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a shaggy, horse-like pack animal native to the planet Tatooine, the jerba was also raised to provide pelts when it died. A jerba can be seen inStar Wars: A New Hope just outside the Mos Eisley Cantina, near the Ubrikkian 9000-Z001 speeder. (SGL, IWST)

this Dark Jedi came into power some time after the Battle of Yavin, collecting six disciples in a quest for riches and power. He was unmistakable in a crowd, with a thin, blindfold-like mask covering the holes where his eyes should have been. Dark tattooes embellish his mouth and chin, and his bald pate is accentuated by a heavy brow. He was completely blind, but used the Force to appear to "see" despite his injuries. Many beings assumed that Jerec was a human who had lost his eyes in battle, but he was actually a Miraluka, and thus was born without the ability to see. He was discovered by Jedi Master Jocasta Nu, during her ternue with the ExplorCorps. He trained as her Padawan, and learned her insatiable desire for knowledge. After becoming a Jedi Knight, he took Ameesa Darys as a Padawan and eventually became a Jedi Master. Before turning to the Dark Side of the Force, Jerec was dispatched on a mission to recover ancient artifacts during the Clone Wars, just before the Jedi Purge took place. He returned to Coruscant to find the New Order fully established, and tried to flee. He and his team were eventually captured by High Inquisitor Tremayne and returned to Coruscant. Rather than allow himself to be killed, Jerec pledged his allegiance to the Empire and obtained training from the Dark Side adepts of Palpatine's own Prophets of the Dark Side. After sufficient training, Jerec served Emperor Palpatine as an Inquisitor for many years. During the Galactic Civil War, Jerec was to obtain the entity known as Spore for the Emperor's use. He failed to secure the entity before it infected Hodge, but tracked Spore to Ithor. He offered Spore the chance to control thousands of minds, if Spore agreed to work for him. Jerec had hoped that Spore would take control of the crew of his warship, the Vengeance. However, Spore had its own plans, and used the Vengeance to try and hunt down Tash Arranda. As it tried to follow her through the asteroids near Ithor, a group of space slugs began battering the Star Destroyer, knocking out its shields and causing it to explode. It is unknown how Jerec survived the explosion, but he managed to escape in a Starfly and ordered a recovery team to pick up the pieces of the Vengeance. The primary piece was the ship's computer core, which he later installed in the Vengeance II. During the Galactic Civil War, Jerec was given access to Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium, and believed that he could establish the Dark Side Elite on his own. Palpatine sensed Jerec's intentions and cut off his access to the tome, but Jerec never forgot the power of the Dark Side Elite. His quest for knowledge was sparked by the information he found in the Dark Side Compendium, and was ignited when he learned of the Vally of the Jedi from Lord Cronal. After the Battle of Endor, Cronal - under the guise of Blackhole - explained to Jerec that Emperor Palpatine had not truly died, as was reported on the HoloNet. Instead, Blackhole explained that Palpatine was hiding in the Deep Core. Blackhole then urged Jerec to locate the Valley of the Jedi, for the honor and glory of the Emperor. He began to collect the individuals he believed would serve as the new Dark Side Elite. Unknown to Blackhole, though, was the fact that Jerec was already planning to find the Valley in order to enhance his own powers. He murdered Qu Rahn and Morgan Katarn in his quest for more information about its location, and ultimately learned of its coordinates on Ruusan. Jerec and his Dark Jedi would have had the Valley's secrets for their own if not for Morgan's son, Kyle, who defeated Jerec's minions on the very precipice of the Valley's power source. Jerec himself briefly experienced the true power of the Valley, but his rapturous connection was severed by Katarn. Instead of simply dying, Jerec's spirit was drawn down into the Valley, where it was doomed to linger with the rest of the ancient Sith for millennia. (DF2, GOF9, DSSB, RAG, RDR, WOTC)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this smuggler worked from a base on the planet Byblos. (HAS)

this man was the leader of the New Republic strike team which helped liberate Ralltiir from Imperial control after the Battle of Endor. His daughter, Bettle, was a member of the team as well. (HR)

this female Squib was a noted garbage collector and independent contractor who worked for a variety of employers during the height of the New Order. Jeremos and her crew were called upon to clean out the trash bays of the Imperial Star Destroyer Indomitable during the months following the Battle of Hoth. (RESB)

this was one of the many mining settlements, or o'bekis, established on Goroth Prime. It was close enough to the planet's equator to suffer from electromagnetic discharges from the planet's debris ring. (GSE)

