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Jyn Obah
this tall humanoid had long red hair, a severe underbite, and a nose ring. He served as Kybo Ren's first mate during the early years of the New Order. He was distinguished from other pirates in that he wore pieces of stormtrooper armor. After Kybo Ren was captured by Mon Julpa on Tammuz-an, Jyn Obah managed to infiltrate the prison facility and break him free. Unfortunately, although Kybo Ren escaped, Jyn Obah was killed in the fighting. (DCAR, SWDB)

Jyng, Oskar
this former design team chief at Ubrikkian was enticed to leave that position for a job in the Corporate Sector Authority's Research Division. He took the CSA job, and became the inventor of the War Wheel. (CSA)

Jynni's Virtue
owned and operated by Naz Felyood, this pirate freighter plied the spacelanes during the height of the New Order, until it suddenly disappeared. Investigation by Luke Skywalker and his new order of Jedi Knights discovered dubious records of the Jynni's Virtue being shot down over the planet Korriban just prior to the Battle of Yavin. The recordings were discovered inside a sealed wall of the tomb of a 7,000 year old Sith Lord named Dathka Graush, which seemed to indicate that the recordings were at least that old. How they got there remained a mystery, since the timestamps on the recordings dated them about six months prior to the Battle of Yavin. The recordings showed that the pirates had been intercepted by an Imperial patrol and decided to make a hasty jump into hyperspace, but the astromech droid aboard the Jynni's Virtue exploded, killing the navigator and dropping them into a remote region of space. The ship was then attacked by unknown forces, which were not detected until their incoming fire rocked the freighter. The Jynni's Virtue came to rest near the Valley of Golg, and Captain Felyood set out to scout their location. His discovery of the tomb of Dathka Graush led to contact with the jewel known as the Heart of Graush. Felyood himself was possessed by the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord, and the Korriban Zombies were released. In order to keep the zombies from escaping the planet, First Mate Babbnod Luroon set off the ship's self-destruct mechanism. The Jynni's Virtue exploded in a ball of flame that killed the remaining crew and most of the zombies. (PH)

Jynsol, Dera
the fourth candidate on Lando Calrissian's rich wife list, she is a native of Ord Pardron. (AC)

Jyrenne Base
this Imperial Army-Navy ordnance center, located near the city of Iziz on the planet Onderon, supplied weapons and munitions to both the Imperial Army and Navy, during the height of the New Order. The base was attacked by Onderonian rebels, working together with Alliance starfighters, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ10)

this smuggler tried to use the drive system and astrogation comupter of a Viper probe droid's hyperspace jump pod to an escape pod, and used this conglomerate to dump small cargoes to a specific location whenever he was in danger of being boarded by a customs patrol. (FTD)

Jyss Cordam
this near-human computer technician worked for Ti'mere's InfoServices during the height of the New Order. He evolved to become one of Ti'mere's best businessmen, and was the primary focal point for the company's corporate customers. He was accompanied by an R2 unit which acted as his information repository and protection. (FBS)

this was one of the many orbital cities established around the planet Duro. During the height of the Clone Wars, Separatist forces under the command of General Grievous attacked Jyvus and overwhelmed its defenses. This gave Grievous access to the controls for the planetary shield that protected Duro, which was prompted shut down. From this staging point, the Separatists were able to launch orbital bombardments of Duro's surface. (HNN4, SWI75)

J'ywz'gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et'nrmdndlcvtbrx
this was the name given to Joh Yowza at his birth. After stowing away aboard Roark Garnet's freighter and going by the nickname of Furball for many months, J'ywz'gnk was discovered by Evar Orbus. It was Orbus who gave him the new name Joh Yowza, so that his name could be pronounced by most humans. (SWI67)

this was the name of a noted Sludir individual. (UANT)

Slayn & Korpil's fusial thrust engine, used on the B-Wing. (XW)

this advanced Slayn & Korpil fusial thrust engine was used on late-model B-Wings and the B-Wing Expanded. (EGV)

this was a common name among the Falleen. (UANT)

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