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this was one of the most popular holovid series of the last years of the Old Republic. Originally written by Palleus Chuff, Jedi! told of the fantastic adventures of fictional members of the Jedi Order. Chuff himself played Master Yoda. (YDR)

this unusual creature, a member of the Velmoc species, spent most of its life dreaming of becoming a Jedi Knight. However, with the advent of the New Order, Jedidiah's dreams were put into stasis. He became an advisor and confidante to the royal family of Velmor, and pledged himself to keeping the planet free of Imperial control. When the Empire finally subjugated Velmor, Jedidiah arranged to have Prince Denid and his beloved, Loren, flee the planet on a shuttle. In the escape, Jedidiah sustained a number of injuries. The three were forced to crashland on a remote jungle world, and Loren died in the crash. Jedidiah survived, and nursed Denid back to health. However, the crash isolated Jedidiah, and his already damaged mind eventually snapped. He spent the rest of his days bemoaning his lost dream of joining the Jedi, and would only answer to the name "Jedi.". He carried a gnarled wooden stick, claiming it was his lightsaber. Once back on Velmor, Jedidiah regained his touch with the Force when Luke Skywalker used it to help fight Traal and Zelor. Jedidiah went to help Luke, but was shot and killed by Captain Traal. (LTA2, WOTC, MC49)

this was Guerra Derida's nickname for Qui-Gon Jinn. (HP)

this was the name of a street in the city of Xakrea, on Darkknell. (TFNR)

Jedi's Fire
this was a term used during the last decades of the Old Republic to describe a naturally-occurred weather phenomenon that could also be experienced near force-field generators. Jedi's Fire was essentially a locallized electrostatic discharge that caused the sky to light up with eerie flickers of light. Any being close enough to the discharge experienced the odd sensation of having the electricity dance along their bodies. (MJH)

Jedi-Sith War
see New Sith Wars (VD3)

this man was the planetary governor and second in command of the Imperial garrison on Sellasas, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He was promoted to the governorship of Dolla after breaking the Alliance siege on Sellasas, and decided to employ Tyionsis Cex as his personal bounty hunter. (GG10)

Jedselk, Amara
this young woman was the daughter of Governer Jedselk of Sellasas. When the Alliance tried to retake the planet, she was caught in the middle of the crossfire. During the battle, she rescued a Srrors'tok warrior, whom she later named Tyionsis Cex. (GG10)

this Huttese prooun translated into Basic as "I." (GMR5)

Jee oto ta Huttuk koga
this Huttese phrase translated roughly into Basic as "I like Hutts". (WOTC)

this was the Huttese word for "Jedi". (TF)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong term for a Jedi Knight. (DTO)

this was the Huttese pronoun for "we." (GMR5)

meaning "fair", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Jeeska do sookee koopa moe nanya!
this Huttese exclamation translated into Basic as "Keep your suction cups where I can see them!" (GMR4)

Gargon's butler. (GMS)

Jeffers served as General Irrv's aide on Culroon III. He was killed when Kloff, feigning submission to the Empire, stabbed him with the ceremonial sword given to Kloff by Irrv. (SWSB)

an Alliance Corvette operative during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this young A'Mar boy was part of the group which participated in the Beastlord's Hunt that took place during the Galactic Civil War, just before Olianna was required to take part in The Vigil. During the hunt, Jeg was injured, and tradition held that the group could not seek aid from their fellow A'Mar. However, as Olianna was protected by a group of off-world adventurers, Jeg's friend Uri'Los approached the adventurers and asked for help. The adventurers were unsure if Jeg had simply had an accident, or had been attacked by some creature, maybe even the Beastlord itself. The simplest way to cure Jeg would have been to allow him to drink from the Wellspring, but this would have violated the basis rules of The Vigil. Thus, the adventurers wre forced to heal Jeg using more traditional medicines. (WOA31)

this was a common name among the Meerian race. (GORW, WOTC)

this H'Kig glyph was considered too sacred to write out, and was often simply known as "j'," as in the planetary name J't'p'tan. The rough translation of the glyph to Basic yields "the imminent," one of the mystical references of the H'kig religion. (SOL)

