Although T3-M4 valiantly helped Revan escape, the droid was badly damaged when it breached an emergency hatch that opened into the mines. T3-M4 managed to reach a repair station, and got enough of its systems back online to return to Revan and escape from Peragus II. After being stranded on Telos, T3-M4 was captured by Atris and the Haindmaiden Sisters, who spent time downloaded large portions of his memory core. T3-M4, in turn, managed to acquire a recording of The Exile's sentencing, as well as a list of all known surviving Jedi Masters. During The Exile's search for surviving Jedi Masters, T3-M4 was lost in a game of pazaak and eventually sold to Vogga the Hutt, who put the droid to work in his warehouse on Nar Shaddaa. (KOTOR, SWDB, KOTOR2)

this T3-series utility droid was repaired by Janice Nall and put up for sale at her shop on Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. The droid was purchased by Carth Onasi and the survivors of the Endar Spire, but exploded shortly afterward. Janice Nall refunded their money, and eventually sold them T3-M4. (KOTOR)

this blue-tinted protocal droid was operating on the planet Trevura, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. T-3PO was a timid droid that worked for the assassin droid S-R6, and moved about the city of Voma in an attempt to purchase black-market versions of the experimental Imperial blasters being imported by Governor Merno Blask. It was later discovered that T-3PO had been outfitted with programming that allowed it to fire a blaster, giving T-3PO the ability to handle itself in a fight. (WOA14)

this silver protocol droid served aboard the Subjugator. T-3PO was roughly humanoid, with insectile plating. Programmed with a harsh, female personality, her years of service aboard the Victory-class Star Destroyer made her hate the humans who treated her as a tool. Her programming kept her loyal to the Empire, but it also gave her a sense of being and worth. When the Subjugator was attacked by an Alliance fleet, T-3PO's programming told that she was superior to the other droids on the ship, and so she had to survive the encounter. As the other droids deserted their posts in the confusion, T-3PO realized that her only hope was to follow the Alliance agents accompanying Walex Blissex. It is unknown if T-3PO survived the destruction of the Subjugator. (SF)

T3-series Droid
this utility droid was produced during the years leading up to the Great Sith War, some 4,000 years prior to the Battle of Yavin. Canine in stature, the T3-series utility droid was known for its versatility, reliability, and adaptability, and they were used throughout the galaxy for jobs like janitorial duties to complex mechanical repairs. While more expensive than most models, the T3 was built with the most up-to-date technology available to its manufacturers, and was easily upgraded or customized to meet any need. (KOTOR)

this large transport skimmer was developed for use by the Empire, and was designed to carry troops and equipment into battle. It could transport up to five tons of payload, and it was armed with a double-barreled energy cannon. (RAG)

this was the name of the fourth planet in the Thaereian System. During the years following the Battle of Naboo, the Smugglers' Confederation and the Cularin military discovered a hidden base on the planet. Representatives of the Metatheran Cartel and the Thaereian Military were seen working together with other criminal elements, stockpiling bacta and other supplies. (WOTC)

this was a model of flitter built by Incom during the Galactic Civil War. They could be armed with a double laser cannon for police and paramilitary use. (ML)

this was a power shunt, developed by the Baktoid Armor Workshop and sold throughout the galaxy during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

an Incom airspeeder which could transport 2 passengers and limited onboard cargo, the T-47 was originally designed as an atmosphere tugboat of sorts. The pilot controlled the craft's course, while the rear-facing "cargo manager" used magnetic harpoons to drag along repulsor-equipped cargo modules. However, because of their durability, the T-47 found widespread use on backwater planets as a transport vehicle. In its basic design, the T-47 could attain speeds near 1,000 kilometers per hour when unburdened, allowing it to quickly reach incoming ships. Some were converted into airspeeders, because the T-47 had a 250 kilometer ceiling. However, the Alliance was forced modified them for military use on the frozen world of Hoth, keeping them low to the ground to prevent freeze-ups. Alliance technicians added two fire-linked laser cannons, a power harpoon, and heavier shields. These craft could attain speeds of nearly 570 kilometers per hour. Other T-47s were modified to serve on water worlds, in deserts, or as high-altitude reconnaissance craft. In its base form, the T-47 measured 5.3 meters in length. (ESB, RPG, CHRN, NEGV)

