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Jungle Cafe
this was one of the smaller, less expensive restaurants found aboard the Ithorian herdship Bazaar. (GA)

Jungle Cantina
this was one of the largest establishments on the Ithorian herdship Bazaar. Located in the Isttu city, it also held one of the best cantinas on the ship, serving Ithorian classics and other galactic favorites. (GA)

Jungle Clans
this group of Rodian clans decided to ally themselvs with the New Republic, and later the Galactic Alliance, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (UF)

Jungle Creeper
a rough-barked vine native to Yavin 4. (L)

Jungle Flutes
this was one of Garik Loran's most famous pro-Imperial propaganda films. (WS)

Jungle Ghost
this Ithorian herdship traveled the length of the Corellian Run, and often spent months in the area known as Wild Space before returning to Ithor for Herd Meets. (GMR4)

Jungle Lust
a pre-fab bar and grill found in Spaceport Row in Plawal, on Belsavis. (COJ)

Jungle of Nuvar
this jungle was located on the planet Brentaal. (SWJ13)

Jungle Slinker
this long, thin creature was native to the planet Kirtania. It's body resembled a long, woody vine, allowing it to hide among the trees of the planet's rainforests and avoid capture. (SWJ1)

Jungle Vault
located on Vaynai's Streysel Island, the Jungle Vault was an underground cantina which catered to the general populace of the planet. Located in a series of caves and hand-carved chambers, the Jungle Vault was owned and operated by Whuvuum during the height of the New Order. After patrons entered through an armored, automatic door, they found themselves in a setting that resembled the lush, tropical jungles found on the surface. Whuvuum maintained a wide variety of plantlife inside his caves, using specialized grow lamps and holes drilled in the rock to bring in natural sunlight. Because most of the clientele was local to Streysel Island, Whuvuum felt no need to hire bouncers or guards. The locals, knowing how hard Whuvuum worked to maintain the Jungle Vault's plantlife, and knowing that it was the only jungle they were likely to encounter, usually stepped in to toss out any unruly patrons. Because of the dense plantings and the constant trickling of running water, most patrons found that the Jungle Vault was a great place to do all sorts of business, without being overheard. (GMR8)

this was the Krikthasi word for a community or territory. (PG1)

Junior Galaxy Scouts
an intergalactic organization which teaches youths about truthfulness, trustworthiness, and faithfulness. (ZHR)

Junior Jedi Academy
this branch of Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 taught young children who were especially strong in the Force how to control their powers, before they began to study the finer arts of the Jedi. (GG)

Junk Beetle
a disgusting insect. (VQ)

this section of caverns, located within the Kala'uun Starport, was set aside as a scrap heap, where spacers could scavenge for usable starship parts. Anything from complete speeders to worthless power converters could be found in the Junkard. The operator of the Junkard, a Twi'lek known only as the Seeker, took almost anything in trade, but prefered machinery which could be used to mine for ryll spice. (PSPG)

a Nharwaak container group destroyed during an Imperial raid on their hidden base. (TIE)

this was the name used to describe the Gallofree Medium Transports outfitted by the New Republic for use in Operation Flotsam. They required a crew of 6, and carried 20 analysts and 48 recover and analysis droids. These ships were lightly armed, with just four laser cannons forming their arsenal. These ships were never meant to go into combat, and were protected by the Historic Battle Site Preservation Act from taking fire. (CTD)

Junkfort Station
a spaceport whose starship mechanics can usually obtain illegal parts for the right sum of money. Han Solo and Chewbacca went to Junkfort to obtain information on finding a power gem. (CSW)

an Alliance demolitions expert that as part of Han Solo's team that infiltrated the shield generator for the second Death Star on the Forest Moon of Endor. He consulted prior to the raid with Crix Madine on the placement of charges used to destroy the generator bunker. (MTS, CCG10)

this was a small settlement that was located near Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. As the name implied, Junktown was a haven for the various junk dealers who sold refurbished goods to the locals. Just after the Battle of Yavin, the settlement was overrun by a group of Tusken Raiders. (SWGAL)