this race was native to the planet Almania, and were much more powerful than the humans which shared the world. Despite their war-like nature, the Je'Har built magnificent cities. Both races supported the Old Republic, and resisted the onslaught of the Empire before pledging allegiance to the New Republic. However, shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Je'Har began to assert their dominance over their human neighbors. They held the humans at bay, even enslaving them and torturing them as their whim saw fit. There were even reports of wholesale slaughter during the YevethanPurge. One survivor of the Je'Har domination was Dolph, who became somewhat gifted in the use of the Force and saw a way to overthrown the Je'Har. Using his remotely-activated droid bombs, Dolph wiped out the Je'Har, although he spared their leaders. He tortured them for a week, avenging the week of suffering they put his parents through. (TNR)

Jehltekk Enhancer Valve
this mechanical valve regulates power flow from a power converter. (CFG)

Jeht, Darrus
this man, distinguished by his black eyes and black hair, was dispatched to Almas to bring word to Lanius Qel-Bertuk and the rest of the Almas Academy that the Jedi Council on Coruscant was recalling all available Jedi from their current locations, to assist in augmenting the forces of the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. A former student of Mace Windu, Jeht had been discovered by Master Windu after an incident involving Jeht's parents. Later, he trained on Almas with Lanius Qel-Bertuk, and it was hoped that his presence would alleviate any hard feelings at the loss of so many Jedi personnel. Once the order had been understood by the Almas Masters, Jeht was to oversee the transfer of personnel to Coruscant, then remain behind to assist in the continuation of training the Padawans who remained on Almas. In this capacity, he and Lanius spent many hours discussing the galactic situation, as well as honing their combat skills with a lightsaber. Master Jeht was not afraid to introduce non-traditional techniques into his fighting style, as Lanius found out when Darrus chose to kick him in the chest at the start of a duel. Without a chance to react, Lanius crumpled to the ground with the wind knocked out of him, and Darrus' blade at his throat. The duel served as a reminder to both men that they needed to use any and all resources at their disposal to survive the fighting of the Clone Wars. Master Jeht also revealed that he was as skilled with two weapons as with one, and often fought with a midnight-black sword as well as his lightsaber. Lanius still wondered about Jeht's true purpose on Almas, and a discussion with Master Windu only left him with more questions, especially about Jeht's past. About the only thing Jeht revealed was his love of starships, especially the Legacy. At the height of the Clone Wars, Master Jeht was dispatched by the Almas Academy to locate the gangster known only as "R." He was later stranded briefly on a swamp-covered world, after his starship was shot down by a Dark Jedi. Master Jeht's description of the woman who pursued him to the surface revealed that she was Asajj Ventress. After a long hunt, Ventress managed to confront Master Jeht and impale him with one of her lightsabers, but Jeht refused to die. He called upon an untapped resource of energy within the Force - which he later discovered to be the Dark Side - and nearly killed Ventress in retaliation for the deaths of so many Jedi during the Clone Wars. He might have killed her if a rescue vessel hadn't arrived and interrupted his attempt. Master Jeht was left to recover with the knowledge of how close he came to turning completely to the Dark Side of the Force. After reporting on the incident to the Jedi Council on Coruscant, Master Jeht returned to Almas with sobering news: the Council had finally ordered the Almas Academy to supply Jedi Knights and Masters to the Grand Army of the Republic. Although he tried to point out that the Almas Jedi were to be given positions of command, Master Jeht's news met with stern disapproval from many of his peers. When the Reliant and the Devout entered the Cularin System to institute martial law, Jeht reluctantly agreed to let them in, but ordered that Almas was to be left under his personal command. (LFCW)