Jerexian Cannon
this was a projectile weapon known for its loud report. (AIR)

this tall, gaunt man was a merchant Captain during the early years of the New Order. Known for his Republic-era Captain's hat, as well as the fact that he never seemed to wear shoes, Jerg made regular runs in the Cyclops from the Sullust System. He was a discrete individual who sold his services to the highest bidder, but never broke the confidence of his customers. It was for this reason that Morgan Katarn selected Jerg to help ferry refugees from Sulon to Ruusan, when the Empire took control of the moon. (RAG)

this Kubaz made a living as a sellsecret in the city of Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, during the early years of the New Republic. When Kitster Banai tried to make off with the moss-painting Killik Twilight, Jergo tried to take the artwork for himself. Kitster's friend Wald knocked Jergo unconscious with a hydrospanner, allowing Kitster to escape. (TG)

this Alliance Nebulon-B frigate was part of a small fleet dispatched to destroy a pirate base, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Jericho's Pride
this custom-built yacht, formerly known as the Royal Flower, was the smuggling ship owned by Jericho Donovan and her sister, Josephine. A spear-shaped craft, the Jericho's Pride measured 30.1 meters in length, and was armed with a pair of turret-mounted heavy turbolaser cannons. It could carry up to eight passengers and 35 metric tons of cargo, and required a pilot and co-pilot to operate. (SWJ5)

a planet, located in the Calaron Sector, known for its cheap shoe kits. (ISB, COJ, REB)

Jerimott, Hower
this man served as the primary doctor in the city of Prosperity, on the planet Beheboth, during the early years of the New Republic. (PH)

this Kentra king ruled the city of Kariish, on Orellon II. He was a constant rival of Lord Grumman Mogotah, who ruled Ironwall. Jerius was a student of the writings and teachings of Michael Tandre, and developed his own style of rulership based on the those writings. Despite the propaganda leveled against him by Lord Mogotah, Jerius ruled his people fairly and with their best interests in mind. King Jerius was a master swordsman, and wielded the Shakri Lia blade. When a team of Alliance agents arrived on Orellon II to search out a base of operations for the Pegasus Strike Force, King Jerius allowed them to establish the base after they passed a series of tests meant to verify their honor. (SWJ2)

an Imperial Moff, Jerjerrod controlled the Quanta Sector before being chosen as commander of the second Death Star near Endor. Jerjerrod's family estate was on the planet Tinnel IV, and he established his base of power there before being named to the position of Director of Imperial Energy Systems. After a few years there, Jerjerrod was sent to Endor. He was chosen for the position because Palpatine wanted to avoid the hubris that killed Wilhuf Tarkin and lost the first Death Star. Jerjerrod was a contented, non-ambitious sort of man, and fit Palpatine's bill perfectly. Jerjerrod was killed when the Death Star was destroyed by the Alliance. (ROTJ, SWJ6)

Jer'Jo Cam'Co
this famous Chiss was one of the founding syndics of the planet Csilla, and was responsible for the formation of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet. He proposed the CEDF after a series of exploration expeditions revealed a wealth of vital resources on planets found in the Unknown Regions. Because of his vision and foresight, Jer'Jo Cam'Co became something of a hero among the Chiss. No fewer than seven starships bore his name, and two star systems were named for him. (FH2)

this young man was a native of the planet Tatooine, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was one of the many youths Amee had a crush on, after Anakin Skywalker left Mos Espa for the Jedi Temple. (TG)

Jermagium-class Light Cruiser
manufactured by SoroSuub, this 25-meter light freighter was unremarkable in design and popularity. It requried a crew of two, and could transport up to 8 passengers and 85 metric tons of cargo. They were armed with a single laser cannon. (TSK, PP)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

this Gorothite j'ber was renowned for its weapons manufacturing facilities on Goroth Prime. (GSE)

Jer'N be' Milad Vel "Hammer"
this Jer'N Weapons Systems medium-duty slughthrower was a brutal-looking weapon. It was distinguished by the spring-loaded magazine which stuck out from the rear of the weapon. (GSE)