Junkyard, The
this was one of the primary scrapyards found on the planet Ord Mantell during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (WOA37)

one of two continents located on the planet Demophon, Junno was the continent that supported most of the planet's inhabitants. Byrne City was located there, as well as D'larah and Selkren. (SN)

an Imperial freighter group resupplying the Invincible before it could attack Rudrig. (XW)

this man served as the head of the Cobral household, on the planet Frego, some eleven years before the Battle of Naboo. A curt man, Juno was loyal to Solan Cobral during the turmoil thaty surrounded the murder of Rutin Cobral. (TOW)

this being served as a Captain in the Lok Revenants, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (JSF)

Juno II
one of six Kathol Republic Marauder-class corvettes sent to rescue the Bravado III from attack, shortly after the FarStar offered assistance. The 195-meter vessel was armed with eight double turbolaser cannons and three tractor beam projectors. (KO)

Junobian Sand Flier
this crustacean was known to have a delicate, sweet-tasting meat, and were considered a delicacy throughout the galaxy. They were especially good when harvested just after they molted, when their new shells were soft enough to eat. (SWJ12)

this wicked knife was a melee weapon. (SWGAL)

this unusual sword was tipped with a heavy, spiked ball, making it a deadly melee weapon. (SWGAL)

this was the largest city on the Inquiesse continent of Draenell's Point, and was one of the planet's largest manufacturing centers. It was built on the Juntrack River. (GMK)

Juntrack River
this river was found on the Inquiesse continent of Draenell's Point. (GMK)

this striking woman, distinguished by thick, straight, black hair that flowed from a sharp widow's peak, was R'all's sister. Together, they ran a mining operation on Dellalt during the early years of the New Order. Her black eyes and hair were a stark contrast to her pale skin. When she discovered that Lanni Troujow had found the log-recorder from the Queen of Ranroon, she ordered Lanni to be killed in order to obtain the recorder. The log-recorder, however, was not found, since Lannu had hidden it in a safe-deposit box. Thus, J'uoch was forced to search for the ship on her own. When she discovered that Lanni's sister, Hasti, and arrived on Dellalt with Alexsandr Badure and Han Solo, J'uoch set out to reach the ancient ship before Hasti could. However, like the others, J'uoch became involved in the deeper plots surrounding the Queen of Ranroon. J'uoch was killed by Hasti when the Guardian Corp of war-robots attacked her camp. J'uoch tried to kill Han Solo for killing R'all, but Hasti confronted her about the death of Lanni. In the struggle that followed, J'uoch was thrown off a bridge by Hasti and plummeted to her death. (HSL)

this slang term was used by the Korunnai, the true natives of the planet Haruun Kal, to indicate a Balawai prospectorhe planet. (SHPT)

this man was one of the handful of Jedi Masters who taught at the Almas Academy during the years surrounding the Clone Wars. During his tenure at the Academy, Jurahi held the position of Master of Visions, since his ability to peer into the future was the most trsuted of all the Masters on Almas. (LFCW)

Jurec Tre
this male Spiner was sent to the spice mines of Kessel during the height of the New Order, after he was convicted of murder on the planet Corulag. Over time, Jurec became one of the toughest bullies in the mines, and managed to acquire several small weapons to help him maintain his position of power among the prisoners. He also rarely moved about the mines without the protection of a gang of loyal thugs. (GORW)

this Imperial engineer was the Chief Engineer aboard the Subjugator, serving under Captain Kolaff. (SF)

this Verpine elder was the speaker for Suskafoo's hive. He openly rejected Bane Nothos' order to submit or die when Nothos tried to take control of the Shantipole project. Jurfel later assisted Alliance agents in saving the B-Wing prototypes at Shantipole by providing asteroid hoppers for them to use to travel through the Roche asteroid field. (SFS)

this brazen Hutt crimelord was known for the fact that he wore a Tenloss disruptor weapon on his sash, in blatant disregard for the restriction on the use of such weapons, as a symbol of his power. Jurga was eventually killed with the weapon, reported by an irate employee. (AEG)