designation of Cygnus Spaceworks' Lambda-class shuttle. It measures 20 meters in length, has a crew complement of 4, and is armed with 10 Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannons. It has been rated at a top speed of 65 MGLT, with 100 SBD shields and a 25 RU hull. (XW, TIE)

this was the model number of a force pike produced by Merr-Sonn. (AIR)

this was the designation of a public transportation skylane, found on the planet Coruscant. (HNN4)

this protocol droid was modified by Imperial scientists for use as an espionage droid. However, a quirk in its programming surfaced in its logic dispenser that resulted in T5-G3 shutting down every six to eight months before its systems reboot. The droid was inserted into the New Republic's droid pool as a labor management droid, in hopes that it could provide information on the Republic's military actions. (WBC)

this BlasTech heavy blaster pistol was known to soldiers as the Thunderer, and was marketed as the ultimate "superheavy" blaster pistol. It was first produced to compete in the marketplace with SoroSuub's Renegade weapon, and was the weapon known to have ended the "blaster wars" between BlasTech, Merr-Sonn, and SoroSuub because of its incredible power. Unfortunately, the T-6 tended to overheat because of its power, and the barrel of the weapon could warp. If this occurred, especially during a firefight when the weapon is not allowed to cool down, the focusing crystals can be misaligned and the T-6 could explode in the user's hands. (WSV, GUN, AEG)

T-6 Diodem
this device, produced on the planet Arda-2, was used in starfighter targetting controls to establish a positive lock on a target. The natives of Arda-2 produced them for use by the Alliance, but they also produced a non-military version for certain household service devices. Mag Doum secretly recovered used home-service diodems and sold them to the Empire at significant markups. The Empire then installed them in TIE Fighters, and used them to attack Alliance starships. Luke Skywalker went to Arda-2 to protest what the Alliance saw as a direct sale of the T-6 to the Empire, and uncovered Mag Doum's plot. (CSWEA)

see X-Wing (UF)

one of the many improved designs of the Incom Industries X-Wing starfighter, the A3 was developed during the second decade of the New Republic. It boasted improved shielding and lasers, both of which required less power to operate, but were more efficient and accurate to use. It was bested in its generation only by the T-65XJ model developed for use by the Jedi Knights. One of the main upgrades on the T-65A3 was the secondary fire button on the command stick. It allowed the pilot to fire in a cycling, single-laser pattern no matter how the weapons were fire-linked. This secondary fire was shot out with less power than normal, allowing the weapons to cycle rapidly. This proved to be of use against the coralskippers of the Yuuzhan Vong, as it allowed pilots to pour larger amounts of energy into their black-hole shields, causing the shields to collapse. Regular firepower could then be used to punch through the coralskippers' rocky exterior. (DTO)

this version of the Incom X-Wing starfighter was produced about ten years after the Battle of Endor. It had speed to match an A-Wing, but was still as rugged and sturdy as the original X-Wings. The AC4's incorporated numerous advances in targetting, fire control, and power distribution. Armament remained similar to the original, with four heavy laser cannons mounted on the wingtips and a proton torpedo launcher. (JASB, SOG)

a new form of starship fuel pump introduced for use on X-Wings two years after the Battle of Endor. (XWN)

an early version of the Incom X-Wing. (SWSB, RASB)

this version of the standard X-Wing starfighter was developed for use as a reconnaissance craft during the early years of the New Republic. The proton torpedo launchers were removed and replaced with high-gain long-range sensors. The T-65BR relied heavily on the use of an astromech, which acted not only as a navigational aid but as an automated controller of the sensor packages. Each T-65BR was also rigged with a deadman self-destruct system, which would destroy the ship if the pilot was ever killed in combat. This ensured that any data recovered by the ship would be lost and untraceable. (CTD)