Jer'N be' Milad Vel "Lightning Gun"
developed an manufactured by Jer'N Weapons Systems, this was the only energy weapon the Gorothites produced during the era of the New Order. This weapon used innovative technology to discharge two discrete packets of sub-atomic particles: one was positively charged, the other negatively charged. A group of "shepherd" particles kept the two packets in-line, but dispersed upon impact to create a blast of lethal energy. (GSE)

Jer'N Weapons Systems
this was the name of the weapons manufacturing facilities owned by the Jer'N j'ber, on the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

this dead world was, at one time in ancient history, the homeworld of the Jerni civilization. After the demise of the Jerni, Jerne was colonized by humans and used until it was nearly destroyed. Under the auspices of the New Order, Jerne became a hotbed of rebellious activity. It has two moons. It was here that Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker began searching for the Eternity Crystal. (CSWDW)

this was the language of the extinct Jerni race, which was once spoken on the planet Jerne. (GMR9)

Jerne City
the capital of the planet Jerne, and the former site of an Imperial base. (CSWDW)

this ancient race inhabited the planet Jerne. Their civilization suddenly died out long ago. They were the creators of the Eternity Crystal. (CSWDW)

Jero Jal-Song
this being, a native of the planet Merisee, was one of the member of the Cult of Those Who Redeem during the height of the New Order. (OE)

manufacturers of fusion cutters. (DF)

this gruff man owned and operated the Tailfin Cantina, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. (GMR7)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "diligent". (GCG)

this Quarren was the leader of a band of pirates based on Fluwhaka. His pirates attacked several New Republic supply ships about five years after the Battle of Yavin, and he was placed on the Republic's Most Wanted list. Jodo Kast took a Republic bounty to hunt down Jerresk's pirates, after Jerresk himself was captured by Republic fighter pilots. (TOD, WBC)

this young woman worked for Miktiss as a lieutenant within the Des'maric Pirates. (DARK)

this was the name of a noted Spiner individual. (UANT)

this planet was known as a vacation spot and retirement location for some of the galaxy's most affluent beings. It two main continents were situated along its equator, and were lush, tropical paradises which accounted for the majority of the planet's land masses. Only about fifteen percent of Jerrilek's surface was solid land, with the rest being oceans dotted by many island chains. There were rumors of strange ruins in the oceans, suggesting that there once was an aquatic race that inhabited the planet. The planet spinned very rapidly, completing a day in about 14 standard hours. 594 of these days made up the planet's year. (SWJ4)

this man, a member of the Boku Settlement on G'rho, served as a Lieutenant in the G'rho Defense Force under Major Brco, during the height of the New Order. Jerriman was in command of the militia's starfighter squadron. (TBSB)

this small corporation was based on the planet Jerrilek, and produced a variety of aquatic vehicles during the height of the New Order. (SWJ4)

this Ithorian craftsman was proficient in the ancient art of plant-forming. Jerru worked on board the herdship Bazaar, where he also acted as a front for the Alliance recruiter Poliss. (GA)

Jeru Tea
a syrupy, sweet tea that has a calming effect when imbibed. (DS)

this immense, aquatic predator was native to the deep oceans of the planet Goroth Prime. Measuring an average of 75 meters in length, the jer'usk was one of a handful of aquatic beasts which lived its entire life under the water. Jer'usk have been observed breaching their incredible bulks out of the water more than twenty meters, then crashing back into the water. The resulting shock wave stuns all fish in the immediate area, allowing the jer'usk to feed with some leisure. When required, though, a jer'usk can swim quite fast, especially in order to heave its body out of the water. A group of these creatures were referred to as jer'uskae. (GSE)

this was the term used to describe a group of jer'usk, which were native to the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

this insect is often dried and salted, and served as a snack or appetizer. (RD)

this stern woman served the Alliance as a pilot, and was stationed aboard the New Hope during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. (SFE)

Jesa Corporation
this mining and manufacturing business was founded by a woman of intense moral character and principles. Her strange ideals were reinforced by their acceptance among her company officials, and became a part of the corporate persona. Jesa Corporation was the first outfit to mine the planet Pergitor, and helped transform it from merely a beautiful world to a major commercial and scientific location. About 100 years before the Battle of Yavin, the continual mining of the planet resulted in an increase in volcanic activity, although mining did not stop. The resulting volcanic eruptions - brought on by the thinning of the planet's crust - filled the atmosphere with toxic chemicals and rendered the world uninhabitable. (GG6)