Jurgan Kalta
this ancient Zabrak mercenary was active during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War. He was one of the few beings who enjoyed hearing the screams of his enemies as they died in combat. Kalta was known for his ability to adapt to any situation or environment, a characteristic that made him a deadlier hunter. (KOTOR)

Juri Jar
this was the generic term used to describe the containers in which juri juice was sold. Over the years, a wide variety of shapes and sizes were used, creating a hobby in which beings tried to amass the largest and most varied collections of juri jars. (GMR9)

Juri Juice
an inebriating concoction favored by Kabe. (SCRE)

Juri's Sabacc Parlor
located on Cloud City, this was one of the more prestigious gambling halls on the outpost during the height of the New Order. (GMR3)

Juris Sector
Imperial Governor Linrec sent his daughter, Cressis, to an elite boarding school in this sector. (GG10)

this was a Mando'a verb that literally translated into Basic as "to brandish a sabre." However, in more common usage, it meant "to mess around with" or "aggressively jerk one's chain." (OWS)

Jurnel Arrant
this was the name of a noted Neimoidian individual. Note that this is the same name as a human character introduced in Darth Maul: Saboteur. (UANT)

this Jedi Master was assigned to guarding the Jedi Temple with Shaak Ti, when Mace Windu set out to arrest Chancellor Palpatine and end the Clone Wars. However, like Master Ti, Master Jurokk was killed by Anakin Skywalker when he exterminated every Jedi in the Temple, shortly after the First Battle of Coruscant. Anakin took his life without remorse, placing his dormant lightsaber handle under Master Jurokk's chin and igniting it, allowing the blade to burn through his brain and skull. (E3N)

this was the Snivvian word for "today." (HNN5)

this hive virus was developed by biological terrorists. (COG)

Juru Ant
this species of insect was native to the planet Cularin, where it made nests in the roots of greenbark trees. The workings of these nests served to keep the tree's root system well-aerated, and their waste products served to fertilize the noroobo flowers. (LFCW)

this man was one of the many sargheet farmers who suffered through the economic hard times that befell the planet Dagro, during the height of the Clone Wars. His friend, Kirlan Swens, asked him to be part of a farm "chain" that Obi-Wan Kenobi could use to reach Vale City without being spotted, when the Jedi Knight was on Dagro to investigate the possibility of a Separatist base on the planet, some two years after the Battle of Geonosis. He agreed to be one of the farmers who helped Obi-Wan and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, located a destroy the last crawl-carrier before it could eliminate a village. (SWI76, SWI77)

a spaceport refueling station was built near this planet. (SWJ3)

Jusik, Bardan
this Jedi Padawan was being trained by Master Arligan Zey when the Clone Wars broke out. When Master Zey assumed the role of an intelligence officer, Jusik followed him as an advisor and companion. He was unprepared for his first encounter with a clone trooper, however, and often stared at individual troopers for long periods of time before recovering himself. The more he came to understand the cloned soldiers, the more Jusik realized that they were people, just like every other sentient being. The fact that they were being "manufactured" and sent into battle - just like the battle droids fo the Separatists - meant that the Old Republic was using them as a means to an end, and little more. The fact that the Jedi Order had agreed to command these troops meant that the Jedi also were losing their respect for living beings. Even though he was just a Padawan, Bardan arranged to argue these points with the Jedi Council, after the fighting on Qiilura. (RCHC)