T-65c A2
this was the model name of the first X-Wing starfighter to be mass-produced by Incom Industries. Because of its designation, the T65c A2 was sometimes considered a modified version of the X-Wing. (SWSB, RASB)

this version of the Incom X-Wing starfighter was introduced about seventeen years after the Battle of Endor. This X-Wing replaced the astromech R2 unit with additional computer power, providing more maneuverability and increased in-flight options for the pilot. The New Republic began replacing its old, aging T-65As with the T-65D-A1, until Cole Fardreamer discovered that their new shipboard computers were rigged with Imperial detonation devices. The computers had been built under the direction of Dolph, who planned to detonate them from Almania at a specified time. Cole found the detonators while repairing Luke Skywalker's old X-Wing, which was being refitted with the new computers. He showed the detonators to Wedge Antilles, who had originally ordered the newer X-Wings to replace the old ones. Wedge began recalling the newer ships before they could explode, and new computer systems were ordered to replace the rigged ones. (TNR)

this version of the standard Incom X-Wing starfighter was designed for surveillance and reconnaissance. Known as a snoopscoot, it employed a pair of sensor pods which trailed behind the ship to gather data on a nearby world. The sensor equipment could be jettisoned if the ship was attacked, and the pods recovered later. The T-65R lacked weapons, so it was often accompanied by other starfighters. (IR)

this heavily-modified version of the durable X-Wing starfighter was developed two decades after the Battle of Endor by Incom. Among the enhancements over the original models, the XJ had three proton torpedo launchers, each of which carried three torpedoes. The XJ series ship also had improved fire-linking capability, with the ability to link the four laser cannons in specific patterns of fire, rather than just combinations of the four guns. Thus the weapons could be configuration to fire a pair of dual bursts - from any combination of cannons - followed in the cycle by a single quad burst from all four cannons. The XJ was also equipped to use an R7-series astromech droid. Two of these ships found their way into the small fleet maintained by Kyp Durron, and many civilians believed that the "J" in the designation indicated that the ships were produced for the Jedi Knights. (VP, JE, BP, EVC)

this was the latest version of the original X-Wing T-65 starfighter, produced by Incom Industries during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Among their many updates, the XJ3 series had variable-stutter lasers, decoy-enhanced proton torpedoes, and grab-proof shields. These sophisticated upgrades were all made in an attempt to give the starfighters some kind of advantage over the Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers and gravity-based technologies. They were especially useful when attacking alien ships using the so-called shadow bombs, since one torpedo launcher could be loaded with unpropelled missiles. (SBS, NJOSB)

this modern version of the Incom X-Wing was build during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

an outdated model of landspeeder. Luke Skywalker owned one on Tatooine, before he sold it to pay for his passage to Alderaan. (COJ)

a model of skyhopper. (GOF4)

an experimental airspeeder used by Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar while exploring the planet Ossus, the T-77 was a bulbous craft with a large turbine engine mounted at the rear. A weapon emplacement was located under the nose of the speeder. (DE2, NEGV)

this was a version of Incom airspeeder developed after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (SOP)

this immense droid was developed and manufactured by Zubintech, during the last century of the Old Republic. (SWJ7)

this red-plated protocol droid served as a spaceport negotiator in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. T-9PM, which had been programmed to consider himself more important than he really was, which served to hide the fact that T-9PM was owned by the Alliance. T-9PM served as the primary liaison to the various smugglers and misfits who fled Imperial control and wanted to assist the Alliance in overturning the Empire. (RESB)