this female Devaronian was one of the many Jedi Masters who felt that the Jedi Order was becoming too militaristic during the early years of the Clone Wars. She left the Order to follow Sora Bulq to Ruul in protest of the Jedi's participation in the war. Distinguished by her large, pointed ears and the pattern of dark spots that covered her skin, Master Jeisel left the Jedi because she felt that the Jedi were becoming as corrupt as the Old Republic they served. When Master Mace Windu arrived on Ruul to mediate a truce, Jeisel acted as the voice of reason among Master Bulq's ardent followers. After Mira's death at the hands of Asajj Ventress, Jeisel found herself working with Master K'kruhk to try and hold their small band together. They tried to rescue Rhad Tarn from Ventress, but Rhad had already begun his turn to the Dark Side of the Force. In a heated lightsaber battle, Jeisel was forced to kill Tarn in order to survive. She was then nearly killed by Ventress, but the timely intervention of Master Windu allowed her a brief escape. When it was revealed that Bulq and Ventress were in league with each other, K'kruhk and Jeisel decided to rejoin Master Windu, at least in order to eliminate the threat they posed. She could not bring herself to return to the Jedi Order, however, since it still was tied to the Republic she feared was too corrupt. After seeing the atrocities Count Dooku was willing to commit in the name of freedom, Jeisel decided that the Republic was worth fighting for, and she returned to battle with Master Tsui Choi. Their ship was attacked near Drongar, and boarded by Dooku himself. Dooku let the Jedi return to Coruscant, but ordered his forces to eliminate any clone troopers aboard the ship. Jeisel later served as a General under Quinlan Vos and Oppo Rancisis during the Siege of Saleucami, although she found herself unable to fully trust Vos' motivations during the conflict. When the battle for control of the planet was launched, Jeisel and Master K'Kruhk were placed in charge of the ground forces that attacked the Separatist stronghold on the planet. After the Republic's forces were successful, mainly due to Quinlan's surprising success against Sora Bulq, Jeisel was forced to admit that she had begun to trust Quinlan again. (OWS, J1, J4, RSOS)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Jek Nkik
one of Het Nkik's Jawa clansmen, and Het's best friend, this Jawa's full given name was Njeko Nkik. They once recovered an E522 assassin droid from a crashed starship in the desert, rebuilt it, and created a passable messenger droid that they sold to Valarian. Wimateeka wasn't very pleased with their act, but was proud of their ability to get the droid running again. Jek was a member of the Jawa clan who sold R2-D2 and C-3PO to Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker, and perished in the Imperial assault on his clan's sandcrawler. (TME, SWJ11)

Jekk'Jekk Tarr
this tavern, known for its ability to cater to the atmopsheric needs of many different species, was located on Nar Shaddaa, during the Jedi Civil War. Depending on what was being breathed or smoked in any given room, there was a potential for injury or death if a being inhaled something noxious by mistake. Most humans were unable to enter the Jekk'Jekk Tarr without a heavy-duty breath mask or environment suit. Among the races that the bar tended to were Gands and Morseerians. (KOTOR2)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "sword". (GCG)

this Twi'lek owned a starship repair and modification garage on Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. He obtained most of his parts from Shellar, since the two had a deal to overcharge clients for referrals to their respective businesses. (GMR2)

Jelahan Sirar
this was a noted Twi'lek individual. (UANT)

this Hutt was one of Kumac's main rivals, both during Jabba's leadership of the Hutt crime empire and after Jabba's death. Many inside Jabba's organization believed Jelasi was Jabba's chosen successor. In the wake of Jabba's death, Jelasi assumed control of the Ig'zxyck Flare organization and began to "legitimize" Hutt criminal activities. This earned him the ire of many Hutts, including Kumac, during the early years of the New Republic. Jelasi earned the business of much of the Imperial remnant during this time, as the Empire tried to maintain a low-key approach to regaining power. (GG11)

this Em'liy was distinguished in the history of the planet Shalyvane. (UANT)

this was one of the six major continents found on the planet Celanon. (PG1)

Jellrek, Antoll
this ruthless Imperial Moff controlled the Galov Sector during the New Order. A gaunt-looking man with a pointed, evil beard, Jellrek lived on the planet Romar. He was killed when Platt Okeefe and Tru'eb Cholakk killed Big Quince during their escape from slavery. (SWJ2, SWJ11)