Jussafet Four
this planet supported the New Order of Emperor Palpatine. Located near a diamond-shaped nebula, the planet was strategic for its asteroid mining operations within its system. After the Battle of Endor, Jussafet Four remained loyal to the Empire, but was located along the border between Imperial space and the space controlled by Warlord Zsinj. Zsinj's Raptors made several strikes at Jussafet Four, taking materials and leaving destructoin behind. The New Republic, while on the hunt for Zsinj, intercepted a distress call from Jussafet Four and responded, despite the fact that the planet remained loyal to the Empire. (SOC)

Just Another Art Form
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Deeply Religious. (GG9)

Just Armor
this shop sold a variety of personal armor, ship armor, and passive defense systems from its base on StarForge Station. It was owned and operated by Gjaddia and Morol. (FOP)

Just Cause
this space freighter sunk in the ocean of the planet Rathalay. Legend has it that the ship - sunk 900 meters deep - is filled with precious metals, and is guarded by schools of narkaa. (SOL)

Just Rigora
originally defined by Arvo Norstrag as part of the Rules of the Blade, this form of rigora duel was invoked when a defeated pirate admitted his own guilt or fault before the assembled company. (PP, SWJ5)

Just, Dixon
this man was a frequent patron of the Coruscant underworld during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was often seen in the company of his friends, Zey Nep, Artuo Pratuhr, and Civ Sila. (SWI75)

this frigid, rocky moon orbits the planet Mutanda. Mining colonies extract prothium gas from the system, and much of it passed through the Justa starport on its way to the Core. Justa is the site of the system's only starport, which was garrisoned by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. The garrison was set up ostensibly to protect the interests of the three corporations which owned Justa and its starport, BlasTech Corporation, Czerka Weapons, and Blethern Gas Industries. (PG1)

this man, a corporate Vice-President, discovered that the Hush-About personal jet pack was the perfect way to arrive at a business meeting in order to make an impression on his clients. (GFT)

Justic, Geon
this man was one of the Corporate Sector Authority agents placed on Ando Prime during the early years of the New Order. Justic favored the latest in galactic fashions and trends, and worked to maintain a cosmopolitan air despite the grminess of his outpost location. Ostensibly, Justic worked for the local miner's union, and was unaware of Ungasan's connections to the CSA. He believed that Ungasan was just a small-time crimnal. Justic hoped to eliminate the Twi'lek scout Ree, by failing to warn him about the presence of Talids in Juaka Canyon, thereby securing the vonium mines for himself. (GMR2)

this New Republic Ranger-class gunship was part of the task force assigned to the Mon Mothma, during Operation Trinity. (FP)

Justice Action Network
this illicit newsfeed, known as a virastack, was the primary vehicle by which members of the Justice Action Network disseminated their information. Like the main tenets of the terrorists who joined JAN, the newsfeed called for outright, mass revolution against the Empire. (SWJ3)

Justice Action Network
this anti-Empire terrorist group was founded on the planet Findris more than sixteen years before the Battle of Hoth by Earnst Kamiel. The goal of the Network was to completely destroy the infrastructure of the Empire through various means, including bombings and assassinations. Kamiel himself was wanted by the Empire on many charges, including thousands of bombings and the cause of over 10,000 deaths. He also had the death sentence in 54 different systems. The organization is often denoted by the acronym JAN. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the JAN cell in Tapani Sector tried to take out the Imperial torpedo sphere that was stationed near Tallaan. Unknown to the agents, a similar effort was already underway by Vaskel Savill and House Melantha. Both factions discovered their separate activities during their simultaneous assaults on the sphere, and they worked to disrupt the other while hoping to take credit for the destruction of the ship. In the end, though, the attacks gave the Empire all the basis it needed to place a stranglehold on Tapani Sector. The Justice Action Network movement broke up when Kamiel was captured on Elrood and executed on Haldeen some time later. (SWJ8, LOE)

Justice Droid
a series of assassin droids manufactured by Uulshos, Justice Droids were first introduced many years before the onset of the Clone Wars. The series proved to be strong and durable, and production continued for many decades. These droids were later produced for Imperial use, during the era of the New Order. (WBC, OWS)