this MC40a was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Ta'a Chume
the Queen Mother of the Hapan worlds during the era of the New Order, she is a devious woman who gave birth to two sons. She would stop at nothing to see her elder son married to a powerful new queen, but he was a pacifist and - in her mind - a weakling. So, she had him assassinated in order to elevate her younger son, Isolder, to the position of heir. When Isolder fell in love with Elliar, Ta'a Chume disagreed with his selection. She also had Elliar murdered, and pushed Isolder to marry a more fitting wife. Ta'a Chume also had a dislike for the Jedi Knights, and when she meets Luke Skywalker, the dislike only increases when Luke bests her in gaining information on Han Solo's whereabouts. She allowed the Old Republic some measure of respect, but when it crumbled and the Empire took over, she became a brutal leader, firming up the Hapan armed forces to keep the Imperials at bay. The Hapan worlds have since enjoyed a measure of prosperity, and Ta'a has been reduced to keeping the various factions from killing each other's heirs in attempts to gain the throne. She pretended to agree to her son Isolder's proposed marriage to Princess Leia, but she was secretly against it, feeling that Leia would bring nothing but the downfall of the Hapan government. She arranged for an assassination attempt on Leia's life, but it failed. Isolder, upon hearing of this, also accused her of killing his former betrothed, Elliar, and his older brother. Ta'a Chume eventually backed off, and let Isolder marry the Dathomirian "princess" Teneniel Djo. When Tenel Ka was born, Ta'a Chume began doting on the child, in hopes that she could twist the child into a "proper" Hapes Queen. In this effort, however, she failed, and Tenel Ka became a full Jedi. Ta'a Chume, it was later revealed, had something to do with the attempt by a group of Bartokk assassins to kill Tenel Ka, and she was forced to step down as Queen Mother and relinquish the throne to Teneniel Djo. Her abdication, though final, did not prevent her from keeping a hand in the dealings of the royal family. After the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, and after the destruction of a portion of the Consortium Navy at the Battle of Fondor, Ta'a Chume even condoned several assassination attempts on Isolder and Teneniel Djo. However, the opening of Hapes to war refugees was too much for her to take. With the help of her aide Trisdin, Ta'a Chume began searching for a young woman to replace Teneniel Djo - a young woman she could mold in her own image. Her first attempt to locate such a woman focused on Jaina Solo, shortly after the Jedi lost her brother Anakin to the Yuuzhan Vong. After arranging for the murder of her daugther-in-law, Ta'a Chume quickly ordered new leadership be instated for Hapes, blaming the murder on the Ni'Korish. Her plans failed when Tenel Ka agreed to take her mother's position, a right which was hers to exercise. Despite her position as former Queen Mother, Ta'a Chume was arrested and charged with the murder to Teneniel Djo. She remained in a minimum security environment for many years, and slowly grew more and more angry at the fact that her Jedi-trained grand-daughter, Tenel Ka, had assumed the throne of the Queen Mother. Ta'a Chume's frustration and unrest only increased when Tenel Ka refused to marry, and continued to involve the Hapes Cluster in the politics of the greater galaxy. In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, which cost many Hapan lives, Ta'a Chume began to hear whispers of Tenel Ka's growing relationship with Jacen Solo. After the Qoribu Crisis, it became obvious that Tenel Ka was pregnant, and Ta'a Chume began to plot a new pathway to power. She arranged a deal with the Gorog hive to have Tenel Ka's infant daughter killed, knowing that she could only retake the position of Queen Mother without a direct heir in the way. Her plans were spoiled when the baby's father, Jacen Solo, arrived on Hapes with Ben Skywalker. The two Jedi added their strength to Tenel Ka's, and defeated the insectile assassins. Jacen, angry at the attempt on his daughter's life, confronted Ta'a Chume and had her restrained. Ta'a Chume then revealed that it had been Gorog who had come to her first, claiming that it wanted revenge against Tenel Ka for sending of a Hapan fleet to Qoribu. She also explained that the Gorog were looking for navicomputers and hyperdrives in order to escape from the Utegetu Nebula. Jacen, satisfied with her answers but unwilling to let her remain free, sent a sharp spike of Force power into Ta'a Chume's brain, rendering her unable to produce a coherent thought. (CPL, EGC, JE, DJ, DN2)

Taadus, Grenvil
this man served as an Imperial medical corpsman and combat surgeon on Bakura, during the rule of Governor Wilek Nereus. Taadus did not embrace the Empire, remaining as neutral as he could during the Galactic Civil War. During the Bakura Incident, it was Taadus who tried to keep Dev Sibwarra alive after his escape from the Ssi-ruuk. Unfotunately, Sibwarra's injuries were too grave to survive. Taadus later accompanied Petr Thanas in embracing the fledgling New Republic, and eventually served as a medical officer aboard the medical frigate Mercy. (TBSB)