Jesart Desert
this area, found on the planet Eliad, is the site of the planet's primary spaceport. (GG6)

this Sljee owned an operated Zlato's Place, a failing restaurant that served as a front for his forgery operations. Jeseej employed two amazingly talented Squibs to serve as his forgers, since he couldn't see himself. Jeseej also was known as something of a fortune-teller, a hobby he used for additional income. He was sensitive to the Force, and used his minimal connection to "see the future" of his customers. (CCW, WOTC)

this former Zaltin corporation employee became a part of the resistance force that worked to free Thyferra from Ysanne Isard's grasp. He worked with Elscol Loro's infiltration team to knock out the Xucphra corporation's headquarters building shortly before the Battle of Thyferra. (BW)

this man served as a technician and part-time voice-over reader for the Cularin Central Broadcasting coroporation, during the final years of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

this Huttese verb was a strong form of the verb "to be," and gave emphasis to the description which followed. It was used in phrases like "Jesko na joka," which meant "you are such a joker." (E1A14)

this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. It referred to a species of kelp used to create perfumes and incense. (GCG)

this species of kelp was native to Mon Calamari, and was harvested from the ocean for use in creating perfumes and incense. (GCG)

Jesmin Ackbar
this Mon Calamari female was one of the first pilots who served Wraith Squadron. She served as the squadron's communications officer. During the raid on M2398's third moon while supporting the Night Caller, Jesmin took a hit from one of Blood Nest's Uglies. The blast fried her controls, including her ejection seat, and she was unable to escape the crash of her X-Wing. Kell Tainer tried his best to keep the fighter from crashing, but was unable to compensate when it began to roll. Jesmin was killed when her fighter impacted on the moon. (WS)

Jespral Farandan
this small-time criminal was killed in Mos Taike, on the planet Tatooine, during the months following the Battle of Yavin. (SWGAL)

this plantinum-blonde songstress was popular at Jabba's palace on Tatooine. She had a way of captivating her entire audience, and was often seen in the company of Boba Fett. She had dreams of leaving Jabba's service and starting her own band. (CCG7)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

this was the name given to the male leviathan calf, born in the oceans of Dorumaa around the time of the Battle of Naboo. Jessel and its sibling, Titon, were apparently abandoned by their mother after their birth. The Alliance for the Creation of Habitable Environments monitored the growth and development of the calves, hoping to preserve what they believed were the only two leviathan's left in Dorumaa's seas. (LFCW)

Jesson Di Blinth
this X'Ting warrior was the last of five brothers to try and penetrate the security systems that hid the royal eggs of his race, during the height of the Clone Wars. All five had researched the security systems extensively, and had mapped out all possible pathways to the chamber containing the eggs. However, the first four of his hive-brothers had perished trying to reach the eggs, which were believed to be the only hope for the X'Ting race. Jesson, whose clan lived in the Di Blinths volcano, was an experienced warrior, as evidenced by the numerous scars on both sets of arms and by the three-part staff he used as a weapon. During the height of the Clone Wars, when Obi-Wan Kenobi was dispatched to Ord Cestus to determine the X'Ting's situation, Jesson was paired with the Jedi Master on a desparate mission to obtain the royal eggs. Jesson revealed to Obi-Wan that he hated the offworlders who controlled his homeworld, and that he would grudgingly accept Obi-Wan help. Obi-Wan seemed to accept this, and as the pair battled through the security systems, Jesson gained a new form of respect for the Jedi. Each saved the other's life many times before they reached the main chamber, where Jesson was forced to answer three questions. Each seemed remarkably simple to answer, but the computer system kept indicating that he had answered wrongly. Fearful of losing his life, Jesson pressed on, finally answering all three questions without receiving credit for a correct answer. As he accepted his fate, Jesson and Obi-Wan realized that the system was meant to test the smells exuded by the X'Ting who answered the questions, to be sure that they were in the chamber with the purest of intentions. Only an X'Ting who answered truthfully, and accepted his death despite this seeming incongruity, would be allowed access to the eggs. Jesson was relieved to find that he had passed the test, and the pair managed to return safely to the council with the eggs in their possession. (HIV)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "brewer". (GCG)

this Alliance won a major battle on this planet, in what became known as the Engagement at Jestan. (AIR)

this immense gas giant was considered the twin of the planet Mustafar, but only because they shared almost the same orbital pathways. Jestefad was the innermost planet of the Mustafar System, and many astrophysicists considered Mustafar to be one of its moons. However, the gravitational forces imposed on the small planet by Lefrani, the outermost planet in the ssytem, kept Mustafar separated from Jestefad and on its own orbital path. (SWDB)

this was one of the Alliance's Carrack-class cruisers, operative during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was a Bothan martial art, and involved skills used in hand-to-hand combat. (HXW)

