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Rafa V

this planet was the fifth world of the Rafa System, an arid world covered with reddish sand. A cold world which barely supported a small life-orchard, Rafa V was believed to have been the world on which the Sharu evolved. It was also where they supposedly hid the Mindharp. The planet had two moons and a thin, breathable atmosphere that was dry and cool. Rafa V was ringed with a debris field that was created from the remnants of the Sharu's first attempts at spaceflight, including ancient rockets and small craft of unknown origin. Lando Calrissian and Mohs located the Great Pyramid on the planet, during the early years of the New Order, and used the Key to enter it and recover the Mindharp. After entering the Great Pyramid, Lando and Mohs were given a history lesson on Rafa V, showing them that the planet had once had oceans and snow-covered mountains. Then, the ancestors of the Sharu had arrived and settled the planet. As their technology increased in complexity and scope, the Sharu began turning the Rafa System into their own set of gardens, covering large parts of the planet with plastic domes to protect them. The environment, however, did not want to be controlled, and eventually the ancient Sharu found themselves struggling to maintain their gardens. It was as if the planet rebelled against the unnatural containment of the gardens, and eventually reduced itself to desert wastes in order to "escape."
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