Taage Industries
see TaggeCo (MC47)

this was the title given to the single, neutral leader of the four Aramandi akia. The Taal was chosen by an ancient process set forth by the Eeronon, and held the office until death. Among the powers given to the Taal was the command of the Taler armed forces. (AE, FBS)

Taal, Philo
this young man was the older brother of Reglis Taal. Philo was hunted down and killed by two bounty hunters, Krestock and Raxine, even though there was never a bounty placed on his head. Reglis eventually hunted Krestock and Raxine down and executed them for their parts in Philo's death. (GG10)

Taal, Reglis
this man turned into a bounty hunter after his older brother, Philo, was shot and killed by Krestock and Raxine. Both believed that Philo was wanted, but there was never an official bounty posted for his capture. Reglis was just nineteen at the time, and hunted both of them down and executed them for their part in Philo's Death. Taal later documented his life in the autobiography, Endings and Beginnings: An Autobiography. (GG10)

Taal's Residence
this was the primary residence of the Aramandi Taal, and was located in the capital city of Talerakia on Aram. It also served as the political center of the Aramand Cluster. (FBS)

Taal's River
this was the name given to the river which flowed through the city of Talerakia and emptied into the Bay of Eeronon, on the planet Aram. (FBS)

this female Yuuzhan Vong was a member of the Shamed Ones caste, and was part of the slave crew aboard the Stalking Moon. It was Taan who revealed to Corran Horn that the Shamed Ones believed the Jedi Knights would be their salvation. She later helped the Jedi gain control of the scoutship by communicating with Yuuzhan Vong commanders, claiming that the Stalking Moon had suffered a failure during hyperspace reversion, and that much of the command crew was injured or killed. (EVR)

this young boy and his younger sister, Dyrla, lived with their father on Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. Their mother had been killed aboard a transport by the Thaereian Military, and the family came to hate the Thaereians as much as any Cularin natives. Thus, when the Cularin Militia was able to defeat the Thaereians and restore freedom to the Cularin System, Taan and Dyrla were among the thousands who lined the streets of their home city to witness a parade honoring the heroes of the Thaereian Conflict. Like his father, twleve-year-old Taan believed that the various members of the fighter squadrons and military units were the true heroes of Cularin, and he couldn't understand why Dylra adored Osten Dal'Nay. (LFCW)

Taan Yun-forqana zhoi
this was the rallying cry of the Yuuzhan Vong priests. (DW)

Taan, Cather
this stocky man owned and operated Cather Taan's Gun Shop, in the Storrd Township of the planet Seregar. The only decent arms dealer in the area, Taan was known for his knowledge of weapons and his stoic demeanor. He never bargained or traded, standing firm on his prices. His repair work was first-rate, another indication that his prices were fair, if not a bit higher than normal. (ND)

the natives of this planet aided by Lando Calrissian in turning away a group of raiding Norulac pirates. Taanab had one moon. The Empire had used Taanab as a major food production facility. Note that X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Requiem for a Rogue names this planet as Taanad. (ROTJ, SWJ5, XWRR)

Taanab Exercise
this training exercise was designed by Luke Skywalker to train his new Jedi Knights. It involved trying to determine what the correct course of action would be in averting a flood that threatened a group of villagers. The students were required to investigate the available data and decide how best to avoid a disaster. Among the facts presented was the sudden appearance of off-world speculators who planned to sell homes on the floodplain to Alderaanian survivors. The villagers were actually building in the most dangerous area of the floodplain. (DTO)

Taanab Operation
this battle was aprt of Grand Admiral Thrawn's plans to unsettle the fledgling New Republic, some five years after the Battle of Endor. As part of the Taanab Operation, Thrawn dispatched the Bellicose to harass the planet Taanab in the wake of the Battle of Sluis Van. In order to ensure pinpoint accuracy and coordination among the Imperial forces, Thrawn planned on using the skills of the Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth to coordinate the battles plans. However, C'baoth went out on his own and used a Force technique to link all the gunners' minds to his own. He then was able to control the entire firing plan, and used the Imperial forces to his own ends. Thrawn relieved him from the operation when he found out about C'baoth's maneuver, allowing the Dark Jedi to return to Jomark and await the arrival of Luke Skywalker. (DFR)