Jet Luge
this self-propelled sled is of minimal design, incorporating just enough structure to hold a rider. (ROJR)

Jet Trooper
this was the name given to those specialized clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic who moved about the battlefield with the aid of jetpacks. They were distinguished from other clone troopers by the bright green coloration of the armor plating on their arms, as well as a similarly-colored stripe down the center of their helmet. (LAWS)

this was a common name among the Yinchorri race. (UANT)

this was a type of sports ball that was equipped with tiny repulsorlift engines that allowed it to move through the air with incredible speed. The discharge of the engines sometimes created a build-up of static electricity around the surface of the jet-ball, causing it to crackle and glow with an eerie light. (DN1)

this was the Mandalorian word for a Jedi. (OWS)

this was a kind of vacuum-distilled moonshine made by many starship pilots during long trips across interstellar distances. (HSE, HSL)

this was a term used to describe those starship pilots who produced their own moonshine, often aboard their own ships during long transits between destinations. (HSL)

this was another name for a small, jet-powered speeder. (E3N)

Jetters Bar
this nightspot was known for its affiliation with several prominent criminal organizations, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The owner of the Jetters Bar was also an agent of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and often assisted the IBC by placing bounties on those beings who were unable to make their regular loan payments. This allowed the IBC to maintained a good public image, while ensuring that their customers eventually paid their debts. (BH)

Jett's Chute
this was the name given to the section of the Mos Espa podracing course immediately following Jag Crag Gorge. It led the racers onto Hutt Flats. The Chute later served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (RAC, SWGAL)

this form of sanctioned combat was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic, and was noted more for its strategy than its brutality. In a jetz match, combatants squared off against each other in a small ring, and spent most of their time searching for weaknesses or mannerisms that could be used to upset their opponents. In many cases, a jetz match was decided on the first fall, so technique and speed often won out over strength and size. (MBS)

this group of Imperial T-4A shuttles was assigned to protect a sensor net, but were destroyed shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Jev, Ilo
this Imperial Colonel was a native of the planet Wyloff. He grew up as the son of a local broadcast personality, and was eventually recruited by the Imperial News Network. His performance within the Wyloff Sector Plexus was exemplary, and he rose quickly in an area where promotions were scarce. After being promoted to Commander, Jev learned that his father had been killed by Imperial agents for being "subversive and treasonous" in his broadcasts. Jev knew this was a lie, and that his father had only been reporting the truth about Moff Varnier's lack of government. Using his position within Sector Plexus, he learned that Varnier was assassinating any individual who opposed his rule. Varnier even had an agent hidden within the Wyloff Sector Plexus. Angry over his father's death, Jev hunted down the agent and arrested him as a supporter of the Alliance. Jev was promoted to Colonel and given command of the Xector Plexus, and his command of the unit was demanding and short-tempered. Jev was later recruited to be an Alliance agent by Vin Northal, and he agreed to assist as a way to enact revenge for the billions of lives exterminated by the Empire. (CRO)

Jevanche, Amber
this female human was a very popular holo-vid star, especially among males, during the early years of the New Republic. (POT)

the Mluki Chief Person in charge of the Plawal dome on Belsavis. He greeted Han Solo and Princess Leia when they arrived on the planet, looking for Plett's Well. (COJ)