Jellyfish Cove
this small planetoid was the site of an Imperial prison colony during the Galactic Civil War. It was covered with rolling oceans broken by a barren, twisted landscape. The deserts were littered with statues of sensuous humanoids. When the sun was shining, these statues were beautiful to behold. When the sunlight disappeared, though, these statues suddenly came to life. They were actually a race composed of unique tissue that solidified in sunlight. The prison colony was scantily manned, for the Imperials were just as susceptible to the humanoids as the prisoners. Thus, many times the Empire employed smugglers or down-on-their-luck spacers to guard the outpost. The prison ships made sure to deliver their cargos during the day, so as to avoid the humanoids. (SWG4, TMEC)

this man was part of the Empire's research team MS-133, and was working among the ruins of the planet Aaris III when the native Aaris began attacking the team. It was Jelok who discovered the Place of Kastays, but his request to continue exploring the ruins during the Aaris attacks was overruled by Doctor Brunou. (DARK)

this Imperial Navy Commander served as Admiral Greelanx's second-in-command during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa. (THG)

this was the capital city of the planet Handooine. (SWI68)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

this Hutt was placed in charge of Offworld Mining Company's operations on the planet Bandomeer. As ruthless as any other Hutt, Jemba relied on slave labor and sabotage of his competitor's operations to remain at the top of heap. Among the rumors that surrounded Jemba was the story that he destroyed a rival's atmospheric containment system at a mining outpost on the planet Varristad, killing over a quarter of a million beings and ensuring a huge profit for Offworld. During a regular run to collect guards and slaces for use in the mines of Bandomeer, Jemba and his lieutenant Grelb were caught aboard the transport barge Monument when it came under attack by pirates. They had been pestered by the investigations of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Si Treemba, and after being forced to land on an uncharted world, Jemba vowed to eliminate the Jedi and reclaim his workers. However, while trying to kill Qui-Gon Jinn and starve the Arconan workers of his competitors, Jemba's camp was attacked by draigons. Grelb tried to shoot young Obi-Wan, who was fighting off the draigons, but managed instead to hit Jemba. The blasts from Grelb's gun pierced Jemba's hearts, killing him instantly and rendering his efforts to naught. (RF)

this small, avian creature was domesticated and raised for its tasty eggs. (GG3)

Jemlaat-class Yacht
this ancient starship design was produced by Hyrotil. It employed a variety of passive propulsion systems, including the use of solar sails to collect interstellar radiation and to harness the movement of solar winds. Because of these limitations, the original Jemlaat-class ships were developed for in-system use only. Adventurous pilots were known to travel between star systems whenever the proximity of stars provided them with sufficient solar winds, but this type of travel was dangerous at best. Should a pilot get caught between stars without enough solar wind, a meager sublight engine was used for emergency propulsion. The Jemlaat-class yacht measured 22 meters in length, and could accommodate up to four passengers and 20 metric tons of cargo. Hyrotil later produced a version of the Jemlaat-class yacht which was equipped with only sails, but these craft were produced for racing activities only. (SWJ15)

this was a common name among the Whiphid race. (UANT)

this teenager was part of the Alliance forces dispatched to Sulon to help the rebels in their attempt to throw off Imperial subjugation. Jen was killed when the Imperial freighter, under the command of Lieutenant Brazack, shot down the missile he was trying to fire. The missile exploded, killing all the rebels in its blast radius. (SFE)

this Dug was a member of Sebolto's gang during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Ghazdik Jah worked as a hired gun during his employment with Sebolto, a role that often involved the murder of certain Gran politicians and their aides. The Malastare Special Service issued a bounty for his capture after they uncovered a plot to assassiante Senator Ainlee Teem. This bounty was later claimed by Jango Fett during his attempt to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

this man served the Old Republic as a Lieutenant in the military, during the height of the Clone Wars. Lieutenant Jenbean served at the Senatorial Communications Center on Coruscant, and was the watch officer on duty when the Separatists aired a transmission from Praesitlyn, in which Reija Momen was forced to read a prepared statement from Pors Tonith. Jenbean brought the message straight to Chancellor Palpatine himself. Jenbean was confused when Palpatine chose not to act on the transmission, preferring to wait to see how events on Praesitlyn fell out. His confusion led to anger, and he decided to sent a copy of the transmission to someone he flet would be able to save Momen. (JT)

this was one of the more common names given to Dantari individuals. (UANT)

this planet was the site of numerous battles during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ4)

Jendar Campaign
this was the name given to the battles which were fought for control of the planet Jendar, during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ4)