Justice Star
this was believed to have been a possible name for the first Death Star, as part of an Imperial propaganda plan to promote the station's benefit to a galaxy which was completely under the control of Emperor Palpatine. (IANH)

Justice Systems
this small corporation was formed in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, and produced a wide range of personal security and defense droids that were modeled after military designs. (DN2)

Justiss, Kai
this Jedi Knight was appointed to serve as the watchman of the planet Kashyyyk during the height of the Clone Wars, replacing Jedi Master Yoda who had agreed to become a military leader for the Old Republic. Although Senator Yarua was unconvinced that the Wookiees should remain loyal to the Republic, Justiss believed that the Wookiees would remain staunch supporters of the Old Republic. Kai Justiss later joined Jedi Master Tsui Choi in a mission to the planet Drongar, where they were captured by Count Dooku and held briefly. Dooku let the Jedi return to Coruscant, but ordered his forces to eliminate any clone troopers aboard the ship. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Justiss was one of a handful of Jedi Knights who managed to escape the Jedi Purge. (SWI71, J4, SWI84)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "fast" or "swift". (GCG)

Jut Nut
this nut was native to the planet Naboo, and was the favorite food of the peko peko. Note that the Star Wars Databank claims this is a jute nut. (SON, SWDB)

Jute Nut
see Jut Nut. (SWDB)

Juteau Settlement
this small town was located near the Garish Ridge, on the planet Redcap. (SWJ5)

this Tuhgri, a native of Dayark, was the leader of his people, shortly after the Battle of Endor. It was Jutka who met with the crew of the FarStar at the edge of the Kathol Rift, shortly after encountering an Aing-Tii ship. Note that Vision of the Future indicates Jutka was a heavyset man. Jutka detained Talon Kaarde and the crew of the Wild Kaarde after they were attacked by pirates, having understood that Kaarde flew with altered identification codes. Jutka gave Kaarde no help, though, even after learning that Kaarde was an unwilling bystander in the battle between Crev Bombassa and Rei'kas. (KO, VOF)

Jutrand System
this star system was located along the Gevarno Loop. During the Clone Wars, the Jutrand System was loyal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (SHPT)

this was a common name among the Sauvax race. (UANT)

JuunTaar Commercial
according to Jae Juun, this was the name of his shipping operation. The flagship of the JuunTaar Commercial fleet was the XR808g transport vessel. In reality, Jae Juun was little more than a smuggler, and the XR808g was a battered YT-1000 freighter, but the use of this name often earned him a measure of credibility. He used the name when he attempted to reach Qoribu with Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, hoping that the Colony would believe that they were bringing supplies and allow the two ships to land . (DN1)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. The meaning of this name was lost over time, but it was generally considered to mean "tastes of his foes". (GCG)

this Trandoshan was one of only three members of his species which lived on Edic Bar during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He worked as a public streetsweeper, although it was rumored he had been a starship pilot in his earlier career. (LFC)

an Imperial frigate destroyed by Alliance starfighters while it was undergoing service near Sunaj IV. (XW)

Juvex Sector
an area of the galaxy in the Outer Rim, located near the Ninth Quadrant and the Senex Sector. (COJ)

this was the ancient term - taken from the High Galactic language - used to describe the Form VII lightsaber fighting style. (SWI68, WOTC)

this common Zabrak surname meant "chieftain". (GCG)

this unusual alien race had cone-shaped bodies that were essentially all mouth, filled with an assortment of teeth. There were two distinct races of Juzzian, a mountain-hopping form and a more sedentary form. (TCD)

Juzzian Armlock
this melee combat tactic was named for the Juzzian race that developed it. When using the Juzzian armlock, an attacked grasped his opponent at the wrist and elbow, pincering the nerves at specific joints to render the arm useless. (TCD)

Juzzian Colony Marker
this was an unusual piece of technology that was used to mark the location of individual Juzzian colonies. (TCD)