this unusual herbivore was native to the agricultural world of Herzob. Measuring about a meter and a half in length, and weighing up to seventy kilograms, the jevesect resembled a huge insect. Its cartiliginous exoskeleton was designed to distribute its body weight, and they moved about on six spindly legs. A pair of wings provided assistance in moving about, although the jevesect did not fly. Instead, it made long hops across the ground. Unlike insects, however, jevesects breathed using a pair of lungs, and many of their internal organs were more mammal-like than insectoid. The jevesects were one of the few creatures found on Herzob that were neither exterminated or domesticated by the settlers to transformed the planet into an agricultural center. This was due in part to the fact that jevesects used to have a period each year where they went dormant, burrowing underground for many months. However, as the environment and ecosystem of Herzob changed, the jevesects also adapted, and they evolved to live without the need for a dormant period. This meant that the jevesects could feed on their favorite foods - the crops grown by the settlers - all year long, much to the dismay of the settlers. The jevesects also reproduced quickly, ensuring that new individuals were always being born to replace those lost to exterminators. Exterminating a jevesect was a tricky proposition, since the average individual had a potent defense mechanism. A small organ in their neck produced a casutic acid, which the jevesect could spray at an enemy through a tube in its forehead. This acid was primarily used to break down plant material for easier digestion, but was an effective deterrent when used in self-defense. One unusual aspect of the jevesect was that they were inexplicably tied to the planet Herzob. Specimens which were transported offworld died within forty-eight hours. (WOTC)

Jewel fruit
this plant produced a thick-skinned fruit. (JS)

Jewel of Churba
a Dairkan starliner that made regular runs to Coruscant in the years following the Battle of Endor. (WG)

Jewel of Haarkan
a mystical, legendary gemstone. (BTS)

Jewel of the Core
this was a phrase used to describe the planet Coruscant, during the height of the Old Republic. (COD)

Jewel of Zenda
this large, red gemstone was one of the royal jewels of the Naboo. The Jewel of Zenda was traditionally worn in a headpiece by the ruler of the planet, although it could also be set into a pendant and worn around the neck. (VD1)

Jewel, The
this former luxury hotel, located on the smugglers' moon of Nar Shaddaa, taken taken over by the Desilijic kajidic as a base of operations. (THG)

a species of small, brightly-scaled fish. (DRO)

the fruit of this Calamarian plant was used to create a sweet sauce used in the creation of candies. (DW)

this song, written and played by Annadale Fayde, was given a scarlet rating by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Darkness on the Land. (GG9)

Jewett, Darvon
the charismatic Imperial governor of the Boeus Sector following the fall of the Empire, he wholly supported the New Republic, and helped the Republic control the Expansion Region of the galaxy. (RPG, SWJ2)

this man, a native of the planet Cularin, was one of a growing number of people who felt that the Thaereian Military had overstepped its bounds during the last decades of the Old Republic. Jex's brother was among several hundred natives who disappeared from public view during the years following the onset of the Clone Wars. Many people secretly attributed these disappearances to the Thaereian Military, which spent the nighttime hours removing an vocal opponents to its control of the Cularin System. Jex himself reported his brother's disappearance to the Cularin Office of Protection and Security, which directed the inquiry to the Thaereians. Worried about the disappearances, Jex hid outside the Thaereian headquarters in Hedrett to monitor their transmissions, but picked up only routine communications before the Thaereians called him back. Their search, he said, revealed that Jex's brother was no longer on Cularin. Jex knew something was wrong, because he never once heard any communications about the search. (LFCW)

Jexerian Cannon
this was a primitive projectile launcher which gave off a huge retort when fired. (AIR)

this small, feline predator was native to the tundras of the planet Neftali. Their fur was almost pure white, allowing them to blend in with the snow. Their eyes, however, glowed red, giving them a terrifying appearance. Jexxels often hunted in packs, which allowed them to bring down large prey. (WSV)

this planet was located in the Mid Rim. (SWJ6)

this red-haired woman, a native of Celanon, was a gorgeous but naive human who hung around the bars of Celanon City during the early years of the New Republic. She spent most evenings flirting with the spacers who passed through the city, much to her boyfriend's dismay. (POC)

see Jenth Grek 51 (JT)

this luxury landspeeder was developed and manufactured by SoroSuub during the height of the New Order. It was known for its ornate bodywork and its lack of maneuverability. The two-passenger JG-8 measured 3.8 meters in length, and had a pair of steering vanes located at the front. The two engines were located at the rear, with one at the base of the vehicle and one atop a rear fin. (AEG)

this was a high-stakes form of sabacc that was popular in the private gambling rooms of the Outlander Club, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (IWE2)

see Jhordvar (BF5)

Jhank Shel
this Hutt kajidic controlled the planet Lirra until shortly before the Battle of Hoth, when Imperial Moff Heedra drove them off the planet and back into Hutt Space. (SWJ12)

this gas giant was the fourth planet in the Hoth System, and was orbited by twenty-four moons. (PH)

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