Taanab Sunrise
this New Republic warship was badly damaged during the Battle of Garqi, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was saved when the Imperial Remnant, under the command of Admiral Pellaeon, intervened in the battle in support of the Republic. The Red Harvest placed itself between the Yuuzhan Vong force and the Taanab Sunrise, absorbing damage while allowing the Taanab Sunrise to escape. (DTR)

Taanab Yellow Aces Squadron
this all-volunteer starfighter squadron, made up of A-Wings and E-Wings painted yellow with angular black stripes, joined the New Republic forces which massed at Borleias in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. Originally based on Taanab, the squadron flew escort duty for the Reckless Abandon during the resupplying of the Borleias base. When the squadron arrived at Borleias, it was revealed that their leader was none other than Wes Janson. The Yellow Aces remained attached to the New Republic's forces after the formation of the Galactic Alliance, and was instrumental in the liberation of the prisoners of war that were held on Selvaris. (EL2, UF)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "explorer", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

one of the original colonists to populate Eol Sha, and an illegitimate descendant of a former Jedi Knight. (JS)

this sea creature was once native to the planet Yuuzhan'tar, before it was rendered uninhabitable by the Yuuzhan Vong, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin. By the time the Yuuzhan Vong reached the New Republic, the taaphur was extinct. It existed only as a genetic blueprint inside a Shaper's qahsa, in case such a creature was ever needed for a new purpose. (FP)

this was one of the many hives that made up the Colony. Like all other hives within the Colony, the members of the Taat hive referred to themselves, as well as the entire nest, as Taat, and acted upon the Will of the Taat hive. However, the Taat were notable among the fourteen or so hives of the Colony for its stoic approach to life. The Taat established their nest on the moon Jwlio. When the Colony's conflict with the Chiss was resolved, some five years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Taat was the first of the Qoribu hives to be relocated to another planet. The entire hive was moved aboard the Kendall and transported to a world within the Utegetu Nebula, that was deep in the Unknown Regions and well away from Chiss space. (DN1, DN2)

this was a generic term used to describe a variety of leafy plants that were used to make tobacco-like products. The many varieties of tabac could be used in a wide range of forms, from rolled cigarras to chewable shreds. Many varieties were mildly addictive. (PH)

a large, cat-like creature native to Corellia, the tabaga often hunted vrelts for food. (THG)

this mammalian carnivore was native to the planet Corellia. (GQRG)

Tabal Comet Casino
this was one of the largest casinos on the planet Entrus. It was located in the city of Cica. (GMK)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Tabanne, Atril
this woman, a native of Coruscant, served the New Republic as a Lieutenant and Choday Hrakness' second-in-command. Before joining the Republic, Tabanne graduated from the Imperial Academy. She served aboard the Night Caller in support of Wraith Squadron, and was instrumental in keeping the Night Caller active in the defense of Talasea against an attack from Apwar Trigit. For her bravery in the battle, she was promoted to the rank pof Captain. Because Hrakness was killed in the battle, she was also given the command of the Night Caller. (WS)

this Troig Saprin was part of the same being as the Saprah, Dwuir, during the last decade of the Old Republic. However, Dwuir ought to be separated from Tabb during the year prior to the Clone Wars. The debates over the ethical necessity and medical ability to perform the operation started a galaxy-wide debate in many circles. Due to the poor medical facilities on Pollillus, as well as the possible death of one being in such a separation, Dwuirinstabb remained together for many months while the debates raged on. (HNN5)

Tabbe, Greng
this man was an official of the Imperial Public Policy Foundation, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ7)

this was a term used by the instructors who taught the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, during their training on Kamino. The term tabbing was short for the tactical advance into battle. (RCHC)

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