JV-7 Delta-class Escort Shuttle
this Cygnus Spaceworks troop transport ship is 30 meters in length, and can make 75 MGLT. 3 Taim & Bak KX5 Laser Cannons, 1 Taim & Bak H9 Dual Turbolaser Cannon, Front/Rear Projecting Novaldex shields (120 SBD), and a Titanium Alloy (35 RU) Hull. (TIE)

this was the model number of a series of ion engines produced by Novaldex, and was used on the Z-10 Seeker. (SS)

an upgraded version of the JV-71 ion engine, the Novaldex JV-74 was used on the ZH-25 Questor. (SS)

a series of domestic service droids built by Serv-O-Droid, the JV-Z/D1 filled a galactic need for a humanoid gentlebeing household automaton. The JV-Z1/Ds were tireless workers, and were rivaled only by the protocol droids built by Cybot Galactica in reliablity. Their humanoid stature was slightly stooped, giving them a subservient appearance. (DESB, EGD)

this series of droids was created to be mobile data repositories. Short and boxy, the JV-Z1/S series was developed during the height of the Old Republic. (SWJ8)

Jweab VII
Beyla Rus was rumored to have a lodge hidden on the far side of this planet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GG10)

this temperate world was one of the many inhabitable moons of the planet Qoribu. For much of its history, Jwlio was a temperate world of grassy plains. It was in this condition that the Taat hive of the Colony found it when they established their nest on the moon, shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. When the Chiss Ascendancy began looking for ways to drive the Colony back away the border of Chiss space, they used chemical defoliants to destroy the plains of Jwlio, hoping to drive the Taat off the moon and away from Chiss space. (DN1)

this Aratech Secured Prisoner Transport Vehicle measures 14 meters in length, and has a single pilot, four guards, ans space for up to 20 passengers. It is a long, insectile craft built around the chassis of a basic speeder truck, with four small wings for stabilization. Two flexbile mandibles allow the pilot and guards to remain inside while detaining particularly troublesome subjects. (JASB)

this was the code number of the Gladiator Battle Armor developed by Min-Dal in the Soruus System. (GUN)

JX40 Jailspeeder
this TaggeCo Mobile Detention Wagon is a 14-meter-long repulsorcraft designed to transport up to 45 prisoners in stasis stalls. The JX40 has dual-purpose mission profile: to block the advance of rioters and force them backwards, and to transport those who resist to detention facilities. The JX40 requires a pilot and gunner, and is protected by armored stun panels, three grenade launchers, and forced-steam jets. (CSA)

this was the name of the Socorran windy season, when competing cells of warm and cold air created winds in excess of 150 kilometers and hour outside the city of Cjaalysce'I. The city was walled off to keep the intense winds from destroying it. (BSS)

this was the most prevalent religion worshipped among the Ka'hren on the planet V'shar. It rose to prominence as the primary religion of the Unfyr Warriors, but died out when that group itself died out. (AIR)

Jydan Writings
these sacred texts contained the laws and regulations of the Jydan religion. According to the religion, the Writings were created by the three prophets of each Jydan god, and related the teachings and tales of those gods. The Writings were considered companion works to the Volumes of Truth by both the Jydan and the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry. (AIR)

Jyll Xon
this Caarite female served as the secretary to Manod Fea, working for the Metatheran Cartel during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was known as a competent worker, but was something of a dullard. Her smile was wider than that of most Caarites, and her perpetual leer often scared young children. Jyll loved flowers of all kinds, although she found out the hard way that she was allergic to the plantlife of Cularin's jungles. She longed to return to Caarimon, to be with her significant other. (EOS)

this being was one of the many starship captains who worked for Damarind Corporation during the height of the New Order. He accepted a position as the Captain of a corusca gem fishing station in orbit around Yavin shortly after the Battle of Yavin, but his station was attacked by a pack of floaters. All aboard the station were killed when the floaters disabled all major systems, and the station exploded just before it crashed into Yavin's core. (PH)

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