Jendirian Valley
this Coruscant-based transport ship was pressed into duty ferrying refugees from the city-world during the months leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. Anakin Skywalker accompanied Senator Padme' Amidala back to Naboo aboard this ship, after a second assassination attempt was made on her life. (VD2)

this Imperial Colonel was a former test pilot, and was known as the first pilot to fly the TIE Defenders to roll off the production line. During the period leading up to the Battle of Endor, Jendon served as Darth Vader's personal shuttle pilot. (CCG11)

a planet located in the Borderlands Regions. (DFRSB)

a planet. (WOA19)

this was the native language of the Jenet race, consisting of a collection of squeaks, squeals, chatters, and barks. There was no written form of this language, as much of Jenet lore was maintained in stories and oral histories. (UANT)

native to the planet Garban, these aliens have pale pink skin, deep red eyes, and white fur. By almost every galactic standard, the Jenets are considered ugly and quarrelsome. Jenets have large ears and noses, and have developed keen senses of hearing, smell, and sight. These senses allow them to gather food, and their digestive system is adaptable enough to allow them to eat just about anything. Thus, they are often found scavenging for food rather than hunting for it. The Jenet race is also physically adept, and can run, jump, climb, and swim when needed. Jenets can also dislocate their limbs in order to squeeze into small spaces. Descended from rodents, they have vast memories, and are often considered quarrelsome due to their images of own self-importance. However, the Jenet culture prohibited an individual from introducing themselves, as a way to prevent fraudulent credentials from being passed. Because of this, two Jenet may never learn each others' names, unless introduced by a third party. They are also extremely reproductive, and nearly wiped themselves out of existence due to overpopulation. They were not immune to Palpatine's subjugation of alien species during his reign as Emperor, and were forced to work in mines dug on their homeworld. (GG4, EGA)

this name was common among members of the T'surr race. (WOTC, UANT)

Jeng, Sarrissa
this Jedi Knight was in command of the mediation team dispatched to Atzerri, shortly after the Battle of Antar 4, in an effort to negotiate the release of the Gotal Emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz. Nirrelz had been kidnapped by Roshu Sune agents, who were demanding that Antar 4 secede from the Old Republic. She and her fellow Jedi tried to negotiate Nirrelz's release, but the terrorists opened fire on them. Two Jedi were killed in the firefight before Jeng and the remaining Jedi neutralized the Roshu Sune fighters. The managed to free Nirrelz unharmed. Shortly afterward, Jeng was one of the many Jedi dispatched to Geonosis, to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi and ascertain the sizie of the Separatist threat. Unfortunately, Jeng was among the many Jedi who died during the opening combat of the Battle of Geonosis. (HNN5, OWS)

Jengardin Double-bladed Vibroblade
a unique, dangerous weapon weapon developed by the Jengardin Millenial Warriors. (GG12)

Jengardin Millenial Warriors
one of the most infamous military orders founded on Iotra. Like their counterparts, the Millenial Warriors never engaged in full-scale war on their home planet. They were eventually consolidated into the Iotran Police Force. (GG12)

this Jawa and his family left Tatooine shortly after the murder of an entire Jawa clan by Imperial stormtroopers, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. He hoped to join his nephew, Squig, but was stranded at Cordel Cove on Neftali for starship repairs. The port master at the time agreed to let his family have free-run of the starport if Jengus would agree to serve as the starport's head technician. Jengus quickly agreed, and oversaw all the machinery and mechanical maintenance of Cordel Cove. Jengus and his twin sons also oversaw the management of the underground hot springs of Cordel Cove, catering to the whims of tourists of all species. (BSS)

this woman was an independent spacer during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (FTD)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

this was the name of a childless wife from Cerean mythology. (GCG)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Jenir referred to a childless wife in Cerean mythology. (GCG)

this New Republic technician was actually an Imperial spy. It was Jenks who provided the location of the Republic's base on Nespis VIII to the reborn Emperor Palpatine. (EE)

Jenks, Losibaru
this woman was the Chief Financial Officer of the Salliche Agricultural Corporation, during the years leading up the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this Alliance Commander was a good friend of Ensign Till, whom she teased at any provocation. (RA2)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Jennalyn Bontraar
this young, female Bothan was the daughter of Elwis Bontraar. During the last years of the Old Republic, Jennalyn was kidnapped by Zascha and held for ransom. She was rescued aboard the Masquerade by a group of freelance agents hired by her father, and returned to Coruscant unharmed. Zascha, however, managed to escape. (WOA22)

Jennie Lee
this is the name given by Rone Taggar to his X-Wing starfighter. Part of the 21st Recon Group, the Jennie Lee was named for Taggar's mother. (SOL)

Jennir, Dass
this white-haired man was one of the many Jedi Masters who accepted military positions when the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy. Master Jennir was assigned the command of the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic that were dispatched to secure the planet New Plympto, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. When the command to execute Order 66 was issued to his clone commanders, Master Jennir barely escaped into the jungle with his life. However, he was confronted by a Nosaurian named Bomo Greenbark who had no love for the Jedi, and had to think quickly in order to gain the help of the alien being. Greenbark agreed to help Jennir, but only because the clone troopers were also still killing Nosaurians. (RIU)

this young girl frequented the Mos Eisley Cantina, during the height of the New Order, looking to hitch up with a a good-looking pilot. She tried to hit on Han Solo, just before the Corellian pilot was hired by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker to transport them to Alderaan. (IWST)

this being was a member of Gir Kybo Ren-Cha's pirate gang, during the early years of the New Order. (DCAR)

Jenorri Delegam
this female was a member of Grappa the Hutt's court, and was known for her lack of taste and style in her clothing. (CE2)

Jenreal, Sersae
this person was a social analyst and reporter for Eye on Cularin, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (LFCW)

this was one of the many crystals used by the ancient Sith Lords in the construction of a lightsaber. A refined form of the opila crystal that has been stripped of any impurities, jenruax was believed to have given the wielder enhanced dexterity in combat. (KOTOR)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this young woman was a student of xenoarcheology at the University of Agamar during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Jens was part of the team which traveled to Bimmiel with Anki Pace, to serach for Jedi artifacts. She discovered the differences between the various beetles used by the Yuuzhan Vong to patrol the areas they controlled. (DTO)

this was the name used by the Force-wielding population of Suarbi 7/5. They were trained as Jedi, and even taught how to create their own lightsabers, but were taught that Obi-Wan Kenobi was one of the greatest users of the Dark Side of the Force. There are three ranks of Jensaarai: Apprentices, Defenders, and Saarai-kaar. When they became Defenders, the Jensaarai created a unique form of personal armor created from cortosis ore and modeled to make them appear to be a vicious creature. Of the Saarai-kaar, there was only one member of that rank at any one point in time. When Leonia Tavira suddenly landed on the moon and executed its Imperial governor, thereby "freeing" them from Imperial control, the Jensaarai quickly grew to trust her. She betrayed that trust, and twisted them into a position in which the only way they could protect their people was to serve as her personal warriors. They were forced to accede, and joined her aboard the Invidious. She also told them that there was a being named Halcyon who would be their undoing, so she forced them to kidnap Mirax Terrik in order to draw Corran Horn to Suarbi 7/5. When they all met in battle, Luke Skywalker made quick work of the Jensaarai while Corran battled the Saarai-kaar. He did not kill them, though, a fact which surprised most of them when they came aroubd after the battle. It was later revealed that the word Jensaarai is a Sith term that means "hidden followers of truth." The last of the true Jensaarai Sith magicians died with Nikkos Tyris, but the new Saarai-kaar continued to train her young son and the other survivors in the ways of the Force. In a strange twist of fate, she taught them that the Jedi Knights were evil, but she also taught them the use of the light side of the Force, since she lacked the ability and education to comprehend the Sith treachings. Thus, when Emperor Palpatine's Jedi purge sent Darth Vader to Suarbi 7/5, Vader killed the Saarai-kaar's son because he felt only the light side emanating from him. When Luke and Corran defeated the Jensaarai and Leonia Tavira, the Saarai-kaar understoof what had happened, and agreed that the Jedi weren't any more evil than the Jensaarai. She agreed to consider sending a delegation of her followers to Yavin 4 for formal training under Luke. (IJ)

see Jensaarai (UF)

a moisture farming family on Tatooine. They were friends with Ariq Joanson, although they opposed his ideals. (TME)

Jensen Drever II
this short, stocky near-human is the Chief Executive Officer of the Drever Corporation. Jensen has grayish-green skin, short, spiky hair, and a malformed face. He is generally rational and calm, but can fly into a rage when things don't go his way. Despite the fact that he runs Drever Corporation, he is by no means successful. (GG9)

Jensoni-class Starliner
a luxury passenger transport ship. (GG9)

Jenssar SoBilles
this Duros was his homeworld's primary representative to the early delegations of the Alliance. He first began considering rebellion after hearing Bria Tharen speak on Cloud City, some years before the Battle of Yavin. He later was one of the original signers of the New Republic's declaration of war against the remnants of the Empire. (DESB, RD)

Jentan, Evitch
this former Imperial governor of Ebra allowed the native Ebranites to have certain freedoms, provided that they remained completely loyal to the Empire. This earned him a measure of respect among the Ebranites. Any dissenters were sent to labor in the lu-ramin mines of Grythsurin. (GG12)

Jentares System
this star system was lit by a white dwarf star. (T10)

this was the name given to the huge, cybernetic organisms which were bred to be the factories of the planet Zonama Sekot. The Jentari were actually huge, tree-like creatures that understood the needs of Sekot and channeled her energy into the constructs built within them. They were known as shapers to the original Magister, who worked with Sekot to create and train the Jentari. They were given smaller tasks, such as the shaping of Sekotan starships, in order to train them for the task of making the entire planet of Zonama Sekot capable of traveling through hyperspace if a dangerous foe every tried to overtake the planet. Many xenobiologists claim that the Jentari were also responsible for the creation of the boras and the tampasi. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Zonama Sekot made a blind jump into hyperspace to avoid the sabotage of Nom Anor. The Ferroan poeple were forced to flee underground to avoid the ecological damage that occurred on the surface, and the Jentari simply went into hiding. (RP, UF)

this frozen ball of rock and ice was the seventh and outermost planet in the Both System. (SPG)

this is the tenth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "j". (SWM)

Jenth Grek 51
this was Erk H'Arman's callsign, during the Old Republic's defense of Praesitlyn, some two and a half years after the Battle of Geonosis. (JT)

this was the Imperial sleeper cell placed on Pakrik Minor by Grand Admiral Thrawn. (VOF)

Jenton, Evitch
this Imperial Governor was placed in command of the planet Ebra during the early years of the New Order. He quickly instituted martial law, and approved the enslavement of the Ebranite people. (SWJ11)

Jenwald, Lyndelah
this woman was part of the Red Hand Squadron that assaulted Ylesia under the command of Bria Tharen, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. She sustained several injuries during the assault, but survived. (RD)

this species of blocky humanoid aliens appears to be made of stone. (MJEH)

this Gallofree personal transport was owned by a Corellian man who signed on with the Peace Brigade, just prior to the Battle of Coruscant. Alema Rar and a team of Jedi were aboard the ship when it was turned over to the Yuuzhan Vong, but the Jedi managed to overpower her crew and intercept the aliens. (EL1)

Jep Do
this name, which meant "quick hands", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "arrow". (GCG)

Jer Blankuna
this Twi'leki noble feared that his son, Ree, had become entangled in the criminal underworld surrounding Podracing, during the early years of the New Order. The Twi'lek's concern for his son were actually part of a ruse, however, as Jer was secretly working for the Desilijic Hutts. Jer and his wife Gelune were charged with locating a team of freelance agents to "rescue" Ree, in an effort to get closer to Kaeline Ungasan without alerting him to the presence of Desilijic agents. They engaged the freelancers during a series of interviews run from the Blankuna mansion, which orbitted the planet Alderaan. After the agents broke up Ungasan's hold on Ando Prime, the Blankunas were relocated by the Hutts, and the freelance agents were never paid. (GMR2)

this Imperial Admiral sat on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He supported General Immodet's belief that the being who killed Burr Nolyds and Admiral Banjeer was a non-human. (CE2)

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